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Thermaltake UX200 Review

Thermaltake UX200 underwent our thorough testing, and we're excited to share insights on its design and performance.

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The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB Lighting Air Cooler is a budget-friendly cooling solution with a sleek design, ideal for users seeking both aesthetics and affordability. With its stylish black heatsink, U-shaped heat pipes, and 120mm fan featuring 15 high-lumen ARGB LEDs, it delivers a killer lighting effect without breaking the bank.

Hours Tested: 5
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  • Design - 8/10
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Value - 8/10
  • Features - 8/10


  • Aesthetics
  • Affordability
  • ARGB Lighting
  • Ease of Installation


  • Cooling Performance (for TDP beyond 130W)
  • Dependency on 5V ARGB Header

Today, I will be testing the Thermaltake UX200. Ideal for budget users seeking a sleek upgrade, this ARGB Lighting Air Cooler boasts a black heatsink with a step design, accompanied by a specially crafted 120mm fan flaunting 15 high-lumen ARGB LEDs. The cooler’s U-shaped heat pipes ensure direct contact with the heat source for optimal transfer. Compatible with a range of Intel and AMD sockets, the UX200 delivers a killer lighting effect without breaking the bank. Join me as we explore this budget-friendly beauty!

Key Takeaways

  • Thermaltake UX200 is a budget-friendly ARGB Lighting Air Cooler with a sleek design, ideal for users seeking a stylish and affordable cooling solution.
  • It is geared towards budget-conscious users looking for a visually appealing cooler with ARGB lighting and compatibility with various Intel and AMD sockets.
  • It is not suitable for users without a 5V ARGB header on their motherboard or those seeking high-end cooling performance beyond the 130W TDP limit.

The salient specifications include:

Specification Details
P/N CL-P065-AL12SW-A
COMPATIBILITY Intel: LGA 1700/1200/1156/1155/1151/1150, AMD: AM5/AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2/FM1
DIMENSIONS 127 x 76 x 153.5 mm (L x W x H)
HEATSINK MATERIAL Aluminum Fins, Copper Heatpipes
FAN DIMENSION 120 x 120 x 25 mm (L x W x H)
FAN SPEED PWM 300 ~ 1500 RPM
FAN LIFE TIME 30,000 hours
PIN CONNECT 5V RGB header – 2Pin, 2510 – 4Pin

Packaging and Unboxing

The cooler is shipped inside a cardboard box in a standard Tt-themed design.

Box Contents

These are the contents of the box:

  • 1x heatsink
  • 1x 120mm ARGB fan
  • 2x fan clips
  • 1x Thermal paste
  • 1x Intel Mounting Bracket
  • 4x Black Color plastic standoffs for Intel
  • 4x transparent color plastic screws
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Policy
Contents (Image By Tech4Gamers)


Let’s begin with the design. The cooler’s got high airflow blades and U-shape copper heat pipes. The built-in ARGB LEDs light up with 16.8 million colours, syncing with your motherboard. It works with both Intel and AMD sockets and has 15 bright LEDs. The size is 127x76x153.5mm, and it can handle up to 130W.

The Thermaltake UX200 features a black-coated heatsink with 42 aluminum fins. It has a step design with 31 fins on top and 11 fins on the stepped section, giving it a sleek, stealthy look. The copper heat pipes inside are in a U shape, and the cooler has 4 black-coated copper heat pipes. The less-dense fin stack allows for better airflow.

The design on both sides is the same. Fins join together in a curved inset. Fan clips lock the fan to the heatsink in this area. The picture displays a cross-section of the heatsink. The layout is well-coordinated, and the coating is flawless with no scratches on the plates.

The picture displays the stepped heatsink design with fin plates. The top plate is black with a Tt brand logo in the middle. Heat pipes end on top, and it seems they’re not soldered to the fins.

Peel off the protective cover from the cooler’s base before installing. The copper base is about 44x34mm in size. The heat pipes directly touch the CPU for improved heat transfer, but note that there are gaps between them, unlike a CDC design.

The bottom section of the cooler has an aluminum fin structure on the top of the base as well. This will also help in heat dissipation. The Thermaltake UX200  comes with a pre-installed mounting bar or clip. This mounting bar is secured using two Philips screws.

The mounting bar has two easy-to-use latches on each side. It makes installing the cooler on AMD sockets a breeze, using AMD’s stock parts. The Thermaltake UX200 cooler has a simple circular ring for Intel sockets, attached with push pins. I tested it on AM4 without needing push pins and believe they will hold the 770g cooler securely on the motherboard.

PRO TIP: Thermaltake UX200 is perfect for budget users valuing aesthetics with its sleek design and ARGB lighting, suitable for up to 130W cooling.

Check out the 120mm fan included. It has transparent blades with a cool fire flame design, a Thermaltake logo in the center, and is designed to push a lot of air through the aluminum heatsink. The unique frame and thick border have 15 bright ARGB LEDs for an awesome light show. Anti-vibration pads are on each corner. ARGB lighting is a key feature of this cooler.

There is a nicely cut-out Thermaltake brand logo and name pattern on one of the sides of the frame. Once light up, this cutout gives a dope look as it is facing the diffuser. On this side of the frame, there is a small size cutout from where the lighting comes out. The cables are coming out of the frame from this side as well.

The fan’s model is TT-12025 and it is made in China. There is a 4-arm assembly on the backside which is holding the fan motor and blades onto the frame. This fan uses hydraulic bearings. The hydraulic bearing self-lubricates with a high-quality, friction-reducing substance that lowers operation noise and enhances thermal efficiency. The seal cap prevents leakage of the lubricant and extends the lifespan of the unit.

The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB Lighting cooler has a simple 2-pin ARGB lighting cable. Connect the marked D wire and the grounding wire to the 5V lighting headers on your motherboard, as shown in the picture. Note that if your motherboard lacks a dedicated controller, this cooler may not be suitable. The power cable is a 4-pin PWM cable, 330mm in length, while the ARGB cable is approximately 440mm long.

ARGB Lighting

The ARGB lighting on the Thermaltake UX200 ARGB Lighting CPU Cooler is on the money and gives one heck of a show to the user. Since there is no dedicated controller provided with the cooler, the lighting requires a compatible motherboard for this purpose.


We have tested the cooler on the AMD AM4 socket. Here is the guideline for that socket:

  • Apply the thermal paste on the IHS of the CPU.
  • Remove the warning sticker from the base of the cooler.
  • Place the cooler on the CPU in the center. Press the latch handle on one side to hook it up with the catcher on the AMD’s stock backplate.
  • Press the latch handle on the other side to hook it up with the catcher on the AMD’s stock backplate. You will need to apply more pressure. Just take your time and be patient as well as careful.
  • Connect the fan to the heatsink using metal clips.
  • Connect the 4-pin PWM cable to the CPU Fan Header or any other fan header of your choice. Just make sure the fan header.
  • Connect the LED cable connectors to the correct pins (D and Ground) on the 5V ARGB headers on the motherboard.
  • This would complete the installation.


The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB Lighting cooler has a height of 153.5mm making it compatible with a majority of the CP Chassis out there. Still, keep in mind this height factor while deciding the build.

The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB Lighting cooler does not overhang the DIMM slots hence RAM clearance is 100%. Similarly, there is no clearance issue for the first PCIe slot.


The following test bench has been used for testing this cooler:

The following software is used for the testing and monitoring:

  • AIDA64 6.0 for AMD

Here is the settings table for testing:

AMD Stock Voltage (V) Auto
Stock Clock (MHz) Auto
Turbo Boost Auto
Voltage Control Auto
Thermal Paste Noctua NT-H1
Test Run Time 60 minutes
Idling Time between Runs 15 minutes
Fan Speed Manually set to run at 100% speed

We use Noctua NT-H1 for cooler testing to standardize and avoid performance differences from the supplied thermal paste. Graphs show delta temperatures. Testing is on an open-air bench; chassis use may vary temperatures due to airflow. Stress test results can differ due to factors like mounting pressure, thermal paste, and ambient temperature. Mentioning testing methodology and specifics is important.

WARNING: Verify your motherboard has a 5V ARGB header, and if you need performance beyond 130W, consider other coolers.

Thermal Performance

The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB did a 63°C delta temperature. Though the temperature seems to be on the fairly high side, it is not bad given the price factor of the cooler, which is augmented by the killer ARGB lighting.

cooler master megaflow 200
Thermal Performance (Image By Tech4Gamers)


The Thermaltake UX200 ARGB lighting cooler was doing 42 dB(A) in 32 dB(A) ambient noise at full speed which is very impressive.

Should You Buy It?

By carefully testing the Thermaltake UX200 ARGB lighting cooler, my assessment is:

Buy It If

You’re a Budget-Conscious User with Aesthetic Preferences: If you are a budget-conscious user who appreciates visually appealing components, the cooler’s ARGB lighting can be an attractive feature.

You Need Effective Cooling for Moderate Needs: If your system has a thermal design power (TDP) of up to 130W, this cooler may be suitable for your needs, providing effective cooling within that range.

You Have a Compatible 5V ARGB Header: If your motherboard is equipped with a 5V ARGB header, the cooler’s lighting control relies on it. Ensure compatibility for seamless integration with your system’s lighting ecosystem.

Don’t Buy It If

You Require High-End Cooling Performance: If you demand high-end cooling performance beyond the 130W TDP limit, this cooler may not meet your requirements. Consider more powerful alternatives.

Your Motherboard Lacks a 5V ARGB Header: If your motherboard lacks a 5V ARGB header, you won’t be able to utilize the cooler’s lighting functionality fully. Choose a cooler that doesn’t depend on this specific header for lighting control.

Performance Over Aesthetics is Your Priority: If you prioritize cooling performance over aesthetics and RGB lighting effects, you might want to explore coolers focusing solely on delivering superior thermal performance without the added visual features.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Thermaltake UX200 is a budget-friendly ARGB Lighting Air Cooler with a sleek design, ideal for users seeking an affordable cooling solution with visual appeal. Geared towards budget-conscious users, it offers compatibility with various Intel and AMD sockets. However, it’s not suitable for users without a 5V ARGB header or those seeking high-end cooling performance beyond the 130W limit. Choose it if you prioritize aesthetics and effective cooling within the specified range, but consider alternatives if you prioritize high-end performance or lack the necessary motherboard header.

We are thankful to Thermaltake for sending us their Thermaltake UX200 Review.

Recent Updates

  • February 18, 2024: A few text changes to improve readability. Added image galleries.

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