RPCSX PS4 Emulator Boots Bloodborne In Recent Update

First Step To 4K 60FPS Bloodborne!

Bloodborne is arguably the most demanded PC port from PlayStation. The game was released in 2015 and has not been updated for PS5. A PC release also seems unlikely, with PlayStation ignoring the demand for a Bloodborne remaster.

To date, Bloodborne is loved by many due to its unique lore, level design, and combat system. Despite these impressive qualities, a remaster or PC port from PlayStation appears to be a far-fetched idea.

Nonetheless, PC users might still be able to play Bloodborne in the future. The recently revealed RPCSX emulator has made rapid progress, and the developer’s latest update shows that Bloodborne can now be booted in RPCSX.

Why it matters: Emulation has previously made console-exclusive games playable on PC, and fans are hoping the same will happen with Bloodborne.

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Unfortunately, the game can only boot to a black screen, as it does not have any graphics yet. Still, this marks the first step toward the ideal Bloodborne experience that many have been looking forward to.

In the past, emulators have achieved higher resolutions and frame rates for console exclusives. Therefore, RPCSX efforts could make the game playable at 4K 60FPS soon.

RPCSX is in development from the team behind RPCS3. The developers have made incredible strides in PS3 emulation, and their experience will likely translate to rapid progress for PS4 emulation.

Elaborating on the video, Brutal Sam explained that even with a black screen, this is an impressive feat for a new emulator like RPCSX. Bloodborne was shown running for a while without crashing, further highlighting the rapid development.

Previously, the developer also managed to run Sonic Mania in the PS4 emulator.

While the emulator sounds promising for games like Bloodborne, fans might have to wait a while. RPCSX is quickly improving, but it will likely take a year or two to ensure stable performance on PC.

Still, previous PS4 emulators like Kyty, GPCS4, and Spine have not been able to make such progress. Despite being in development for a while, Bloodborne is not playable on these emulators.

This leads to plenty of hope and excitement for the game being playable on PC. It is also worth noting that a well know modder has already been able to achieve 60FPS at 1080p for the game on PS5.

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