New Mod Allows Bloodborne To Run At 1080p 60FPS On PS5

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Modder Achieves The Dream Bloodborne Experience!

Bloodborne is one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives, but it has not received a lot of love from Sony. The game is currently stuck on PS4, limited by its performance on the base console.

The game’s popularity has led to demand for a performance update for PS5 and a PC port. While there is little hope for either of these, a modder has already shown the game’s potential at higher frame rates.

Lance McDonald has once again impressed Bloodborne fans, reaching a solid 1080p 60FPS experience for the game on PS5.

Why it matters: The PS5 can reach 60FPS in the game, but PlayStation has not released a patch to update the PS4 title. Various first-party games like God of War and Ghost of Tsushima have previously received a performance update.

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Previously, the modder was able to achieve similar frame rates on the PS4. However, this required a lower resolution of 720p.

Similarly, Digital Foundry demonstrated 60FPS performance for Bloodborne, but this required upscaling from a lower resolution. However, the latest footage from Lance McDonald does not rely on any upscaling techniques.

Lance McDonald has become popular in the FromSoftware fandom due to his work on Bloodborne and other FromSoftware titles. He also believes it should be possible for Sony to release an official patch for 60FPS.

While Bloodborne is still phenomenal at 30FPS, the industry has shifted to a focus on 60FPS. Recent consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X have a large number of 60FPS games, and some users may find it hard to revisit games at the lower frame rate.

The gameplay footage shows a notable improvement over the original game, bringing it on par with modern games on current-gen consoles.

Unfortunately, reliable leaker Jeff Grubb reported nothing was planned for Bloodborne last year. However, the creator of God of War, David Jaffe, recently claimed FromSoftware is working on a Bloodborne remaster or a remake.

This led to anticipation of an announcement at the PlayStation Showcase, but PlayStation did not talk about the game. Following David Jaffe’s claims, Lance also stated that the rumors had no weight.

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