The power supply unit (PSU) is one of the most critical components of your gaming PC, yet it is often overlooked. Many new gamers are unaware of its importance and end up choosing an incompatible PSU, which can damage other expensive components.

To assist you, we have tested the power requirements of all the different PC components currently available and developed a PSU calculator. This tool will determine the exact PSU wattage you need to power your build.

Simply select your PC components, and you will be presented with the recommended wattage, along with several Tech4Gamers tried and tested power supplies that will work perfectly well with your PC.

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How do I calculate the PSU I need?

First, select your CPU (Brand > Socket > Model) and then choose which GPU you have. After that, you can also repeat the process to select the rest of your PC components. Once done, you’ll automatically see your gaming PC’s recommended PC wattage.

How do I know which PSU I need?

By using our PSU Calculator, you can learn which PSU works best for you. We recommend the optimal PSU Wattage requirement of your PC and suggest some good power supplies that will work great with your PC based on the wattage.

How many watts of power supply do I need?

To determine how many watts of power supply you need, you must determine the components of your PC (CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, fans, etc.) and select them in our PSU calculator.

What happens if my PSU is too weak?

If your PSU is too weak for your PC, you will face sudden crashes as the wattage requirement exceeds your PSU’s capabilities. Furthermore, there is a high risk that your expensive components like CPU, GPU, and motherboard can be damaged.