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Hellblade 2: Nearly 90% of Xbox Players Failed To Beat Main Story

A recent report suggests that almost 90% of all Xbox users who have played Hellblade 2 have not completed it.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Is Very Faithful To Original, Says Producer

According to Konami, Bloober Team argued that Silent Hill 2 Remake should be as faithful as possible to the original.

G.SKILL Pushes Memory Limits Up To DDR5-10600 Speeds At Computex

G.Skill has offered various overclocking demos at Computex 2024, highlighting the potential of server memory, CAMM2 modules, and more.

Phanteks Offers Look At Next-Gen Cooling Products At Computex

Phanteks' lineup for Computex 2024 includes various cooling products, covering PC cases, prototype fans, and more.

Xbox To Announce Backward Compatibility For Activision Games Soon

Xbox is said to be bringing back backward compatibility at the upcoming showcase, with signs pointing to a focus on Activision games.

Mafia 4 Won’t Be Announced At Summer Game Fest, Says Insider

According to a leaker, 2K will not reveal Mafia 4 at Summer Game Fest since Borderlands 4 will be announced at the event.

WB To Reportedly Shut Down Rocksteady After Suicide Squad Failure

After Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's utter failure, Warner Bros. is planning to shut down Rocksteady.

Sabrent Apex X16 Rocket 5 Destroyer Enters Testing Phase

The Sabrent Apex X16 AIC can house a total of 16 Rocket 5 SSDs for record-breaking storage capacity and benchmarks.

Sony No Longer Advertising PS5 As 8K Gaming Console

PlayStation has been advertised as an 8K gaming console since 2020, but it seems Sony has stepped away from this claim recently.

Fans Call For Killzone & Resistance Revival After Concord Disappointment

PlayStation recently debuted its newest first-person shooter to much criticism, leading to demand for another Killzone or Resistance game.

Alphacool Offers Exciting Cooling Products For Servers At Computex 2024

Alphacool is set to offer various exciting products at Computex 2024, including the 2U and 4U sever cooling solutions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Beats Other RPGs With Whopping 100 Hours Average Playtime

Baldur's Gate 3 has reigned supreme once again, recording an average playtime of 100 hours on Steam to beat various other RPGs.

The Last of Us Part 2 PC Port Has Already Been Completed

The Last of Us Part 2 PC port has already finished development, with Sony beginning work on this port in 2021.