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Our Mission

Our goal is to be your trusted guide in the ever-evolving world of technology, delivering insights that empower and inform. We are fueled by a dedicated group of handpicked journalists on a mission to provide our consumers with the most precise and hands-on information.

Our Vision

Being headquartered globally and in Pakistan, has been a premier website for over a decade in technology and gaming. Driven by a dedicated team working year-round, our passion for excellence propels us forward. With a unified aim, we aspire to be among the best global tech websites by 2030.

Our History

Founded in 2010, Tech4Gamers embarked on a journey to redefine tech journalism. Over the years, we've evolved into a hub for accurate and insightful information. From our humble roots to becoming a go-to source for tech enthusiasts, our history reflects a commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing tech landscape.

Our Core Values


We believe in openness and clarity, ensuring that our audience is well-informed at every step. We have a strict policy against the use of AI.

Our dedication to quality is evident through hands-on testing, guaranteeing reliability in every piece of information we provide.

Factual Information

We uphold a commitment to accuracy, delivering only the most reliable and verified content to our audience.

Meet Our Team

Malik Sajjad

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

With 20+ combined years of experience as an IT Project Manager and Editor, Sajjad brings a diverse Knowledge of IT and Gaming to Tech4Gamers, providing an honest reviews and news for the community.

Sameed Hussain

Reviews Editor

Sameed, a Computer Science major, turns his tech passion into informative blogs. From breaking news to reviewing top hardware, he offers unique insights. Certified in Computer Hardware & Networking, he covers a wide tech spectrum.

Nauman Siddique

Senior Hardware Reviewer

Meet Nauman Siddique, a tech guru with 15+ years of expertise in computer hardware. Known for insightful reviews and 7+ years of rigorous testing, Nauman holds a Masters in Marketing and has contributed to eXputer, EnosTech, and Appuals.

Abdul Haddi

How To's & Guides Expert

With over 10 years in the gaming and tech space, Haddi is a seasoned professional. Having worked on notable websites like eXputer, Gamepur, Gear Siege, Gearnuke, and more, he's an expert in games and PC hardware.

Shehryar Khan

Blog & Comparison Editor

Shehryar is the Senior Editor and Content Writer, leading the comparison and blog writing team with precision. With a childhood passion for tech that turned into a profession in 2020, he has guided users through tech mazes at multiple tech websites

Arsalan Shakil

Troubleshooting Expert

Arsalan, aka GuyThatDoesEverything on YouTube, is a seasoned PC Tech Enthusiast and Electronics Geek with over 10 years of experience. Specializing in Electronics and Software Engineering, he's known for exposing cheap PSU brands.

What We Offer At Tech4Gamers?

Explore our expertise in scrutinizing crucial PC components, such as the Best Motherboards, CPU Coolers, GPUs, and RAM.

Our easy-to-follow guides and error fixes are here to make your tech exploration seamless, ensuring you get the right information.

Peripheral Coverage

Immerse yourself in our collection of pc parts, where we conduct in-depth comparisons, testing the latest and greatest tech.

We take pride in offering the most recent and legitimate news in the ever-evolving tech and gaming industry.


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Tech4Gamers is proud to have garnered recognition from prominent companies and websites in the tech industry. Our commitment to delivering accurate and insightful content has not gone unnoticed, and we have been actively working alongside more than 20 brands.
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We are cited by reputable tech and gaming websites, highlighting our commitment to accurate and insightful information. These citations reinforce our status as a trusted source in the industry, and we continue to deliver top-notch content to our audience.

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