Shehryar Khan

Shehryar Khan, a seasoned PC hardware expert, brings over three years of extensive experience and a deep passion for the world of technology. With a love for building PCs and a genuine enthusiasm for exploring the latest advancements in components, his expertise shines through his work and dedication towards this field. Currently, Shehryar is rocking a custom loop setup for his built.

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Despite the previous controversy, the updated Assassin's Creed Mirage store page on Xbox shows that the game will have real gambling.

Yakuza Dev Announces RGG Summit Showcase For June 15

The Yakuza development studio, Ryu Ga Gotoku, announced a new RGG summit for June 15, and fans are expecting plenty of exciting information.

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Redfall's player base is steadily declining and it is no longer among the top 50 most-played games on Xbox.

PlayStation Visual Arts Studio Is Now Facing LayOffs

According to a new LinkedIn post, PlayStation Visual Arts Studio has been hit with multiple lay-offs as part of a new restructuring.