Demon’s Souls Remake Deserves To Join PlayStation’s Future PC Ports

Demon's Souls remains a stunning display of the PS5's capabilities, making it worthy of a second chance on the PC platform.

Stellar Blade Sold Beyond Expectations; PC Port Now Being Considered

Shift Up's latest financial report states Stellar Blade has performed much better than anticipated, hinting at impressive sales.

50% of 118 Million PlayStation Users Sticking With PS4 Despite PS5 Launch

According to Sony, 118 million users are active across PlayStation each month, but half of them come from the PS4.

Stellar Blade Is Metacritic’s Biggest Game of 2024 By User Reviews

Stellar Blade's 9.1 user score after 1200 reviews in three days makes it the biggest game on Metacritic in 2024.

Palworld Devs Hint At PS5 Release Amid Plans of Expansion

Palworld could be headed to Sony's platform, with Pocketpair expressing interest in expanding to more platforms.

Sony & Emulation Group Partner For More PS2 Games on PS5

Sony is partnering with an emulation company to bring more classic games on PS Plus, including those from the PS2, PS1, and PSP.

Sony Extremely Helpful In Porting Sea of Thieves To PS5, Says Producer

The producer of Rare has revealed that Sony has been extremely helpful in porting Sea of Thieves to PlayStation 5.

Sea of Thieves Is Currently The Most Pre-ordered PS5 Game

Sea of Thieves has surpassed games like Dragon's Dogma 2 and MLB The Show 24 to become the most pre-ordered game on PS5 in the US.

FF7 Rebirth Producer Credits Seamless World To PS5 Exclusivity

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth producer, Yoshinori Kitase, believes the game would have been worse without PS5 exclusivity.

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