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    [post_content] => [Press Release] Orico just announced its Data Matrix, a new solution that unlocks the productivity of Mac devices. Among its many attributes, this Data Matrix offers streamlined data management, optimized workflows, and more.

[caption id="attachment_250831" align="aligncenter" width="696"]Orico Data Matrix Orico Supports A Total Of 560TB Of Storage For This Storage Solution[/caption]

Thanks to lightning-fast capture and export speeds of 1500MB/s and 40Gbps transmission, post-production can commence immediately after filming. Moreover, the combination of blazing fast 3000MB/s loading speed and RAID-level security allows the Orico Data Matrix to leap beyond traditional limitations.

Thanks to WD RED drives with large caches and custom silent fans, Orico promises silent and reliable operation. Furthermore, data security is enhanced due to hardware RAID automatic backups, error recovery, CMR technology, and more.

Orico promises to completely transform your Mac with the Data Matrix real-time hybrid storage. The company has launched a Kickstarter project for the Data Matrix and hopes to end this program by next month.

If you're interested in more on this Kickstarter, follow this link to Orico's page.
    [post_title] => Orico Launches Data Matrix Kickstarter In June
    [post_excerpt] => Orico and Western Digital have collaborated on the Data Matrix, resulting in an advanced storage solution for Macs.
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Battlefield 2042 Dev Blames Players For Failure of Specialists

Battlefield 2042 Dev Blames Players For Failure of Specialists

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"Players Didn't Understand How Specialists Worked!"

Battlefield 2042 was a mess at launch, riddled with bugs, poor optimization, and underwhelming gameplay compared to past Battlefield games. However, Dice did not lose hope for the game and continues to release updates to improve its state.

The specialist classes were among the most controversial changes to Battlefield mechanics in the latest entry.  During a recent interview, Dice Senior Producer, Ryan McArthur, discussed the shortcomings of specialists in Battlefield 2042.

The Producer stated that many players struggled to understand specialists, which contributed to the lack of the game’s success.

Why it matters: The Battlefield series had stuck to the traditional class system for over a decade. However, the latest entry made a massive shift, which was not well received by the general fanbase.

Battlefield 2042

Speaking to GamesRadar, the Senior Producer said:

“Players didn’t understand how the Specialists were supposed to work.”

“If you don’t understand how something is supposed to work, of course, you believe that the old way was better”

For those not familiar, Battlefield 2042 replaced the class system with specialists. These were distinct playable characters in the game, each having unique abilities and gadgets.

Following updates, the specialists have been mostly divided into four classes, similar to previous games. This allows players to stick to distinct roles, using their specific class to support their team through their abilities.

Upon launch, many believed that the specialists were a means for EA to push microtransactions through skins for the specialists. Players were also unable to utilize traditional class roles due to the new system.

Nonetheless, the Dice Producer did not put all the blame on the players. He said:

“We underestimated the need to make sure that we tie these things to the original pillars of Battlefield. This is one of the big places where we fell.” 

Battlefield 2042 is now in a much better state due to recent patches and updates. While EA is busy developing the next reimagined Battlefield game, players can check out the latest release on Game Pass and EA Play.

In addition to EA and Microsoft’s subscription services, the game was also available for PS Plus members a few months ago. All of these measures have helped Dice bring new players to the game.

While Battlefield 2042 may have failed to achieve its full potential, fans are hopeful that EA and Dice will use recent lessons to ensure the same errors are not repeated for the upcoming installment.

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