Dice Believes Battlefield 2042 Game Pass Launch Was Huge Moment

Game Pass Gave Battlefield Another Chance!

Battlefield 2042 has been one of the many recent titles that had a rough start at launch. While the game was anticipated as a fresh start to the series, Dice failed to deliver on its promises in many ways.

Nearly two years later, the game has become a much better entry in the FPS genre, and it has also joined subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass and EA Play. Following its launch on subscriptions, the Senior Producer of Dice has recently reflected on the situation.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Ryan McArthur claimed Battlefield 2042 arriving on Game Pass was a huge moment for the team.

Why it matters: Many have been critical of subscriptions like Game Pass in the past. Jim Ryan from PlayStation has also stated that publishers unanimously dislike Microsoft’s subscription.

battlefield 2042

The latest Battlefield title arrived on Game Pass in November last year. Referring to the launch, the Senior Producer said:

“I’m a big believer in programs like Game Pass, and for us it was a huge moment.”

The Senior Producer also addressed concerns about the game bringing new players through the subscription.

Like everyone else, the developers at Dice have been aware of the disappointing release of Battlefield 2042. However, the team has worked hard to try and bring the game up to par with expectations.

Before the Game Pass launch, the developers knew the game needed to impress. In many ways, Game Pass and EA Play gave Battlefield 2042 another shot at popularity, and Dice hoped to utilize this opportunity.

Ryan McArthur said:

“If there was a moment in time when we were going to open this game to a bunch of new players then it needs to be good.”

Since then, Battlefield 2042 has continued to see a growing player base. This was also encouraging for the team, leading to a continuous improvement cycle for Battlefield 2042.

Furthermore, the interview went on to address Dice’s willingness to incorporate community feedback. Decisions like the return of traditional Battlefield classes were directly influenced by player demand.

Nonetheless, this is another case of a studio praising Microsoft’s subscription service. Previously, the Lies of P developer claimed to be thrilled at the opportunity to release on Game Pass.

Similarly, developers like Tim Schafer have praised the subscription for potentially allowing more creativity than risky AAA endeavors. Despite others claiming that the subscription does not add much value to the industry, its importance for various studios cannot be denied.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
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