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In-Game Ads For Future AAA Games Would Be A Slap In Face For Everyone

EA seems to be devising plans for ads in AAA games, and I have to say that this is not the future I envisioned for gaming.

Apex Legends Microtransactions Are Seriously Getting Out Of Hand

Apex Legends has become a bloated mess of currencies, skins, battle passes, and every other microtransaction one can think of.

EA Believes Generative AI Will Lead To More Immersive Games

EA seems excited about the prospect of artificial intelligence for game development, hoping for more immersive worlds through the technology.

EA Declares Next Battlefield Game A Tremendous Live Service

EA states that work on the next Battlefield is in full swing, with the CEO being ecstatic after his recent preview of the project.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Player Count Shot Up 500% After Game Pass Release

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has seen a massive boost on Xbox after its subscription launch, making its way into the top 20 titles on Xbox.

Medal of Honor: What Happened To This Iconic Franchise?

Medal of Honor once stood as one of the finest World War 2 games on the market, yet it remains a distant memory today.

Bioware Working on Third Game Besides Mass Effect 4 & Dragon Age

In addition to two highly anticipated games being in development, it seems that Bioware is working on another unannounced title.

Battlefield 5 Demands Your Attention All These Years Later

Like most classic games from DICE, Battlefield 5 has aged like fine wine, and here's why you should revisit the game in 2024.

Star Wars Forces of Corruption Exception Errors [FIXED]

Uncover how to fix different star wars exception errors in detail. Follow our step-by-step breakdown to tackle these exception errors.

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