Lies of P Dev Claims Game Pass Launch Is Thrilling Opportunity

Momentous Occasion For The Studio!

Lies of P has fascinated audiences through the story of Pinocchio and Round8 Studios’ unique take on the souls-like genre. The studio has utilized various gameplay mechanics like the legion arms and P-organs to stand out in a competitive genre, leading to anticipation for the title.

In addition to the impressive gameplay, Lies of P’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass has made it more popular among general audiences. Various titles have launched on the subscription day one in 2023, and the Lies of P developer is thrilled at this opportunity.

Why it matters: Recently, Jim Ryan from PlayStation claimed that publishers unanimously dislike Game Pass. However, several developers like Round8 Studios have claimed that the subscription provides many benefits.

WindowsCentral recently spoke to Jiwon Choi, the Project Director of the game. The interview discussed various aspects of the game, including its upcoming launch on the Xbox subscription service.

When asked about the day one Game Pass release, Jiwon Choi said:

“Having our game launch on a platform with a massive global subscriber base is a thrilling opportunity.”

He went on to address that Game Pass would allow the developer to reach millions of players from all over the world. This would also mean that players who would not typically buy such a game will try Lies of P.

However, Round8 Studios is also nervous about launching on the subscription. Microsoft has a dedicated subscriber base that continually returns to Game Pass for a quality experience, and the developer hopes to live up to expectations.

Round8 Studios is not the only developer that praised the opportunity to release on Game Pass. Industry veterans like Tim Schafer believe the subscription can allow more creativity than traditional games.

Lies of P will be available for consoles and PC on September 19. While the game is just over a month away, players can try the recently released demo to get a small taste of the upcoming souls-like title.

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