EA Claims Next Battlefield Will Present Reimagined Version of Series

Reimagining With Connected Ecosystem!

Battlefield has been a massive franchise in the FPS genre for several decades. The latest game from Dice has come a long way, but fans have much higher expectations from a studio and franchise once considered one of the best in the genre.

However, EA has big plans for the series moving forward. During a recent earnings call, the CEO of EA hinted at a reimagination of the franchise for the next entry.

Why it matters: The Battlefield franchise has delivered games like Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 4. However, the last two entries have been mostly disappointing due to a poor launch.

Battlefield 2042 Update

In addition to other games, CEO Andrew Wilson shared details about the next release in the Battlefield franchise during the earnings call.

The CEO said that the next game would be:

“A re-imagination of A Battlefield Having a truly connected ecosystem.”

The exact meaning of this statement remains unclear for now, and the CEO did not elaborate much beyond this, but this might hint at the franchise taking a similar approach to the last few Call of Duty titles.

Warzone became the hub for the last 3 Call of Duty games, integrating content and allowing players to access the games from a single launcher. However, Battlefield has implemented a similar launcher for past games.

Therefore, the CEO could have been talking about a completely different concept. Battlefield 2042 introduced Portal. The game mode served as a hub for older Battlefield games, introducing maps, weapons, and game modes from classic games of the series.

As such, the studio could be looking to continue this concept, expanding it for future games.

In the coming months, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is also shifting to Assassin’s Creed Infinity, which is described as a hub for future games. Therefore, this concept appears to be gaining more popularity in the industry.

Previously, a developer from Battlebit Remastered asserted that Dice can still make a great Battlefield. The studio’s next game is also expected to reintroduce a single-player campaign, which is being led by Ridgeline Games.

As such, the upcoming game has plenty of potential. With a focus on fan-favorite elements like large-scale destruction and team-based combat, the series could return to its former glory in the coming years.

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