PS4 Emulator RPCSX Runs Sonic Mania In Latest Update

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PS4 Emulation Progressing Rapidly!

The new PS4 emulator known as RPCSX was announced last month by the developers of the famous RPCS3 emulator. Over a month after the announcement,  the emulator has already come a long way.

Following its first bootable game last month, RPCSX can finally emulate its second PS4 game. Sonic Mania is now playable on the RPCSX emulator.

Why it matters: Emulation is a massive part of PC gaming, and the PS4 has a considerable library of games that have not been ported to PC. Therefore, an emulator would allow these games to be playable on a PC with visual and frame rate enhancements.

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This is impressive progress for an early build. With the team having worked on a more complex architecture for the PS3 emulator, its latest project will likely progress more rapidly due to its familiarity with x86 architecture.

However, RPCSX is still in its early development cycle. As such, it does not include any input functionalities, which means there is no way to play these games at the moment.

The video shows that RPCSX emulates Sonic Mania using the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. Despite its age, the GeForce RTX 2060 is still a capable 1080p card for intensive games coming out today.

While it might not be impressive to see 45FPS in a game like Sonic Mania, the emulator is still early in development. Over time, it will go through significant revisions and likely deliver much better performance.

Aside from RPCSX, emulators like GPCS4, Kyty, and Spine are currently available for users looking to try PS4 emulation. Among these, Spine has been the most stable and can emulate over 125 2D games.

However, at this rate, RPCSX could quickly catch up to Spine, which has been in development since 2021. In the past, the RPCSX developers have been quite successful with the PS3 emulator.

Compared to the older console, PS4 hardware is friendly and features an AMD-based APU. In theory, this should mean that a stable build of the RPCSX emulator could be made within a year or two.

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