PS4 Emulator Now In Development From RPCS3 Team

RPCSX Begins Development!

PC gamers worldwide are used to emulating their favorite consoles. This allows console-exclusive games to be played on PC, often with improved visuals and frame rates. PC users can find emulators for various consoles, and a new emulator is now in the works for PS4.

The emulator is titled RPCSX and was recently spotted on GitHub. It comes from the team behind RPCS3, currently the best and most popular emulator for PS3.

Why it matters: A PS4 emulator would allow games like Bloodborne to be playable elsewhere. This would also enable users to play games without performance updates at 60FPS.

PlayStation 4 Console Anniversary UK PS4

It should be noted the development of the emulator has just begun. Previously, the team worked hard on RPCS3 for the PS3. The emulator took several years to reach its current state, and fans can expect a similar development time for RPCSX.

Furthermore, various PS4 emulators are already available to the PC gaming audience. However, they are also very early in development, with much work to be done in the coming years. A few examples of such emulators include Spine and GPCS4.

The RPCS3 team has much experience working with the PS3, and the PS4 has a much simpler architecture than the Cell. In theory, this should mean that work on RPCSX should proceed much faster than RPCS3.

However, when asked about a potential release window, developer DH said:

“We cannot estimate anything because every team member has work/family/hobbies, and it is not full-time work.”

Nonetheless, experienced RPCS3 developers like Nekotekina and kd-11 are involved in the project. This should inspire confidence among PC gamers waiting for a complete emulator for the PS4 console.

While PlayStation has recently become involved in the PC market, various PS4 games have not been ported. The gaming giant intends to continue the trend of PC ports, but games like Bloodborne, Infamous Second Son, and Killzone Shadow Fall are unlikely to receive this treatment.

However, an emulator would ensure these games eventually become playable on PC. Bloodborne, in particular, has led to demand for a remaster and PC port. A modder has shown the game running at 60FPS on the PS5, and a complete emulator could achieve similar results on a PC.

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