All PlayStation 3 Games Can Now Run On RPCS3 Emulator

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RPCS3 Gets Even Better!

Sony’s PlayStation 3 offers an incredible library of first and third-party games. Despite the appeal of many PlayStation 3 games, Sony does not provide native backward compatibility for the console. Though Sony PS Plus Premium allows PS3 games streaming for its console, it can be hit or miss for many users because of network and location variables.

However, the team behind the PlayStation emulator RPCS3 has been hard at work for many years to make sure that the PlayStation 3 library can be enjoyed even without official backward compatibility from Sony. 

The team has recently achieved another significant milestone, announcing that every PlayStation 3 game is now bootable in RPCS3.

As seen from the above official tweet, there are no PS3 games that boot into a black screen on RPCS3. However, this does not mean every PS3 game is fully playable on the emulator. Those games lie in the ‘Playable’ category, and nearly 70% of the PS3 library can be fully enjoyed on RPCS3.

Sony has avoided official backward compatibility for PlayStation 3 primarily due to the complexity of PS3’s Cell architecture. The complex processor has also proved to be a massive hurdle for the RPCS3 team, and the emulator is currently a work in progress, unlike PCSX2 and other emulators.

The RPCS3 website recommends a 6-core Intel Skylake or AMD Zen 2 processor, but even better hardware is needed for optimal results since RPCS3 is extremely demanding. Additionally, CPUs with AVX-512 instruction sets are also handy for the emulator, boosting performance further.  

At the moment, games like Asura’s Wrath, Demon’s Souls, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, and more can be enjoyed with the emulator at significantly better settings and frame rates than the PS3 console. With each new update, the team has constantly improved the emulator, and fans can expect even more titles to join the playable tier.

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RPCS3 has proven to be the saving grace for PlayStation 3 titles like MotorStorm Pacific Rift that are stuck on aging hardware. Sony has not shown much interest in native PS3 backward compatibility, and RPCS3 appears to be the only hope for fans of that generation.

Thankfully, the RPCS3 team is doing an excellent job and continues to improve the emulator. Those interested can download the emulator on the official RPCS3 website and try it out.

Have you tried RPCS3 yet? Are you interested in emulation? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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