Final Fantasy 16 Will Showcase ‘The Power of PlayStation 5’ Says Producer

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Final Fantasy 16 Will Unleash The True Potential of The PS5!

The Final Fantasy franchise is over 35 years old, and Square Enix is gearing to release the 16th mainline entry in the series soon. Final Fantasy 16 will hit store shelves on June 22, 2023, and anticipation for the game is through the roof. 

The game is currently being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 5. Square Enix expects to utilize the console to its full potential, and Final Fantasy producer Naoki Yoshida has claimed that Final Fantasy 16 will showcase the power of the PlayStation 5

Despite the PS5’s innovations, no game has come close to fully utilizing the console. Big titles like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West have been held back by PlayStation 4 hardware. However, a few PS5 games like Demon’s Souls Remake have given fans a glimpse of the future of PlayStation 5 games.

By Naoki Yoshida’s words, Final Fantasy 16 might become the first title worthy of the ‘next-gen’ title. The Producer claims that the Final Fantasy 16 Revenge trailer was rendered entirely in real-time. He further said,

“It’s become a game that is like, ‘Look at the power of the PS5’.”

Yoshi-P has also teased instant load times for Final Fantasy 16. This is made possible thanks to the PlayStation 5’s blazing fast PCIe 4.0 SSD, and would not be possible on the last generation consoles. 

The game’s most recent trailer shows fast-paced battles on a grand scale with iconic Final Fantasy summonings like Bahamut and Ifrit. Yoshi-P and the team are using the PlayStation 5 hardware for Final Fantasy 16.

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Not too long ago, Final Fantasy 16 received a Mature 17+ rating, becoming the first mainline title to receive this rating. The game is said to depict blood and gore, violence, and strong language, among other mature themes, leading to a 17+ rating. 

All the news surrounding the game sounds very exciting, and Sony has also ramped up PS5 production months before launch to prepare for the big release. PlayStation has seen a massive surge in console sales in Japan following the increased production. 

Are you excited for Final Fantasy 16? Do you think it will be a technical showcase for the PS5? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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