Final Fantasy

Square Enix Net Profit Down 70% Year-on-Year Despite Recent AAA Releases

Despite recent successful Final Fantasy AAA games, Square Enix's profit has dipped compared to the last fiscal year.

Square Enix Officially Shifts Strategy To Aggressive Multiplatform Releases

Square Enix has revealed that it will shift to a multiplatform strategy going forward, focusing on quality over quantity.

Final Fantasy 16 Needs A High-Spec PC, Says Producer

Naoki Yoshida says that the Final Fantasy 16 PC port will require high-end specs for a smooth experience without sacrificing visuals.

Final Fantasy 16 Devs Tease More Platforms, Sparking Hope For Xbox Port

Final Fantasy 16 is on its way to PC, but the producer has teased more releases for the JRPG amid demand for an Xbox port.

Elden Ring Hype Delays Final Fantasy 14 Expansion By One Week

Final fantasy 14 expansion is scheduled for July 2nd however, it was planned for week earlier but postponed due to Elden Ring hype.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Square’s Silence Hints At Low Sales Figures

The silence surrounding Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth sales figures suggests it may have underperformed compared to Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 PC Port Now In Final Optimization Stages

The Final Fantasy 16 PC version has nearly reached the end of development, with Square Enix planning to release a demo.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sales 22% Lower Than Final Fantasy 16 In Japan

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has sold over 262K units in the first week, which is quite disappointing looking at the franchise's history in Japan.

Entire Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy Is Exclusive To PlayStation

PlayStation has seemingly spilled the beans on Final Fantasy 7 exclusivity, stating that the entire trilogy will be exclusive.

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