Final Fantasy 16: First Game In Mainline Series To Receive Mature M17+ Rating

Featuring Violence, Torture & Hate Crimes!

Since its debut, the Final Fantasy franchise has been adored by players worldwide, thanks to the intriguing and captivating gameplay of each installment in the series.

While the mainline Final Fantasy games have their fair share of maturity, the ESRB has never given a mainline Final Fantasy series a rating higher than Teen before. Still, this won’t be the case with Final Fantasy 16, the most recent planned entry in the mainline series.

Due to its blood and gore, partial nudity, sex, strong language, and violence, the ESRB has rated Final Fantasy 16 as mature M17+. This is the highest rating ever given to a mainline Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy XVI ESRB Rating
Final Fantasy XVI ESRB Rating

Looking at the review summary provided by ESRB alone, we can see why they gave Final Fantasy 16 a higher rating than the other mainline games. Although Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin previously got mature ratings from the ESRB, it was not the mainstream series title.

In addition, director Naoki Yoshida revealed Final Fantasy 16’s official release date at the Game Awards 2022, which is planned for June 22, 2023. The game will also be a limited-time PlayStation 5 exclusive for six months. It wouldn’t be released on other platforms until December 31, 2023.

We are excited and looking forward to Final Fantasy 16. This is the limited information we have for now, but we will be looking for more news regarding Final Fantasy in the future.

What do you think about Final Fantasy 16 being the first game in the mainline series to receive a mature M17+ rating from ESRB? Are you excited about the new game? Let us know in the comments section.

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