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How To Fix CPU Fan Speed Error Detected? [4 Methods]

The error can be fixed by installing fan in the correct header, tweaking BIOS settings, or adjusting the fan RPM.

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If your CPU fan or cooler isn’t installed correctly on the motherboard, you may get a message that reads CPU fan speed error detected, and you won’t be able to boot into your PC. These errors can be fixed by tweaking some BIOS settings and using several other methods.

Key Takeaways

  • CPU fan speed error detected message means that your CPU isn’t receiving enough cooling and prevents you from booting into Windows. 
  • Fixing the error prevents overheating, improves system performance, and increases the longevity of components, but it can also cause hardware failure and compatibility issues.
  • To fix this error, properly install the CPU fan and AIO cooler, adjust the CPU fan RPM, and tweak the BIOS settings.
  • The error occurs when your CPU fan isn’t working correctly, it’s not connected properly, or the motherboard can’t detect it.

Methods Difficulty Rating

BIOS Settings
Rated: 3/10

Disable Control
Rated: 3/10

Adjusting RPM
Rated: 3/10

Reinstall Fan
: 7/10

Change BIOS Settings 

Tweaking some of your BIOS settings will help to bypass the error. We figured out that selecting your CPU Fan Speed setting from N/A to Ignore can eliminate the error. Users on Rog-forum also found this method very helpful in solving CPU Fan Speed Error. To do that, follow these steps:  

  1. Access Settings: Restart system > Boot in BIOS > Press the F1 key to access the setup > Click Advanced Settings.
    Click on Advanced Options
    Advanced Options – Image By Tech4Gamers
  2. Fan Speed Setting: Go to Monitor > CPU Fan Speed setting > Change it from N/A to Ignore.  
  3. Save Settings: Press the F10 key > Select OK to save your changes.

Now, the computer will automatically restart, and you should be able to boot into Windows without any problems.

Warning: It will only make the motherboard ignore the error instead of fixing it, but if your CPU temperatures are cool, everything should be fine.

Disable CPU Fan Control

Depending on your system’s load and temperature, BIOS fan control lets you change how your case and CPU fans behave and speed. This proven method was also discussed on the Tech Support forum, and the error was eliminated. Here are the steps to disable the option:

  1. Access Settings: Restart your system > Access BIOS settings by pressing the F2 or DEL key > Go to Fan settings.
  2. Disable Settings: Choose the cooling option > Select to turn off the fan or reduce its speed > Save settings > Exit  BIOS.
    Disable CPU Fan or Reduce CPU Fan Speed
    Disable Fab/Reduce Speed – Image By Tech4Gamers
Tip: You can also do it by simply unplugging the CPU fan from the motherboard.

Adjusting CPU Fan RPM 

One of the main reasons we observed for the ‘CPU fan speed error detected’ message appearing on your PC is the slow-spinning CPU fan. If you have a CPU fan that automatically reduces its RPM or stops when the CPU temperature is low, then your motherboard may not be able to detect it and will display the error message.

We recommend changing CPU fan RPM settings from your computer’s BIOS. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings: Restart PC >  Press the F1 key to enter BIOS > Go to Advanced Mode > Navigate to the Monitor tab.  
  2. Set RPM: Click the dropdown of CPU Fan Speed Low Limit > Set the fan speed to 200 RPM.
    CPU Fan speed control
    CPU Fan speed control. Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  3. Save Settings: Press the F10 key > Select OK to save changes > Exit BIOS.

Properly Install The CPU Fan

The most common reason for the ‘CPU fan speed error detected’ message to appear on your PC is that the CPU fan isn’t connected to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard. This is a common problem, but users usually think of something very technical that might be the cause.

You may have plugged the CPU fan into another fan header on your motherboard, like the SYS_FAN error or CHA_FAN header. If this is the case, the motherboard will display the error message. 

To fix this problem, ensure the CPU fan is correctly installed on the motherboard’s CPU_FAN header. Here’s how you can locate it:

  • Motherboard Manual: You can easily locate the CPU_FAN header and connectors by looking into the motherboard manual. It will have a detailed diagram or description of the motherboard layout.
  • Visual Inspection: If you don’t have the motherboard manual handy, you can visually inspect the motherboard. Look for a 3 or 4-pin connector near the CPU socket, often positioned towards the top edge of the motherboard near CPU heatsink mounting brackets or VRM components.
  • Labeling: Look for text that says CPU_FAN, CPU_F CPUFAN, or something similar on the motherboard.
  • Online Resources: Many manufacturers have detailed images and documentation for motherboards and other components on their websites, which can help you locate the CPU fan header.

Connect your CPU fan properly once you’ve located the CPU fan header.

Tip: Ensure that the backplate, screws, thermal paste, and other components of your CPU cooler have no problems.

Installing The CPU Fan
Installing The CPU Fan

Pros & Cons

Fixing CPU Fan Speed Error Detected✅Prevents overheating
✅Improves system performance
✅Reduces noise
❌Potential hardware failure
❌Complex troubleshooting
❌Compatibility issues

Final Thoughts 

Getting this error might give you chills, having thought there must be some serious issues with your CPU fan, but by following the methods above, you can fix the error in no time. However, your CPU fan or cooler might be broken if you are still getting the error. You may find Reddit users talking about the issue and fixing it.

How do I fix this “CPU Fan Speed Detection Error”? PC is 2 months old. Really frustrated here. All fans seem to be spinning fine.
byu/CockfaceMcDickPunch iniBUYPOWER

We advise you to have a hardware technician check your PC and, if necessary, replace it. If you decide to buy a new CPU cooler, check out our guide on how to buy one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CPU fan speed detection error mean? 

The CPU fan speed detection error indicates that someone has installed the CPU fans incorrectly or the CPU isn’t receiving sufficient cooling.

How do I clean my CPU fan? 

You can clean your CPU fan by using canned compressed air.

What happens if the CPU fan stops working? 

If the CPU fan stops working, the CPU may overheat, and the computer will shut itself down to prevent damage to the CPU.

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