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How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To Xbox Series X?

You'll need two HDMI cables, an audio extractor, and a Bluetooth adapter to make it work.

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If you are confused about connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox Series X, don’t worry as it’s a simple task many people often struggle with. I’ve been in the same situation before, so I’m here to guide to through the process. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can connect a Bluetooth speaker to the Xbox Series X, but it requires extra devices and connections
  • You will need two HDMI cables, an optical Bluetooth adapter, and an audio extractor
  • To avoid any inconvenience in output audio, ensure the devices mentioned above are high quality. 

How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To Xbox Series X? 

What you’ll need:

After getting your hands on all the devices mentioned above, you need to make the connections and follow the steps as guided below: 

  1. First, connect the optical Bluetooth adapter to the USB cable it is provided with.
  2. Then, take the audio extractor and plug the two HDMI cables into it.
  3. In the optical port on the audio extractor, plug in the optical Bluetooth adapter.
  4. Next, you must plug the HDMI cable, which works as an output, into your TV or monitor.
  5. As for the other HDMI, plug it into your Xbox Series X to provide input to the adapter.
    Important: If you get confused between the two HDMI cables, see the labeling on the audio extractor to know which cable is working as an input and which one is being used as the output, and then plug the cables accordingly.
  6. Also, connect the Bluetooth adapter’s USB cable to your TV or monitor.
  7. After that, turn on your Bluetooth speakers and set them on pairing mode.
  8. Next, press the optical Bluetooth adapter button twice quickly to pair them to your speakers. Your speakers will then be connected to your Xbox and ready to use. 

Tip: Speakers’ two general audio options are “5.1 uncompressed” and “7.1 uncompressed.” You can try selecting both options individually and keep the best audio output settings.

Audio Problems That May Occur

If you have moved from headsets to speakers, you may likely encounter some difficulties when listening to the audio from your speakers. If you have audio problems, don’t consider your speakers faulty, as these problems might just be aroused by the default audio settings on your Xbox Series X.

Crackling Audio

If you are having issues hearing the in-game sounds because of the noise interference in your party chat, that’s called crackling audio. This problem can occur due to the audio preferences set on your Xbox. To eliminate the crackling audio, you must change or increase your audio preferences to the in-game audio instead of the party chat audio. 

To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller. 

    Xbox Controller
    Xbox Button On Controller – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  2. Go to settings and then go to “Video and Audio Output.” 
  3. Then, go to Advanced > Additional Options > Chat Mixer. 
  4. There, you will see an option to reduce other sounds. Set the percentage of other sounds you want to reduce. 

Audio Dropout

Another problem that may occur when connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox Series X is the audio dropout issue. Your audio may cut occasionally, or you may not be able to hear it at all, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your speakers need to be changed. There may be some connection problems that can cause such issues.

To fix this problem, you can try: 

  1. Replugging or changing the HDMI cables. 
  2. Blowing air into the sockets of the audio extractor, Xbox, and the TV or monitor. 

Important: If you are still facing audio dropout issues, you must replace the speaker.

Miscellaneous Audio Issues

In case your speakers aren’t performing the same as when you used them separately, you can try audio diagnostics. In the audio diagnostics, your Xbox will run tests on your audio device to check if it works properly.

Here’s how to run audio diagnostics in Xbox Series X: 

  1. On your controller, press the Xbox button. 
  2. Go to the “Volume & Audio Output” option. Follow the path: Profile & System > Settings > General > Volume & audio output.
  3. There, you will see the Advanced Tab. From that tab, select the Audio setup option. 
  4. After that, select the audio device and press the “A” button on your controller. 

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