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How To Fix Xbox Series X Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

This guide explains how to resume internet connectivity on Xbox Series X by rebooting the console, changing router's DNS settings, and more.

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I found that my Xbox Series X won’t connect to WiFi despite multiple tries of re-adding the network with the correct password, even though the network was working fine on other devices. Hence, I attempted a few troubleshooting techniques, like using a wired connection and disabling MAC filtering, which resolved the problem.

Key Takeaways
  • The connectivity issue may occur after installing Xbox updates or changing your internet settings.
  • Weak signals, interruption due to other connected devices, modem/router malfunctioning, or DNS issues are some causes of this error.
  • Resort to a wired connection, configure DNS, and turn off MAC Filtering to fix the problem.

Method Difficulty Rating

Change Bandwidth
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Disable MAC Filtering
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Can't Connect To Wireless Network
Can’t Connect To Wireless Network Error (Image By Tech4Gamers)

This is one of the error messages that can appear on your screen:

Error Message: Can’t connect to your wireless network. Unplug the power from your router or modem for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait another 30 seconds. When ready, check again.

Tip: Re-add WiFi, power cycle Xbox/internet router, check Xbox Live status, modify DNS, update Xbox, disable VPN, use a wired connection, set up port forwarding, and disconnect other wireless devices to fix the trouble.

Update The Router’s Channel Width

The WiFi channels refer to the bands the wireless network uses to transmit data. In simpler terms, the channel width can be seen as lanes; the wider the lanes, the more data your router can send and receive, and consequently, faster internet speed.

Typically, there are four channel widths: 20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz, and 160MHz. Ensure the router’s width is at least 20MHz for optimum connectivity.

  1. Sign In To Router: Open a browser on a device connected to the same network > Enter your router’s IP address > Log in to the router.
  2. Select WiFi Settings: Now, look for WiFi Settings in the Wireless tab or a menu with a similar name.
  3. Change Channel Width: Go to Channel Width or Bandwidth > Change it to at least 20MHz.
    Change Channel Width To 20MHz
    Change Channel Width To 20MHz (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The same method was recommended by a user on Microsoft Community when a user faced a similar problem on their 5G WiFi. Though, for them, 40MHz was the minimum.

Note: If you are using an advanced router, you might not be able to find such a setting as it dynamically controls frequency and channel width.

Whitelist MAC Address

Every device comes with a built-in MAC address that cannot be changed. MAC filtering is a common security feature in internet routers that whitelist (allow) or blacklist (block) certain MAC addresses from accessing the network. It prevents unauthorized access and keeps your data secure from breaches.

Keeping this in mind, I verified that my Xbox’s MAC address was whitelisted in the router settings for uninterrupted network access. Here are the easiest steps to follow.

  1. Navigate To Network Settings: Access Xbox Settings > Highlight General on the left pane > Network Settings.
    Network Settings
    Choose Network Settings (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Note MAC Address: Move to Advanced Settings > Search for the Wireless MAC address > Write it down.
    Note Wireless MAC Address
    Note Wireless MAC Address (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Whitelist MAC Address: Now, go to the router’s web page through a browser > Log in to the router > Look for the list of MAC addresses > Add the MAC address of the Xbox X console. 
    Add New MAC Address To Whitelist
    Add New MAC Address To Whitelist (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Test Internet: Test the connection with the help of Xbox’s built-in feature. 

The same solution was also recommended on Xbox Support as an official troubleshooting step. Plus, my testing gave the same results.

Tip: If you are unaware of your router’s setup, refer to the manual for your router or manufacturer’s website.

Last Words

Further research showed that the problem is not limited to this particular model but prevails across other models, such as Xbox One and Xbox 360, as noted on Microsoft Community and Fizz Forum. For various users across public forums, the Xbox Series X won’t connect to WiFi even after basic troubleshooting, as this user on Reddit complained.

My Xbox Series X won’t connect to internet.. I tried resetting my router as it says. I’ve restarted, done hard shut downs, and even factory reset it. It still won’t connect and gives me this same screen. Does anyone know how I can fix this? What should I do..? Any information is greatly appreciated.
byu/Mistress_Zylleball inxbox

In such cases, resetting Xbox can be your way out of the issue; however, back up the data to the Cloud or external storage device so you do not lose anything after the reset. Additionally, contact Microsoft Support for further details about solving the issue.

Common Questions Answered

Why Won’t My Xbox Series X Establish A Connection To The Internet?

Malfunctioning routers/modems, incorrect DNS settings, signal interference due to other wireless devices, outdated Xbox software, and network issues from ISP or Xbox server outages are some of the causes behind the connectivity issue.

Could It Be A Problem With My Router Settings?

Features like MAC Filtering and enabled security protocols can restrict the network from working smoothly on certain devices. Verify that you have adjusted the correct settings.

Could Signal Interferences Be Causing the Issue?

Wireless devices nearby can sometimes temper the network connectivity on your Xbox Series X. Remove such devices and place the console near the router for better connection.

Troubleshoot Other Xbox Issues:

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