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Dayan Shahid is a skilled mechanical engineer passionate about technology. With certifications in various programming languages and subjects ranging from microcontrollers to aerial robotics, he can effortlessly present complex technical topics in an engaging way. His ability to bridge the gap between theory and practical applications sets him apart as he continues to inspire others through their insightful content.

How To Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Error In Windows 11

To fix the error, try running Windows utilities such as Startup Repair, CHKDSK, SFC, Memory Diagnostic Tool or get the hardware checked from expert technician.

How To Disable Laptop Keyboard? [Windows And macOS]

In this guide, you will learn the various methods to disable laptop keyboard, in both Windows and macOS operating systems.

How To Change DNS On Xbox? [360, One, Series X/S]

This guide will teach you how to change DNS on Xbox and also let you know about the widely-used DNS servers.

How To Remove PIN From Windows 11? [ALL METHODS]

Wondering how to remove PIN from Windows 11? Use the Settings, Windows Hello, or Local Group Registry Editor.

How To Fix Cursor Moving On Its Own In Windows 11

Worried about the cursor moving on its own in Windows 11? Check out this guide to find the possible causes and fixes.

How To Fix Spacebar Not Working In Windows 11

Can't figure out why spacebar isn't working on Windows 11? Check out this guide to find the possible causes and fixes for this issue.

What Are DIMM Slots? [Which One To Use First?]

Learn about the RAM stick placeholders, i.e., DIMM slots, and how you can use them to maximize the performance.

What Is FPI In Radiators? [Clearly Explained]

In this article, I will take you through the radiator FPI and how it impacts the various performance factors.

What Is A Bottleneck? [Causes & Solutions]

A chain is as strong as the weakest link. Let me help you find out the weakest link in your PC build and elaborate on the bottleneck concept.

CPU Cooler Heat Pipes [What, Why, & How]

Let's learn about important heat transfer mechanism, i.e., heat pipes, their working principle, and various uses.

SOLVED: How To Get Into BIOS [Windows 11]

Can't figure out the way to get into BIOS of Windows 11? Check out this guide to find all the possible ways you can opt for to do so.

How To Fix Case Fan Not Spinning, But Light Works

Is your case fan not spinning, but light works? Check out this guide to find possible causes and fixes of this issue.

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95% of NFTs Are Reportedly Worthless Following Market Collapse

According to a new report, a large number of NFTs have rapidly lost their value, being nearly worthless today.

iPhone 15 Pro: Genshin Impact Shows Terrible Stutters At Max Settings

iPhone 15 Pro struggles to run Genshin Impact at maximum settings as the game faces severe stutters constantly.

Alan Wake 2 To Launch With 60FPS Mode For PS5 & Xbox Series X

Remedy confirms Alan Wake 2 will offer a 60FPS mode for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but the Xbox Series S frame rate remains a mystery.

Starfield Ship AI Was Intentionally Made Stupid, Claims Todd Howard

Starfield developers had to intentionally nerf enemy AI to ensure it would not overwhelm players in heated combat.

Horizon Forbidden West Coming To PC In 2024

Following last month's leak, PlayStation has confirmed Horizon Forbidden West will be the next port to join the PC platform.