Tempered glass is a soft and smooth material that can be found anywhere from mobile phone protectors to table tops. In the gaming market, you’ll find lots of cases that have a side panel made of tempered glass. This material adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to your PC because of its shiny, clear surface. But after a while, tempered glass could get dirty and gather scratches or grease. This makes the inside look of the PC such as RGB lighting look quite bad. In this article, we’ll tell you a few methods to answer the question: how to clean tempered glass PC? 

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Why Does Your Tempered Glass Side Panel Get Dirty? 

You might be wondering why your PC’s tempered glass side panel accumulates so much grease and dirt even if you never touch it. Well, the answer to that question is because your PC has components that get quite hot when running for a long time.

This makes the internal space inside your PC become warm which affects the tempered glass very badly. When internal components of your PC get too hot, oils surface and start evaporating. All of this can lead to vapors of oil getting stuck to your tempered glass PC side panel. This invites any accumulated dust inside your case to stick to the side panel making it look greasy and dirty.

This is why it is very important to keep the inside of your PC clean, as well as keep it cool. Also, cooling fans inside your PC provide airflow and circulate a lot of air around your PC. This air could be covered in dust if a lot of it has accumulated inside your PC making even more of it attach to your side panel.

This is dangerous for other parts of your PC as well so always keep your PC dust-free and give it a thorough cleaning once in a while. 

Why Use Tempered Glass?

PC Build In Tempered Glass
A PC Build In Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a special kind of glass that is quite durable and doesn’t break easily like normal glass. It is also a much safer option because its shattered pieces aren’t very sharp as compared to normal glass.

Tempered glass is also very resistant to scratches because of a resistive layer on its surface. This is why it is used for covering phone screens, monitor screens, tablet screens, etc.  

Furthermore, tempered glass adds more aesthetic appeal to your PC case than plastic or aluminum. You can clearly observe any RGB and your inner components using a tempered glass side panel which really improves the look of your PC. 

Lastly, tempered glass also helps with controlling high brightness and contrast which could be damaging to the eye.

A PC monitor or mobile phone with very high brightness and contrast will hurt your eyes but tempered glass provides a safe cover by preventing you from seeing these bright and high-contrast images.   

Common Mistakes While Cleaning Tempered Glass PC 

Most beginner PC builders don’t know how to clean tempered glass PC side panels. This prompts them into making common mistakes such as not using microfiber cloth and using multi-surface clean wipes instead and using wrong products as solutions.  

Multi-surface clean wipes are a great solution for many household products such as mirrors, and tables and clean a lot of dust very efficiently. But they’re not suitable for cleaning tempered glass PC side panels. This is because they leave footprints of the residue of soap behind.

They leave a lot of streaks and fibers which aren’t hard to look at making the PC side panel not look as clean as it should. They ruin the aesthetic and show a bad look on your PC. This is why you should always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your PC side panel because it leaves no noticeable scratches or fibers.   

Another mistake, that users make is using only water to clean the tempered glass PC side panel. This is quite ineffective because water can’t remove oils and grease stuck to the side panel. You will also notice scratches when drying out the water and smudges and footprints left behind. This is a really bad cleaning agent when you’re dealing with grease.  

Also, avoid using any vinegar as the acid is this acid is quiet and can damage your tempered glass side panel.

It’s better not to use any hard chemicals at all as they could scratch and corrode the area. For hard-to-remove grease and stains, you can use alcohol wipes or dish wash soap.  

How to Clean Tempered Glass PC

Tempered Glass of PC
Tempered Glass of PC

Now that you know what we’ve taken you through and what not to do, we’ll show you the simplest and most effective method of cleaning tempered glass. You can easily clean tempered glass PC using dish soap, water, and microfiber cloth.  

First, shut off your PC and take the tempered glass side panel out of your PC case. Take out all the plugs and cables attached to your motherboard as well as the power cable on your PSU. You would also want to move into an area of open space for more airflow so that no dust from your PC enters your workspace.   

Then take a little bit of dish soap and mix it with water to get a foamy solution. Using a spray, put on a few drops of the dish soap and water solution on the surface of the tempered glass side panel. Then rub it with a clean piece of microfiber cloth until it dries. Do this for both the inside and outside of the side panel. 

You can also use a wiper to rub the mixture of soap and water which leaves no footprint at all. You’ll notice that after the side panel is dry, there will be no grease or dirt left on the case making it look crystal clear.

By using a microfiber cloth, there will also be no scratches or weird marks left after cleaning. This is the easiest way of cleaning tempered glass as all the items listed can easily be found in the house.  

In this section, we’ll take you through some great methods for how to clean tempered glass PC.  

By using Baking Soda and Distilled Water  

A popular cleaning method for tempered glass is to use baking soda mixed with distilled water in enough quantity that the solution gets quite a lot of foam.

This solution removes all the chemical impurities and is great for cleaning other household items and surfaces which have grease on them. With this, you can easily clear up all the scratches and grease on your PC tempered glass side panel.  

Clean the PC case with a few drops of this mixture and spread it out with a microfiber cloth. Do this for both internal and external surfaces of the tempered glass PC side panel.

You can also use a dry piece of cloth or towel to dry it off after spreading the mixture evenly. And with that, you have a fully clean and clear tempered glass PC side panel.

Cleaned Tempered Glass
A Very Cleaned Tempered Glass of PC Case.

A Mixture of Distilled Water and Alcohol 

Another great cleaning agent for cleaning tempered glass is alcohol and water. You can use any isopropyl alcohol of 70% purity mixed in distilled water. The standard procedure is to add a few drops on the tempered glass and rub it with a microfiber cloth for both inside and outside of the PC case.

Apply it evenly without a lot of pressure to avoid scratches and smudges. And lastly, dry off the panel using a dry piece of cloth. 

Using Distilled Water and Windex  

Windex is a powerful cleaning agent which is why you should spray just a little bit of it onto a paper towel. Don’t use too much as it could damage the material or surface of your tempered glass. First, use a wet cloth to clean the tempered glass.

Then evenly apply the paper towel of Windex and clean any grease and smudges. After that apply another coat of water on top distilled water.  

A Mixture of Shampoo and Water 

You can also use an even mixture of shampoo and water to clean tempered glass. Use a spray to apply a few drops of it onto the surface of the tempered glass on your PC. You can use a microfiber cloth or a wiper to spread it evenly and clean it without leaving any prints and smudges. Don’t apply too much pressure or scratches might appear on your tempered glass making you redo the whole process. 

By Mixing Toothpaste and Water 

Another alternative for cleaning tempered glass is by mixing toothpaste in water. Spread a little bit of toothpaste onto a toothbrush and mix it in a glass of tap water.

Once you have a soapy mixture, apply it to the tempered glass side panel. With that done, you can use a microfiber to wipe it evenly leaving no scratches or smudges behind. Just don’t apply too much pressure or it could create new problems. 


In this article, we answered the question of how to clean tempered glass PC. We discussed reasons to use tempered glass, why tempered glass gets so dirty, common beginner mistakes, the best way for cleaning tempered glass as well as alternative methods for cleaning tempered glass PC.

We recommend cleaning your entire PC thoroughly when cleaning your side panel as well to avoid it from getting dirty quickly. It will also help with keeping your PC cool and increase airflow. Hopefully, that cleared up any doubts in your mind about cleaning the tempered glass side panels in your PC case.

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