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How To Clean PC Fans? [Step By Step]

Do you have dirty PC fans? No problem. You can follow this simple guide that will help you clean your PC fans easily.

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Regularly cleaning your PC fans is a crucial part of PC maintenance. I have learned from firsthand experience that you should clean your PC fans every 2-3 months to maintain optimal performance. However, some may find this task cumbersome because they are unsure of when and how to clean their PC fans.

Key Takeaways

  • Cleaning PC fans is a task in which you need to wipe off the dust and debris that covers your PC fans over time. 
  • You can clean your PC fans using an air compressor, an electronic vacuum, and a damp microfiber cloth.
  • PC fan blades must be handled with extra care as they are delicate and prone to damage.

How To Clean PC Fans?

Now that you have read about how essential it is to clean your fans, let’s learn how to do it. By following the steps of this guide, you will know how easy of a task this is. The following are the essential tools you might need to clean your PC fans properly.

Tip: Make sure you ensure safety when carrying out this process. You can always wear gloves to protect yourself from any injuries that blades or pointy components may cause.

Here’s how you can clean your PC fans:

  1.  The first and foremost step is shutting down your PC.
  2.  Unscrew the computer case to get access to the hardware of the PC. You may take a screwdriver to unscrew any screws on the computer case.
  3. Carefully set the opened case aside.
  4. Use compressed air, as it removes dust that’s out of the hand’s reach. This method worked wonders for us. However, in most cases, you must remove your fans from the PC case to clean them from both sides.
  5. You should use a cotton swab and microfiber cloth to clean fan blades as they greatly help us as well.
    WARNING: Be extremely careful when handling PC fan blades as they are prone to damage.
  6. After you have completely wiped the PC fans, it is time to put things back in their place. You must place the fans back where they were inside. You must put all the disconnected wires back into their place and reconnect them.
  7. Now, you should re-attach the computer case back into its place and tighten those screws again. After closing the case, you must clean it one last time from the outside. This can be done using a damp cloth.

Now that you’ve already opened your PC case, it would be a good idea to clean the motherboard and tempered glass

Why You Should Clean Your PC Fans?

how to clean PC fans?
PC case fan. (Image by Tech4Gamers)

There are several reasons why one should clean their PC fans.

My overall experience with PC fans concludes the following as the most common reasons one should always prioritize cleaning PC fans.

  1. It prevents your PC components from damage caused by overheating. If the fans fail to work due to excessive dust and debris covering them, they will fail to keep things cool.
  2. In addition to preventing overheating, the advantage further extends to good performance. When PC components run at an ideal temperature, they will also give you a good performance.
  3. Clean fans will help regulate the temperature well, which will help maintain a good lifespan of the components sitting inside the PC.
  4. You tend to save energy when your fans are clean. This means your fans are not taking too much energy just to spin, which would’ve been the case if they were clogged due to dust and debris.
  5. Lastly, unclogged and obstruction-free fans tend to be less noisy. This makes your overall PC-using experience much more pleasant and peaceful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have compressed air for cleaning the PC?

There are multiple options for cleaning off the dust on your fans. Although, you must remember that the fans should be handled with extra care.

Which way should the PC fan blow the air?

The fan has two sides. One side of the fan is used like a vacuum or an exhaust. It pulls the air and blows it out from the other side. When placing the fans inside the CPU, ensure the fan blows the air outside the CPU, not inside.

How long is the life of a CPU fan?

The life of a CPU fan depends on how well you take care of the fans. It may last several years if you clean it regularly and protect it from dust. It can last 5 to 6 years or even longer if handled properly.

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