A case is essential while building your dream PC. You can not just throw around all the hardware and expect it to work; you need to put it together in some housing for proper functioning. Having a good case not only provides room for your hardware but also makes your build aesthetically pleasing while at the same time enhancing its performance by keeping the thermals in control. The market contains numerous cases, from premium to budget, of every size and shape.

Most people just buy standard cases that they can just put on the desk or floor. But some people want to take it up a notch and glorify their cases by mounting them on the wall like a piece of art. But looking for a case, the Best Wall Mount PC Case without compromising on the requirements can be strenuous. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Choosing the right wall mount PC case for all your needs is not easy, as there are many options. More and more companies are coming up with wall mountable PC cases, some better than the others, offering many features with the case. Aside from being able to mount on the wall, form factor, airflow, design, and compatibility are just a few factors to consider while buying the Best Wall Mount PC Case. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list featuring multiple PC cases, so you can best decide which one is right for you.

Best Wall Mount PC Case

Here are the 4 Best Wall Mount PC Cases in 2023:

  • Thermaltake Core P8 Tempered Glass E-ATX Full-Tower
  • Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition Mini ITX
  • Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 
  • Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass V2

Thermaltake Core P8 Tempered Glass E-ATX Full-Tower

Best Full-Tower Wall Mount PC Case

Thermaltake Core P8 Tempered Glass E-ATX Full-Tower
Thermaltake Core P8 Tempered Glass E-ATX Full-Tower

Specifications: Type: Full-Tower Case | Colors: Black, Red and White | Motherboard Support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Dimensions: 626 x 260 x 660 mm | Radiator Support: Up to 480mm | Ports: 1x USB 3.1 Type C, 1 x USB 3.0, 1x Audio in/out | Ports: 1x USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type C, 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x HD Audio | Drive Bays: up to six 2.5’’ SSD or three 3.5’’ HDD. | Included Fans: Zero


  1. Spacious interior.
  2. Flashy tempered glass design.
  3. Multiple layout options.
  4. Great build quality.
  5. Modular design.
  6. Good cable management.


  1. Installing E-ATX motherboard blocks the cable management slots.
  2. No included fans.
  3. Poor instructions on the manual.
  4. A bit expensive.

Thermaltake is not a new name in the PC industry; it has made its name through innovative products, satisfying customers’ needs worldwide. Thermaltake is a leading PC DIY brand covering various PC products, from pre-built PCs, peripherals, and headsets to liquid and air cooling, power supplies, and PC cases.

Thermaltake is a go-to choice for expert and novice PC builders with its wide range of premium and quality products. When it comes to PC cases, Thermaltake has a unique design and approach to PC building which has amazed their customers with it. Thermaltake’s Core P series PC cases contain numerous contenders for the Best Wall Mount PC Case, but we had to include the best of the best case in this list; Thermaltake Core P8 stands out from all of them.

Thermaltake Core P8 enjoys considerable success, especially among those looking for a flashy case, as it flashes with tempered glass panels from not one, not two, but three sides. The front, top, and side are all covered with 4mm thick and durable glass panels. On top of that, Thermaltake Core P8 has a convertible design; it can be used as a closed case with the glass panels attached, or you can easily remove the front and top tempered glass panels for an open-air design to increase airflow and enhance its thermal capabilities.

The top, right, and bottom of Core P8 are also covered with magnetic dust filters to protect against dust and debris from outside the case. Furthermore, Thermaltake Core P8 is designed for two different layouts, it can either be placed vertically on the floor or a desk, or it can be mounted on a wall with the included wall mounts.

Being a full tower case, Thermaltake Core P8 is compatible with four different motherboard sizes: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX. With a GPU clearance of up to 320mm, which covers most GPUs in the market, and with the rotational PCIe slots, the GPU can be mounted horizontally and vertically, so motherboard and GPU compatibility is not a concern for Thermaltake Core P8. Thermaltake has designed the Core P8 for both liquid and air cooling to satisfy both kinds of customers.

Core P8 supports a CPU cooler of up to 180mm, and cooling solutions have never been better with the support for 18x 120mm fans. Yes! You read that right! Thermaltake Core P8, one of the best Wall Mounted Matx PC Case you can get, can fit 18 120mm fans, all at the same time, or if you wish to go for 140mm fans, you will be glad to hear it can fit 13x 140mm fans; you can put these fans in any configuration you want.

When it comes to the radiator support, Thermaltake Core P8 got it all covered with up to 480mm clearance on the front and the side; you can also fit up to a 360mm radiator on the top and a 240mm radiator on the bottom. All that room for radiators and fans clarifies how much Thermaltake focuses on the cooling solution. With the Thermaltake Core P8, you won’t have to worry about your PC thermals.

Thermaltake Core P8 PC Case gives a premium feel, manufactured with high-quality materials. The use of plastic, in this case, is very minimal, as the major manufacturing is done in steel, which adds quite a weight to it, making it one of the heavy cases out on the market, but the sturdy build quality and strong mounts make it perfectly safe to mount Core P8 on the wall. Thermaltake Core P8 is designed for easy dismantling, allowing customers to build the system from the ground up freely.

The front I/O panel has a USB Type-C port, 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 ports, a headphone, and a microphone jack. Moreover, 3x 3.5-inch convertible HDD drive bays can also accommodate 6x 2.5’’ SSDs.

It doesn’t stop there; Thermaltake Core P8 still has enough space to accommodate up to a 200mm PSU and still has some space on the back of the motherboard area for easy cable management. No doubt Thermaltake Core P8 is among the most spacious cases out there.

What we liked

The main highlight of Thermaltake Core P8, which we include in this list, is its wall mounting capability; it can also be placed on the desk or floor if you want to unmount it at some time. There will also be no compatibility issues for most users, as all the hardware can easily fit inside due to its spacious interior. The three tempered glass panels can be taken advantage of to show off the RGB lighting and gaming hardware, giving the Thermaltake Core P8 a stunning look, making the Thermaltake Core P8 Decent Wall Mount PC Case and very easy to recommend.

What we disliked

Thermaltake provides all the premium features in Core P8 at a very reasonable price, but there are no included fans with the case, which disappoints us somewhat. Thermaltake would have been nice to include at least 3 or 4 RGB fans. Moreover, building the case requires some expertise, and the manual also doesn’t explain all the stuff; instructions regarding building the case are very poor. Thermaltake should have explained all the stuff and included pointers within the case to help the customers in building this gigantic beast.

What Sets the Thermaltake Core P8 Apart from Its Competitors?

There aren’t many full-tower walls mount PC cases in the market that give competition to Thermaltake Core P8. Its flashy design, spacious interior, and excellent airflow in an open-air configuration make it stand out from the crowd. 


Thermaltake Core P8 offers great value-for-money, with its spacious interior and fabulous exterior are worth buying with its premium features. The amount of fans that Core P8 can fit in it is like no other, the best cooling solutions featured in the Core P8 and premium built quality forces us to give it the title of Best Full-Tower Wall Mount PC Case. 

Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition Mini ITX

Best mini-ITX Wall Mount PC Case

Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition Mini ITX
Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition Mini ITX

Specifications: Type: Small Form Factor | Colors: Black, Red and White | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Dimensions: 380 x 320 x 422 mm | Radiator Support: Up to 240mm | Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 1x HD Audio | Drive Bays: 1x 2.5″/3.5″, 1x 2.5″ inner аnd 2x 2.5″ outer storage options  | Included Fans: Zero


  1. Included wall mounts.
  2. Easy to mount.
  3. Great ventilation.
  4. Compact.
  5. Eye-catchy design.
  6. Premium build quality.


  1. Difficult to build in due to its small size.
  2. No USB Type-C port.
  3. No Included fans.

When it comes to competitive listing, not many brands can afford to be on the same list multiple times, but Thermaltake is not just any brand; they do what others don’t and strive to be the best on the market with their innovative products. The competition in the PC industry is very strong, and every company is trying hard to make the products that customers would look up to.

In this strong competition, Thermaltake amazes us again with yet another great case from the Core P series, the Thermaltake Core P1. Not everyone wants large and heavy cases; some users look for sleek and small PC cases that they can keep on the desk on showcase on the wall like a piece of art. Thermaltake targets those customers with the Core P1, the Best mini-ITX Wall Mount PC Case.

Thermaltake Core P1, a fabulous Wall PC Case, isn’t much different from Core P8 in design language. The Core P1 is covered with a 5mm thick tempered glass panel on the side to protect the internal hardware and enable the users to show off their build. The case is constructed with high-quality materials and very little use of plastic, giving it a premium look.

Thermaltake Core P8 supports three possible layouts. It can either be placed vertically or horizontally or be mounted on the wall with the included mounts, which clarifies its list inclusion. The chassis can be configured for the best viewing presentation in either layout while at the same time ensuring the best possible cooling performance.

Being a small form factor case, Thermaltake Core P8 Wall PC Case is compatible with only a mini-ITX motherboard. Despite its small size, the Core P8 has a GPU clearance of 380mm, enough to house most of the largest GPUs available on the market, so you don’t have to worry about GPU dimensions.

On top of that, you can place the GPU either horizontally or vertically, thanks to the adjustable PCIe slots. The Core P1 is mostly designed around AIO and DIY water and liquid cooling solutions, with the radiator support of up to 240mm on the side; there is also room for two 120mm fans on the left side, whereas the fans can be opted out for a thicker radiator. 

Thermaltake Core P1 features a front I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports, headphone, and a microphone jack. Moreover, the Core P1 can have space for three 2.5-inch SSD drives and a 3.5-inch HDD drive bay which you can also use to house two SSDs, one of the SSD and the HDD drive bays are conveniently hidden in the back that also offers 45mm space for cable management, so your setup looks clean and elegant.

Due to its small size, the Thermaltake Core P1 is perfect for mounting on the wall and showing it off to your friends. The Thermaltake Core P1 easily falls in the Best Wall Mount PC Case category and is very easy to recommend to those looking for a compact wall mount PC case.

What we liked

The Thermaltake Core P1 is an excellent small form factor with decent space for all the necessary hardware. The premium build quality and tempered glass panel give a shine to it and make it a whole lot more attractive deal. Thermaltake leaves some room for cable management despite its small size, so the whole setup doesn’t look messy with the transparent tempered glass panels. With the RGB lighting and AIO liquid cooling, the Core P1 looks great.

What we disliked

Thermaltake has probably vowed never to include fans with their cases; like Core P8, the Core P1 also doesn’t have any included fans, so the customers would have to buy them separately. Moreover, the front I/O also lacks a USB Type-C; in the age where many gadgets are moving toward USB Type-C, not including it on the I/O panel can be problematic for some people.

What Sets the Thermaltake Core P1 Apart from Its Competitors?

You will not find many mini-ITX PC cases in the market with built-in wall-mount capability. The Thermaltake Core P1 effortlessly combines the wall mount feature with its innovative and sleek design. The premium build quality at a very low price and its decent hardware compatibility make it an attractive option for compact case lovers.


Thermaltake Core P1 is a value-for-money PC case. It has a lot going on; an attractive exterior and a spacious interior with the included wall mount make it easy to recommend. A few missing features, including a lack of a USB Type-C port and no included fans, are not major issues for most users. Its tempered glass panels give it a striking look, making it a treat for RGB lovers. These traits help us crown the Thermaltake Core P1 as the Best mini-ITX Wall Mount PC Case. 

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 

Best Open Air Wall Mount PC Case

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700
Cooler Master MasterFrame 700

Specifications: Type: Full-Tower Case | Colors: Black | Motherboard Support: SSI EEB, SSI CEB, XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX | Dimensions: 702 x 306 x 410mm | Radiator Support: Up to 420mm | Ports: 1x USB 3.1 Type C, 1 x USB 3.0, 1x Audio in/out | Ports: 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 1x 3.5mm Headset Jack (Audio+Mic) | Drive Bays: 4x 3.5’’/2.5’’, 3x 2.5’’ | Included Fans: Zero


  1. Very spacious.
  2. Great compatibility range.
  3. Excellent build quality.
  4. It includes VESA 100 mount.
  5. Multiple possible layouts.
  6. Cool design.


  1. Hard to build.
  2. Expensive.

Cooler Master is a very popular brand, currently one of the leading companies in the PC industry. Cooler Master excels at manufacturing premium products at an affordable price for its loyal customer base. Their high-quality and reliable products, built with strong and sturdy materials, offer a great choice for all types of PC builds. 

Cooler Master has a wide variety of products in its catalog, including peripherals, coolers, power supplies, and PC cases, ranging from premium to budget for every kind of customer; you name it, Cooler Master has it. When it comes to PC cases, Cooler Master has made its mark through innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and thermal-friendly cases. For those of you who are looking for a wall mount PC case, Cooler Master has got you covered too with their Wall Mount PC Case, the MasterFrame 700.

The Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is a highly customizable case offering three different layout options; it can be used as a test bench to test all kinds of PC components or as a simple chassis to sit on a desk or floor. Thanks to the included VESA mounts, users can take it to the next level and display it on the wall. The case comprises three main components, the center frame and the two side wings that you can conveniently rotate to adjust the case airflow and minimize the dust buildup in the case, thanks to the design of the hinges.

MasterFrame 700 has a unique design, which you wouldn’t find in other cases. The front panel features tempered glass panels that you can remove to make it an open-air case; it sure looks like a piece of art when mounted on a wall, making it the Best Open Air Wall Mount PC Case.

The MasterFrame 700 is a full tower PC case that offers unmatched compatibility. It is compatible with almost all motherboard sizes, even supporting an SSI EEB motherboard, the largest motherboard size available in the consumer market. With the GPU clearance of 450mm, GPU of any size, even the biggest and bulkiest, can easily fit. There’s also a lot of room for radiators and coolers; it can fit 420mm on the top and 360mm on either wing, which is perfect for DIY water cooling.

You can always place a CPU cooler of up to 158mm in height to keep the thermals in check. The right and left wings can also accommodate 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans each, which might seem less, but the open-air design provides a lot of airflow to fulfill the cooling needs even with fewer fans. Moreover, it can also fit a PSU of up to 210mm, more than most manufacturers provide. So, compatibility is not a problem for the MasterFrame 700; it can easily fit all your components without any headache.

The I/O panel is located on the top and includes 2x USB 3.1 ports, 1x USB Type-C port, and a headphone jack. It’s nice of Cooler Master to always include a Type-C port with their cases, unlike most manufacturers. Additionally, the storage options in MasterFrame 700 are also vast, with 4x HDD brackets on the PSU cover that you can also use for SSDs and 3x separate SSD brackets for maximum storage.

The case itself is made with high-quality steel with little to no use of plastic in it, all that steel adds some weight to it, but the wall mounts are strong and durable to carry all that weight easily. Cooler Master has also provided 100mm of room on the back side, so cable management has never been this easier. The unique design and tempered glass panel make the whole case look elegant with the RGB lighting.

What we liked

The MasterFrame 700 has a unique design among all the PC cases on the market. It has great customization options, including the 3-parts frame, which can be easily dismantled for all kinds of modifications. Its airflow in the open-air configuration is great and helps maintain the PC thermals. The MasterFrame has a great compatibility range, allowing almost any hardware to easily fit inside.

What we disliked

Cooler Master has designed the MasterFrame 700 for great airflow and customizability, but in the process, they have made the installation somewhat difficult. It requires some expertise to assemble the case and build it, which can be especially troublesome for beginners. Moreover, the case is a little expensive, as it is a premium product, so you might want to check your budget before buying this monstrous case.

What Sets the Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 Apart from Its Competitors?

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is a highly customizable full tower case, which is unique. You will hardly find any customizable full tower cases in the consumer market. On top of that, the compatibility that MasterFrame 700 offers is like no other; in this case, you won’t have to worry about fitting any hardware component.


With a unique design, yet great-looking design, MasterFrame 700 is truly an exceptional case. It has a full range of features in its beastly chassis, from customizability to compatibility; it has everything a customer can demand from a PC Case. The MasterFrame looks spectacular on a wall with the included VESA mounts, making it the Best Open-Air Wall Mount PC Case.

Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass V2

Best Overall Wall Mounted Gaming PC Case

Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass V2
Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass V2

Specifications: Type: Mid Tower Case | Colors: Black | Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Dimensions: 608 x 333 x 570 mm | Radiator Support: Up to 480mm | Ports: 1x USB 3.1 Type C, 1 x USB 3.0, 1x Audio in/out | Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x HD Audio | Drive Bays: 4x 3.5’’/ 2.5’’ storage options | Included Fans: Zero


  1. Excellent airflow.
  2. Great aesthetics.
  3. Good compatibility.
  4. Modular design.


  1. Wall mounts are not included and need to be bought separately.
  2. No USB Type-C port.
  3. No included fans.

Don’t worry, as this is the last wall-mounted PC case on this list from Thermaltake. They made it on our list once again, but there’s a very good reason. They have a whole lineup dedicated to wall-mounted PC cases that cover different categories of cases. Previously, we talked about Thermaltake’s Core P8 and Core P1 cases, which are full-tower and mini-ITX cases, respectively. They also have a mid-tower PC case to be the contender for Best Wall Mount PC Case, the Thermaltake Core P5

Despite their size difference, the Core P5 resembles Core P1 a lot in design and features. Like Core P1, the Core P5 also has three layout options, it can either be placed horizontally or vertically on a desk or floor, or you can take it up a notch and mount it on the wall as a decoration. The side of Core P5 is covered with a tempered glass panel to give a great view of the fabulous interior with the added RGB lighting and water cooling. Moreover, you can remove the tempered glass panel to make it an open-air case. The airflow, in this case, is great, which helps a lot in maintaining its thermals.

Thermaltake Core P5 supports an ATX, a Micro ATX, or a mini-ITX motherboard, which is standard for a mid-tower PC case. The GPU can either be mounted horizontally or vertically, thanks to the adjustable PCIe slots. The GPU clearance without the water reservoir is 570mm, which is enough to house even the largest GPUs available. Still, when you add a reservoir to the build, the GPU clearance remains just 280mm, which can cause compatibility issues with many modern and large GPUs.

So, you may have to compromise on the reservoir or the GPU. The Core P5 is designed mostly for water cooling builds, but you can also use air cooling; it supports up to a 480mm radiator on the left side or 4x 120mm fans, or you can also fit 3x 140mm fans in it. A CPU cooler of up to 180mm can be used, which is enough for many CPU coolers.

The front I/O panel in Core P5 also resembles Core P1; like Core P1, there is also no USB Type-C port in Core P5, but there are two additional USB 2.0 ports. Moreover, it has 4x 3.5’’ drive bays for HDD, which you can also use to hold SSDs. The four drive bays may not be much, but they are enough for most people. Thermaltake Core P5 is built from high-quality materials, you will not find any plastic in it, and the construction feels solid and premium. 

What we liked

Although the Core P series design is quite similar to each other, Thermaltake has kept the design because it works. Like other Core P series, the Core P5 provides best airflow and thermals. The case looks ravishing through the tempered glass panels, with the added RGB lighting, but most of all, its wall mounting feature is why we consider it among our Wall Mount PC Cases list.

What we disliked

The Thermaltake Core P5, although a great case, has its downsides. The front I/O panel lacks a USB Type-C, which is becoming somewhat necessary as more and more devices utilize USB Type-C ports. We felt somewhat betrayed when Thermaltake advertised this case as a wall mount PC case but didn’t include mounting brackets. Yes, you will have to buy wall mounting brackets separately, which is rather inexpensive, but Thermaltake should have included those brackets with the case.

What Sets the Thermaltake Core P5 Apart from Its Competitors?

If you are looking for a mid-tower gaming wall mount PC case, you will not find anything better than Thermaltake Core P5. It offers great value at an economical price. The price of this beast, combined with the features it incorporates, makes it an amazing deal. 


Thermaltake Core P5 is an excellent case that will fulfill all your needs. It will easily fit all your hardware in its spacious interior. Furthermore, it looks fantastic with the open-air design, tempered glass panels, and RGB lighting, a gamer’s dream. Although a water cooling case system is preferred in the Core P5, you can also use air cooling, as per your preference, making it very easy for us to recommend the Thermaltake Core P5 as the Best Overall Wall Mounted Gaming PC Case.

Our Criteria for Selecting the Best Wall Mount PC Cases

Anyone on the internet can compile a list of wall mount PC cases, but it wouldn’t be the best. With so many options in the market, it isn’t an easy task, but we have developed a criterion that every case on the list must fulfill. Below are the main factors we considered while selecting the Wall Mount PC Cases.

Hardware Compatibility

Hardware compatibility is the first and most important factor you need to consider while considering a case to be the Best Wall Mount PC Case. A PC case needs to be compatible with most of the hardware thrown at it. The motherboard compatibility is usually much clear through the case type. A mid-tower case generally supports motherboards up to ATX, and a small form factor case supports a mini-ITX motherboard, but when it comes to GPU and coolers compatibility, things are not that simple.

A PC case must have enough clearance to accommodate most of the GPUs available in the consumer market, especially the larger ones. In contrast, at the same time, they should have enough space for liquid or air cooling, mounting radiators or fans, and housing appropriate sized PSUs. If a case is spacious enough to accommodate all this hardware, we move on to testing our next factor.

Integrated Mounting Capability

As obvious by the name, the Wall Mount PC Case must be able to easily mount on a wall without having to purchase third-party mounts. Wall mount cases have holes made into them for different sizes of VESA mounts. Additionally, if the manufacturers include the mounts with the package, that’s a plus. A case that does not natively support wall mounting can never be on this competitive list.

Airflow and Cooling Solutions

Keeping a PC cool is very important to avoid any hardware failure, especially when the case is mounted on the wall and is out of your reach for the most part. For this purpose, PC cases should have proper ventilation for airflow, either through perforations in the case or open-air design. Having good airflow helps maintain the PC thermals, which improves the system’s overall performance. But just the airflow is not enough; having good room for coolers is necessary. Manufacturers must incorporate smart cooling solutions for air or AIO and DIY liquid cooling to advertise as the Best Wall Mount PC Case.

Design and Aesthetics

Last but not least, having a good and attractive design in a case is equally important. Who wants a dull case that just ruins the ambiance? For this reason, we have carefully selected unique and attractive cases for all kinds of users, from professionals to gamers, having tempered glass panels, which you can take advantage of by putting RGB lighting and then showing it off to your friends.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the Good Wall Mount PC Cases must have good cable management, so it doesn’t look messy with cables when you showcase it on your wall. A modular design is always a plus; some people like to make a few tweaks in their builds, and having a case that natively allows doing modification can be handy.

What Is a Wall-Mounted PC case?

As the name implies, wall-mounted PC Cases or Wall PC Cases can mount above the ground directly on a wall. There are several ways to mount a PC case on a wall; one way is to attach all the components on an open case and mount it on the wall like a piece of art; other ways include mounting a standard case with the help of a wall mounting hardware or using pre-built wall-mountable PC cases. Wall-mounted PCs offer numerous benefits compared to those that just sit on the ground or at a desk, including protection from pet hair, dust, and small debris that can get into your build.

Additionally, wall-mounted PC cases offer better airflow and save room on your desk. Not to mention the great aesthetics of a wall-mounted PC case, no grounded PC case can show off RGB lighting as well as wall-mounted cases do.

Although all this sounds amazing, it comes at a price; wall-mounted PC cases have their downsides, and installing all the components can be challenging, especially for novice PC builders. On top of that, mounting the PC on the side of a wall can be frustrating and time-consuming, requiring drilling holes into the wall. 

How To Mount a PC Case On a Wall?

PC cases mount on a wall in many ways. If you are looking to build a custom wall mount PC case, all you need is a sheet of plywood or steel and attach it to the wall by drilling holes, then attach all the components, including motherboard, GPU, cooler, etc., and drives to that sheet. Additionally, you can put some RGB lighting to give it a great look. But building a custom wall mount PC can be tricky and requires a lot of expertise; another way is to use pre-build wall mount PC cases.

Many popular companies, including Cooler Master and Thermaltake, make great wall mount PC cases for gamers and professionals. Installing these pre-built wall mount PC cases is relatively easier than custom-built PC cases, but it can still be challenging for beginners. The easiest way to mount a PC case on a wall is to use mounting mod kits. Wall mount PC cases mod kits just attach to regular PC cases to mount them on a wall; most mod kits can accommodate many PC case sizes to mount even the biggest and heaviest PC cases on the wall.

Wall Mount PC Cases Mod Kit

The most important part of mounting your standard PC Case on a wall is ensuring that you have the right hardware. Wall mount PC cases mod kits are great tools to mount any PC case on a wall. Many types of mounting brackets are available in the market for different PC cases, like those used for mounting TVs on the wall, but PC cases are much heavier than TVs; make sure you choose the right brackets that can carry the load of your PC case. 

Aside from using brackets, some manufacturers have conveniently developed special kits to wall mount any PC. VIVO Universal PC Case Wall Mount is one of those kits with strong and sturdy build quality ensuring the safe mounting of even the heaviest cases. It has an adjustable surface to accommodate as many PC cases as possible. Moreover, the included straps hold the case firmly, so it does not fall. Vivo universal PC case wall mount is ideal for novice and expert PC builders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use wall mount PC cases?

Wall mount PC cases offer great benefits over their grounded counterparts. If you are constantly irritated by dust and debris falling into the case, wall-mounted PC cases are ideal for you, as being mounted above the ground protects the case from dust and small debris. Moreover, wall-mounted cases provide better airflow for enhanced cooling and smooth functioning of your PC.

What to look for in a wall mount PC case?

Wall mount PC cases come in various sizes and shapes; the first thing you need to look for is that the case is large enough to fit all your hardware, including Motherboard, GPU, cooler, Power supply, and storage drives. If you are into RGB lighting and cool aesthetics, you want a case with tempered glass panels and stylish designs. Fortunately, many wall mount PC cases come with tempered glass panels and open-air designs to showcase RGB lighting and gaming hardware fully.

Are wall mount PC cases worth it?

Wall-mounted PC cases are a unique approach to PC building from traditional grounded PCs; they protect the case from dust and provide great airflow and sleek aesthetics. Most Wall PC Cases feature tempered glass panels, which look astonishing, especially with RGB lighting, so wall-mounted PC cases are worth it in our books.

What size PC case can I mount on a wall?

Any size PC case can be mounted on a wall, including the full tower case, which is the largest and heaviest of all PC case sizes, but before mounting big and heavy PC cases on the wall, make sure the mounts are strong enough to handle the weight of the PC case.

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