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Hello, I’m Faizan Ahmed, a Computer Hardware Specialist and wordsmith focusing on PC Casings and Motherboards. If you’re in the market for the perfect casing or navigating the world of Motherboards for your specific needs, you’re with the right writer.

Position at Tech4Gamers

At Tech4Gamers, I proudly serve as the Casings & Motherboards Expert. This role allows me to delve into the intricate details of different casings and the latest motherboards, providing valuable insights for your hardware choices.

Tech Journey

My journey in the tech landscape began with freelancing on various platforms, covering various topics under the tech niche—from PC components to smart devices, software, and even game reviews and guides. Before joining Tech4Gamers, my writings found a home on platforms like WhatIfGaming and Mondestuff.


Faizan Ahmed

[Casings & Motherboards Expert] Faizan Ahmed is a Computer Hardware Specialist and professional writer covering all the ranges of different PC Casings alongside the latest Motherboards. He is the man to read when you're buying a casing for your PC, need a Motherboard for your specific processor, or are concerned about the socket or CPU Cooler. Having a keen eye for the details, his research includes the latest updates and technologies implemented in the sector and the quick response to approaching them ASAP. Before working on Tech4Gamers, Faizan has written immensely on freelancing platforms under the Tech niche, ranging from PC Components to different smart devices, software, and even Game Reviews and Guides. He's also written on websites like WhatIfGaming and Mondestuff. Faizan is an early PC gamer, and this prolonged interaction with the PC and Games has made him the perfect candidate for expressing his ideas and concepts in words for others in the community. Get In Touch: faizan@tech4gamers.com

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