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In this review, I will be testing the ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PS to check how well they perform against other fans in our inventory and whether you should get them or not.

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Ideal For SFF Builds!

Review Summary

The ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PST are pocket-friendly competitive fans that are best suited for SFF builds where the space is restricted. They can be used for the case ventilation as well as on the radiator/heatsink. The slim design chews some of the thermal performance as compared to the non-slim version of P12 fans but the pricing, decent performance, and 6-year warranty make up for that.

Hours Tested: 4

Tech4Gamers Recommended Award

  • Thermal performance - 8/10
  • Value - 9/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Noise Performance - 8.5/10


  • Decent Performance
  • Better Acoustic
  • SLIM Design
  • Cost-effective Cooling


  • Not suitable for larger builds
  • Not for maximum airflow and RGB lighting
  • May not be optimal for those prioritizing thick fans for thermal performance

ARCTIC just launched a new set of fans – the P12 SLIM PWM PST. These fans are special because they’re super slim at 15mm, making them great for small builds like SFF builds. Unlike the standard 25mm thickness, these fans are thinner, saving space. You can get them in a single fan pack or a 3-fans pack. Big thumbs up to the ARCTIC design team for including custom-length screws, making it easy to install them on radiators. Excited to see how they perform? Let’s put them to the test!

Key Takeaways

  • ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PST fans are 15mm slim, budget-friendly cooling solutions designed for small form factor (SFF) builds, focusing on space-saving and easy installation.
  • It is ideal for SFF build enthusiasts, budget-conscious consumers seeking cost-effective cooling, those who appreciate attention to detail, and users looking for a balance of performance, low noise, and a 6-year warranty.
  • It is not suitable for larger builds, users prioritizing maximum airflow and RGB lighting, or those who don’t require slim fans and prioritize potential thermal performance with thicker fans.

Now let’s look at the specs.

ARCTIC P12 SLIM Specifications
Dimensions 120 mm (L) x 120 mm (W) x 15 mm (H)
Weight 85 g
Speed 300–2100 rpm, 0 rpm <5% PWM
RPM Control Pulsweitenmodulation – PWM
Static Pressure 1.45 mmH2O
Airflow 42.1 cfm [ 71.53 m³/h ]
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Cable Length 400 mm
Connector 4-Pin Connector + 4-Pin Socket
Current / Voltage 0.12 A / 12 V
Starting Voltage 5 V
Noise Level 0.3 Sone
Ambient Operating Temperature 0–40 °C

Packaging and Unboxing

The fans are shipped inside a brown colour cardboard box with minimal packaging. There is an info label sticker on the pack showing the salient specifications and UPC/EAN labels.


These fans are like the P12 series with 7 blades and a max speed of 2100 RPM. They have a wide RPM range of 300~2100 and use PST for consistent speed. The center has an ARCTIC sticker, but they’re non-RGB. No anti-vibration pads, and they’re 10mm thinner (120x120x15mm) than standard fans. The mounting holes are 105mm apart.

The fan has a strong black frame that’s 15mm thick. No arrows indicate blade spin or airflow direction. A 4-arm assembly at the back holds the motor and blades. The power rating and data are carved on the frame, not on a sticker in the center.

WARNING: Not suitable for larger builds prioritizing maximum airflow or RGB lighting; consider thicker fans for better thermal performance.

ARCTIC’s fans use advanced Fluid Dynamic Bearings with a special German-developed alloy/lubricant combo to reduce friction, generate less heat, and boost efficiency, extending the fan’s lifespan. The new fan motor is designed for low noise even at full speed, eliminates startup jerk, and minimizes vibration. No anti-vibration pads are needed on the corners due to the motor’s smooth operation. The fans come with a flat cable featuring a 4-pin PWM connector and a 4-pin socket, allowing users to easily connect and power multiple fans for consistent speed.


The following test bench is used for thermal performance testing:

Final PC Build With The ARCTIC Fan (Image By Tech4Gamers)

CINEBENCH R23 stresses the CPU for 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute idle period to record the temperature. The graph shows the average maximum temperature of all P-cores. We compare fans: RAIJINTEK EOS 12 ADD RBW 120mm and SilverStone SF120, using Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste. Note that stress test results may vary due to factors like mounting pressure, thermal paste application, ambient temperature, and silicon differences. Mentioning testing methodology is essential.

Thermal Performance

There is roughly a difference of 2°C between the ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PST fans and the reference RAIJINTEK fans. The RAIJINTEK fans have much higher and better airflow and static pressure ratings. Despite that, these slim fans have performed quite well.

Benchmarks of ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM
Thermal Performance (Image By Tech4Gamers)


We are raking the airflow reading by placing the instrument closer to the fan. The values would vary depending on the distance between the anemometer and the fan.

PRO TIP: Ideal for SFF builds, the ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PST fans offer space-saving cooling with custom-length screws.

Here is a table showing the RPM range and corresponding airflow and speed measurements of the ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PST fan:

PWM Duty Cycle (%age) Speed (RPM) Airflow (CFM)
20 555 10
30 839 18
40 1123 25
50 1350 32
60 1530 37
70 1717 41
80 1869 43
90 2002 46
100 2129 47


We are not recording the noise output due to certain uncontrollable environmental noises. Based on our actual hearing, which is subjective, these fans don’t make a loud noise at full speed.

Should You Buy It?

By conducting an in-depth analysis of ARCTIC P12 SLIM PWM PST Fans, my judgment is:

Buy It If

You’re an SFF Build Enthusiast: If you are a small form factor (SFF) build enthusiast looking for slim and space-saving cooling solutions or you need fans with a thickness of 15mm for space optimization.

You’re a Budget-Conscious Consumer: If you are a budget-conscious consumer seeking cost-effective cooling without compromising too much on performance.

You Appreciate Detail: If you appreciate the attention to detail, such as custom-length screws for easy installation on radiators and design elements that contribute to the overall ease of installation.

Don’t Buy It If

You Have a Larger Build and Aesthetics Priority: If you have a larger build, prioritize maximum airflow and RGB lighting in your system.

You Prioritize Thermal Performance: If you don’t require slim fans, prioritize potential thermal performance with thicker fans.

You Have No Budget Constraints: If you are willing to spend more on fans with advanced features and are not strictly focused on budget-friendly options.

Final Words

ARCTIC’s P12 SLIM PWM PST fans are budget-friendly and perfect for small, limited-space builds. These 15mm thick fans are ideal for SFF setups. They have a 120x120x15mm size, 7 blades, and a sturdy black frame. While lacking arrow indicators, they start at 300 RPM, reaching up to 2100 RPM, with a 5VDC starting voltage. Drawing 1.44W at 12VDC, they provide 42.1 CFM airflow and 1.45mmH₂O static pressure. The fans use Dynamic Fluid Bearings, a new motor design that reduces vibration and heat. Custom screws for radiator installation are included. With a 4-pin PWM connector and socket, they can be daisy-chained. Despite slightly lower thermal performance, they are quiet and have a generous 6-year warranty, making them great for SFF builds.

Recent Updates

  • February 18, 2023: A few text changes to improve readability.Added image galleries.

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