ReviewsRAMTeamGroup T-Force XTREEM DDR5 32GB 8000MHz CL38 Review

TeamGroup T-Force XTREEM DDR5 32GB 8000MHz CL38 Review

The Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 32GB 8000MHz kit is the latest DDR5 memory to join our suite of exceptional RAM database. We have spent several hours testing it through a series of benchmarks, bringing you an in-depth expert review.

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Jaw-Dropping Performance

Review Summary

The Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM DDR5 kit, operating at 8000MHz with a 32GB (16GBx2) configuration, stands out for its exceptional performance and robust build quality, aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers. Priced at $239.99, this high-end memory product features a meticulously designed aluminum heat spreader for efficient cooling, supports Intel XMP 3.0, and excels in various benchmarks with its high speed and tight timings. With no RGB lighting, the kit focuses on raw performance, making it an ideal choice for users seeking top-tier, high-speed memory solutions.

Hours Tested: 8-9 Hours

Tech4Gamers Recommended Award

  • Value - 9/10
  • Performance - 9.5/10
  • Quality - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10


  • Operates at 8000MHz, CAS38
  • Sandblasted 2mm Aluminum Heat spreader
  • 2x Intel XMP 3.0 Profiles
  • Excellent Performance
  • Limited Life Time Warranty
  • Overclocking Headroom
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Height
  • Limited support on 4-DIMM motherboards


Teamgroup needs no introduction when it comes to the PC Memory, Storage, and accessories. In our last take, I took a spin on the T-Create 24x2GB DDR5 kit operating at 7200MHz CAS34. This time, I am looking at the flagship memory product from Teamgroup under the T-Force branding. It is an Xtreem DDR5 kit with a capacity of 32GB (16GBx2) operating at a whopping 8000MHz CAS38. This is our first 8000MHz DDR5 kit, so I am excited and a bit worried as well. This kit would be a blast on a 2 DIMM board, but the story is different on the 4 DIMM board as it might need more tweaking to operate with the XMP profile.

Key Takeaways

  • The Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM DDR5 32GB (16GBx2) 8000MHz RAM kit excels with its top-tier speed and efficient cooling design, ideal for enthusiasts and overclockers seeking high performance and reliability in their gaming PCs.
  • You should get the T-Force XTREEM 32GB 8000MHz if you want excellent performance with solid overclocking potential and all-black looks.
  • You should not get the T-Force XTREEM 32GB 8000MHz if RAM clearance is an issue in your build or if you have a 4-DIMM motherboard.

Let’s start with the specifications. 

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Specifications e170344232097

I am showing the specifications of the kit above. This kit has a tested speed of 8000MT/s with tested timings of 38-48-48-84 at 1.45V. This kit has two XMP 3.0 profiles on this content. There is no AMD EXPO profile. The height of this kit is 48.8mm, which is the second-tallest kit in our testing. This is a U-DIMM design. Given the Xtreem series kit, it is meant for good overclocking, provided you have a good motherboard, supportive IMC, BIOS, etc.

Packing Box

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Packing Box 1024x83
Packing Box (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The kit comes in a black color packing box made of paper board. XTREEM DDR5 is prominently mentioned over the box. There is a transparent shell inside with both modules nicely tucked in between. This is a non-RGB kit, which is understandable since we are dealing with some serious hardware here where the focus is on pure performance.


Let’s start by stating the salient features of the kit:

  • Intel XMP 3.0 Pre-programmed
  • On-Die ECC Correction
  • Meticulously layered high-quality aluminum sandblasted fin
  • 2mm Aluminum Alloy Heat Spreader
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Power management chip for stable and effective power usage
Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Main View 1024x86
Both Sticks (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Teamgroup carries multiple lines or brands for their products, like T-Force, T-Create, etc. The XTREEM is their high-end flagship memory product aimed at enthusiasts, professionals, and overclockers. The gamers can use these kits but would be better off with a more mainstream T-Force Delta series. The XTREEM comes in 7600MHz, 8000MHz and 8200MHz capacity. These kits are available in 2x16GB and 2x48GB sizes.

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Kit View 1024x81
Kit View (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The above picture shows the front and back sides of the modules. The heat spreader is made of sandblasted aluminum alloy material. The salient highlight of this heat spreader is that it has a 2mm layered design with multiple fins to efficiently transfer the heat.

There is a futuristic T-Force brand logo in silver over the top right side. Narvik Black is printed over the base showing the color of the kit. This kit is from T-Force Lab which I am sure is marketing at its best since all of their kits are rigorously tested in their lab.

We can see a layered fin design on the backside. There is a label removal which would void your warranty. The part number of this kit is FFXD516G8000HC38DBK. A serial number along with the speed, timing, and voltage ratings are also printed. This kit is an unbuffered DIMM with a 288-pin layout. Each module has 1Rx8 meaning a single rank design using 8 modules. These kits are made in Taiwan. These kits have on-die ECC which comes in handy for real-time data correction.

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Top View 1024x79
Top View (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Looking at the top view of this kit, you can see an industrial finish. This is a slope-down design which is not visible in the picture. I wish Teamgroup had used XTREEM branding over the top instead of T-FORCE. There is no diffuser over the top since this kit does not have RGB lighting.

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — PCB 1024x44
PCB (Image By Tech4Gamers)

I think this is a 10-layer PCB design. The PCB is black which is standard on these DDR5 modules. Teamgroup has populated one side of the PCB with PMIC and ICs. The opposite side is not populated and has a padding of the same thickness to make the PCB sit in between the heat spreader evenly.

There are 4x memory chips on the left of the integrated PMIC chip and 4x memory chips on the right side of this controller. This gives a 16GB capacity overall in 1Rx8 using a 2G x 64-bit design.

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Thaiphoon Burner
Thaiphoon Burner (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Thaiphoon burner run shows Teamgroup as a manufacturer of this kit. The series of this kit is not mentioned or read by the software. Memory chips are from Hynix, having a part number H5CG48?GBDX014. This seems to be an A-die kit. The PMIC controller is from Richtek, having a part number of RTQ5132GQWF. This is the same controller we saw on the CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM First Edition white, XPG Lancer RGB, and T-Create Expert Desktop Memory kits. This kit will be manufactured in the 38th week of 2023.

This kit has two Intel XMP Revision 3.0 profiles programmed. Profiles are:

  • 4000MHz 38-48-48-84 1.45V
  • 3000MHz 38-38-38-78 1.25V

The SPD device is from Montage. It has a model of M88SPD5118. Temperature sensors are integrated and have ±0.50ᵒC accuracy.

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — Temps
Temps (Image By Tech4Gamers)

I am showing the HWInfo64 run above. You can see that this software is reading the temperature from both modules.


We are using the mentioned configuration for RAM testing:

Other kits are:

We are thankful to our sponsors for this test bench. The following software has been used for the testing:

  • AIDA64 Engineer
  • SiSoftware Sandra Suite
  • Performance Test
  • 3DMark Time Spy
  • Super Pi


This kit has two Intel XMP 3.0 profiles and no AMD EXPO profile. We tested the kit using XMP1, which is 8000 38-48-48-84 at 1.450V. This is not only a high-speed kit but also has some tight timings under XMP1. This kit conforms to JEDEC 5600MHz SPD operating at 46-46-46-90 timings and 1.100V voltage.

CPU-Z and AIDA64 SPD Readouts

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — CPUZ 1024x102
CPU-Z (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The above is a CPU-Z screenshot. Looking closely, you will notice that the software is reporting the kit to be in quad-channel configuration. The reason for that is that with DDR5 kits, we have two channels per module, each 32-bit wide.

Teamgroup T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 8000MHz CAS38 DDR5 — AIDA64 SPD 695x102
AIDA64 SPD (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The above is the SPD readout as taken from the AIDA64 Engineer edition. It shows both XMP profiles and their programmed variables.


This is our first kit in the graph operating at 8000MHz. Let’s start taking the results one by one, starting with AIDA64 Engineer.

AIDA64 Engineer

Holy smoke! The T-Force XTREEM 16GBx2 DDR5 kit operating at 8000MHz at 1.450V has smashed all other kits in the graph with a good all-round performance. This was expected from this kit. In all three memory bandwidth operations, this kit has a clear upper hand over all the other 13 kits. This kit has even managed to take a top slot in the Latency benchmark showing its supremacy. This is an excellent performance from the Teamgroup’s flagship DDR5 kit.

Other Benchmark Software Results

Now, I will discuss the result from the other 4 benchmarks, starting with the SiSoft Sandra Software. The T-Force XTREEM kit has delivered a solid performance punch in this benchmark and comes in the first place. The same goes for the Performance Test benchmark though the margin is not that high, but it is there that only the 8000MHz or the above kit can fill. This kit is sitting on top in the Super PI benchmark thanks to its tight timing out of the box. The Time Spy CPU score tells the same story. This is an impressive performance from this kit.

Overclocking or Tweaking?

I admit it is hard to make this high-speed kit work on a 4-DIMM motherboard. After loading XMP, the system booted into the Windows environment, but it crashed with BSOD under some software runs or game loading time, which clearly indicates that running this kit would take more voltage. I had to up the System Agent Voltage as well as VDDQ CPU and VDD2 CPU voltages in addition to increasing the XMp voltage from 1.450 to 1.50V. This enabled me to complete the testing, though I am sure it was still not stable. This kit would work fine on a 2-DIMM board like ASUS ROG Apex or Encore, for example. Teamgroup has mentioned that this kit would work on the MSI MAX series of Z790 motherboards, and I will test it on the MSI MEG Z790 ACE MAX soon. This kit is supported on the ASRock Z790 NOVA WiFi motherboard as well.

This is the reason I could not overclock the kit on the GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Elite AX motherboard.

Should You Buy It

After testing the T-Force XTREEM DDR5, who should get it?

Buy It If

✅You want the best-performing DDR5 kit: The T-Force XTREEM DDR5 kit operating at 8000MHz, CAS38 is the best-performing kit among others on the market.

✅Stealth is your need: This kit does not have RGB bling. It has an all-black outlook that looks good in person and can easily blend in any neutral or stealth build.

✅Overclocking is your thing: The XTREEM series of DDR5 kits have a good headroom for overclocking and can be handy for enthusiasts and overclockers. This kit has a 2mm heat spreader with fins styling for effective heat dissipation.

Don’t Buy It If

❌You already own a DDR5 kit: Skip this kit if you already have a DDR5 kit.

❌RAM Clearance is an issue: This kit has a height of 48.8mm, which could cause trouble to some air coolers, particularly those with dual-fan beefy heatsinks.

❌You have a 4-DIMM motherboard: This kit operates at 8000MHz, making it among a few options that we have so far in DDR5. However, this speed could be problematic for some motherboards that have 4-DIMM slots.

Final Words

The T-Force XTREEM is a high-performance, elite-class DDR5 kit from Teamgroup, where the manufacturer has focused solely on raw performance. These kits are not ordinary memory kits and that is why I am seeing their target market to be enthusiasts, overclockers, and professionals. The gamers can also take advantage, but they would be better with the Delta series of DDR5 kits from Teamgroup. Value is one such consideration as to why I may be holding off these kits for the gamers.

I have tested the 8000MHz rated 32GB kit under the XTREEM branding from Teamgroup. The highest offer is 8200MHz at the same CAS timings. The 8000MHz kit has tested timing of 38-48-48-84 at 1.450V. This kit has somewhat tight timings out of the box with an XMP1 profile. Speaking of XMP, this kit has two XMP profiles. The second profile is 6000MHz 38-38-38-78 at 1.250V. There is an AMD EXPO profile.

This kit has performed quite well and sitting on the top slot in our graphs. There is no other 8000MHz kit in the graph; hence, there is no competition. This kit has a dimension of 134.5×48.4×8.2mm (LxHxW). The height of 48.8mm makes this kit high-profile, and it may hinder some beefy air coolers. This kit has a 2mm heat spreader made of aluminum alloy with a fin layout for effective heat dissipation.

Teamgroup seems to have used A-die from Hynix. This kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and it retails at SUD 239.99. I checked on NewEgg and found that this is a competitive pricing.

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