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RTX 4060 Ti Vs RTX 2080 Ti: We Tested 7 Games

We compare the specs, discuss the architectural differences, and compare the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti in Gaming Benchmarks to learn the performance difference between the two.

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Gamers are disappointed with the RTX 4060 Ti’s price, as it doesn’t meet Nvidia’s expected standards, echoing the RTX 2080 Ti’s release following the popular GTX 1080 Ti. To delve into the performance gap between these unpopular cards in actual gaming situations, let’s compare the RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 2080 Ti.

Key Takeaways

  • The RTX 4060 Ti had about 5% better FPS on average than the RTX 2080 Ti in our tests.
  • The temperature difference was in the margin of error, 2% cooler on the 2080 Ti, to be precise.
  • The newer features on the RTX 4060 Ti can outshine the performance of the 2080 Ti by a good margin.
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Comparison Table

Technical Specs NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti
GPU AD106 TU102
Architecture Ada Lovelace Turing
Transistors 22,900 million 18,600 million
CUDA Cores 4352 4352
Tensor Cores 136 544
RT Cores 34 68
TMUs 136 272
ROPs 48 88
Memory Bus 128bit 352bit
Memory Speed 288.0 GB/s 616.0 GB/s
L2 Cache 32MB 5.5MB
MSRP $399 $999
Best Variants  Best RTX 4060 Ti  –

 Architectural Differences

  1. Process Size: The NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti uses a superior 5nm process, whereas the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti utilizes a 12nm process.
  2. Bus Width: The RTX 4060 Ti features a shockingly narrow 128-bit bus width, while the RTX 2080 Ti has a wider 352-bit bus. The bus width of the 4060 Ti is worse than some cards that were on store shelves almost a decade ago.
  3. VRAM: The RTX 4060 Ti has 8GB of GDDR6 memory, whereas the RTX 2080 Ti offers a larger VRAM size of 11GB
  4. TDP: The RTX 4060 Ti has a lower TDP of 160W compared to the higher TDP of 250W for the RTX 2080 Ti. The lower TDP of this 
  5. Clock Speeds: The RTX 4060 Ti has a base clock of 2310MHz, with a boost clock of up to 2535MHz. In contrast, the RTX 2080 Ti has a lower base clock of 1350MHz, which can boost up to 1545MHz.

Gaming Benchmarks

In this section, we will compare the performance of both these cards in gaming scenarios you might come across while using these cards yourself. The benchmark tests of this comparison were conducted at 1440p resolution. The specifications of our test bench utilized for the benchmarks are written below:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Performance
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • The GPUs demonstrated similar performance levels in our run of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The RTX 4060 Ti achieved better performance, having an average of 68 FPS, surpassing the RTX 2080 Ti’s average of 64 FPS.
  • During graphically challenging scenes, these GPUs maintained comparable 1% lows. The RTX 4060 Ti had lows at 58 FPS and the RTX 2080 Ti was at 54 FPS.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Performance
Cyberpunk 2077 @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • When running Cyberpunk 2077, the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti GPUs opened our eyes to a larger distinction in performance. The RTX 4060 Ti delivered a higher average of 77 FPS, outperforming the RTX 2080 Ti’s average of 72 FPS.
  • When hard-to-render scenes were put forth, the RTX 4060 Ti maintained significantly higher 1% lows at 66 FPS, while the RTX 2080 Ti lagged behind with 37 FPS.

Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Performance
Watch Dogs Legion @1440p (Image by Tech4Gamers)
  • When we tested Watched Dogs Legion on these cards with maxed-out graphics at 1440p, the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti GPUs displayed notable performance differences. The RTX 4060 Ti achieved a higher average of 94 FPS, surpassing the RTX 2080 Ti’s average of 81 FPS.
  • When the cards were pushed to their max, the RTX 4060 Ti maintained significantly higher 1% lows at 79 FPS, while the RTX 2080 Ti lagged with 32 FPS.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Performance
Red Dead Redemption 2 @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • In Red Dead Redemption 2, the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti GPUs showed slight differences in performance. The RTX 4060 Ti achieved a higher average of 96 FPS than the RTX 2080 Ti’s average of 90 FPS.
  • The demanding scenes in our test of Read Dead Redemption 2 had the 2080 Ti struggling. The RTX 4060 Ti performed better with 1% lows of 79 FPS, whereas the RTX 2080 Ti lagged with 1% lows of 32 FPS.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Performance
Doom Eternal @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • The performance was quite smooth when we ran Doom Eternal on both cards. The RTX 2080 Ti achieved a slightly higher average of 202 FPS than the RTX 4060 Ti’s average of 188 FPS.
  • During action-packed sequences in Doom Eternal, our experience with these cards dropped down to the mid 120s on both cards, with the RTX 4060 Ti reaching 127 FPS and the RTX 2080 Ti at 125 FPS.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Performance
Horizon Zero Dawn @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • There was more of a performance gap in our testing of Horizon Zero Dawn. The RTX 4060 Ti achieved a higher average of 115 FPS compared to the RTX 2080 Ti’s average of 104 FPS.
  • When we faced the demanding scenes in these games, the difference in performance of these cards became quite noticeable. The RTX 4060 Ti also outperformed the RTX 2080 Ti with higher 1% lows of 90 FPS, while the RTX 2080 Ti reached 69 FPS.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Performance
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • The RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti GPUs performed well in while running Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The RTX 4060 Ti achieved a higher average of 109 FPS, surpassing the RTX 2080 Ti’s average of 96 FPS.
  • During demanding gameplay sequences, the RTX 4060 Ti also showcased superior performance with higher 1% lows of 88 FPS, compared to the RTX 2080 Ti’s 69 FPS.

Overall Gaming Performance


Average FPS Performance
Average FPS @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)

In our testing suite of games, the RTX 4060 Ti had an average framerate of 107 FPS, whereas the RTX 2080 Ti was slightly behind with an average of 101 FPS. The difference in performance was not noticeable in some titles, whereas it grew quite large in others.

The RTX 4060 Ti faired much better in terms of 1% lows. The card maintained 1% lows of 84 FPS, whereas the RTX 2080 had a relatively stuttery performance at 60 FPS.

Overall, we would have to say that the performance of the RTX 4060 Ti was very impressive, though this might be because the last generation of cards did all the work for them.

Apart from this, the RTX 2080 Ti seemed to perform poorly in terms of 1% lows, while the averages were close enough to be indistinguishable. This might be because of faulty drivers, but our tests indicate a difference of over 33% in 1% lows.


Average Temperature Performance
Average Temperature @1440p (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Our tests had the RTX 4060 Ti, averaging a temperature of 66.8°C. On the other hand, the RTX 2080 Ti had an average temperature of 65.5°C.

The two cards had similar temperatures, so there is not much to say in this section except that both cards remained in the safe range of temperatures during the benchmark tests.

Price And Availability

The RTX 4060 Ti was priced at $399 for the 8GB model at launch, while the RTX 2080 Ti had an initial MSRP of $999.

When considering age, buying the RTX 2080 Ti at or near its original MSRP is not recommended. Opting for a used card from a reputable website, like eBay, can provide better value, with prices around $249. This makes the RTX 2080 Ti significantly cheaper than the RTX 4060 Ti.

The RTX 4060 Ti is readily available on store shelves, making it accessible to consumers. On the other hand, the RTX 2080 Ti is challenging to find in physical retail stores, though occasional listings may appear on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

You can consult our valuation guide to get an idea of the worth of your current computer or to gauge the market cost of any PC tech you might be eyeing.

RTX 4060 Ti Vs RTX 2080 Ti: What We Recommend

Starting with the weaker card, the RTX 2080 Ti, it lacks notable advantages compared to the RTX 4060 Ti. However, it remains an attractive option for budget-conscious gamers, offering good value without a steep price.

On the other hand, the RTX 4060 Ti appeals to a broader audience. It’s an excellent choice for users seeking top-tier performance without significant concern for price-to-performance ratios. The card delivers impressive raw performance, efficient upscaling, and exceptional power management, making it one of the standout offerings in the RTX 40 series, though this praise is relative.

Pros And Cons 

RTX 4060 Ti RTX 2080 Ti
Pros Cons  Pros Cons 
Being a newer card, it will receive driver updates for far longer than the RTX 2080 Ti. Not an amazing performer at resolutions above 1440p. Being an older card, it is pretty much guaranteed to not have any problem that has not been dealt with and fixed already. Though it has some AI upscaling tricks, they are nowhere as brilliant as DLSS 3 and frame generation.
The use of DLSS 3 in this card can double its performance with minimum hit on visual fidelity. The price of this card does not reflect its entry-level performance. It provides great value if you decide to buy from the used market. It has a much higher power draw than the RTX 4060 Ti.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the RTX 4060 Ti represent a good value?

Compared to the price to cards’ performance before the Crypto boom, the RTX 4060 Ti represents a very bad value, but it is one of the better deals in this GPU market.

Is the RTX 4060 Ti smaller than the RTX 3060 Ti?

Yes, the smaller die size and the smaller TDP chip make the RTX 4060 Ti a more compact card than the 3060 Ti.

Does frame generation have a hit on visual fidelity?

It is not noticeable if the game is initially rendered on a reasonable FPS before being upscaled.

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