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How To Fix Xbox Controller Blinks Twice And Turns Off

Fix the issue by replacing batteries, resyncing controller with console, performing a soft reset of the console and much more!

Xbox users often come across the issue in which the Xbox controller blinks twice and turns off. The issue is indeed quite frustrating, considering it prevents the users from using the only thing that can help them navigate through the console. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Xbox controller blinking twice and turning off issue indicates that there’s an unstable connection between the controller and the console.
  • The issue has multiple fixes, such as getting charged batteries, removing obstructions, resyncing the controller with the console, or soft resetting the console.
  • This can be prevented in the future by keeping the controller’s batteries charged, keeping the console updated, and avoiding obstructions close to the console and the controller.

The Xbox controller blinking and turning off is an indication that your Xbox controller is having trouble maintaining a stable connection with the console. Therefore, the unstable connection causes the controller to automatically power itself off after blinking.

Now that I have mentioned the leading cause, let’s dive deeper into what might be causing the connection between the Xbox controller and console to be unstable.

  • Xbox controller batteries might have less charge.
  • There might be an obstruction preventing the wireless connection.
  • There is an underlying issue in the hardware of the controller.

How Do I Fix My Xbox Controller Issue?

Fixing such a minor issue is not a problem. I have collected some of the most effective methods that will most likely fix the issue at home. Here are some quick fixes you can try to fix your Xbox controller issue.

  • Restart your console.
  • Recharge your controller batteries or replace them if they’re not rechargeable.
  • Try connecting your controller to the console via a USB cable.
  • Disconnect any other controllers that are connected to the console.
  • Ensure you sit close to the console without obstructions between the controller and the console.

Moving on, here are some more detailed fixes you can try to fix the Xbox controller blinking twice and then turning off the issue.

Try Resyncing Your Xbox Controller With The Console 

Resyncing your Xbox controller will help pair the console with your controller from scratch. This is an excellent way to try and build a stable connection between the two devices. 

Here’s how you can resync the Xbox controller with the console:

  1. Power on your Xbox console. 
  2. Power on your Xbox controller and immediately press the pair button on the console.
    Pairing controller with console to fix Xbox controller blinks twice and turns off issue
    This is what the pairing button looks like. Image credit: (
  3. The controller will indicate that it has connected once the light on its guide button stops blinking.

Do A Soft Reset Of Your Console

Performing a soft reset of the console is a way to eliminate any bugs or software glitches that might be preventing it from connecting to the Xbox controller. 

Here’s how you can perform a soft reset on your Xbox console:

  1. Press your console’s power button and ensure it’s powered off.
  2. Remove the cable of the Xbox from the power outlet.
  3. Wait about 30 minutes, then plug the cable into the power outlet.
  4. Try turning on your Xbox console and controller now and see if the soft reset worked.

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Update Your Console

Updating your Xbox may help fix any bugs or software issues that may be preventing your console from connecting to your Xbox controller. 

Here’s how you can check and update your console:

  1. Power on your console.
  2. Connect your Xbox controller via a USB cable if it isn’t connecting wirelessly.
  3. Press the ‘Guide button’ on the controller.
  4. Head to ‘Profile & System.’
  5. Now select ‘Settings.’
    Updating Xbox Console
    Click on ‘Settings.’ Image credits: (Tech4Gamers)
  6. Click on ‘System.’
  7. Find the tabs with ‘Updates & Downloads’ and click on it.
    Updating Xbox Console
    Click on ‘Updates & Downloads.’ Image credits: (Tech4Gamers)
  8. Click on ‘Update console’ if the option is available.
    Updating Xbox Console
    Click on ‘Update Console.’ Image credits: (Tech4Gamers)
 Important: Make sure to regularly check for new updates for your Xbox as they improve the overall performance. 

Contact The Support Centre

This should be the last resort. You can contact customer support for Xbox or head to a service center. Although unusual, there’s still a chance that there may be a hardware-related issue with your controller or console.

Hardware-related issues are too risky to be treated at home if you do not know them well. Therefore, it is recommended to seek professional help that may cost you nothing if your console is under warranty.

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What Can I Do To Prevent This From Happening Again?

You may come across this issue again ahead. Therefore, I have a few tips that you can keep in mind to prevent this from happening. 

  • Make sure the batteries inside your Xbox controllers are always charged.
  • Keep your Xbox console up-to-date.
  • Ensure that you are keeping obstructions (other wireless devices) away from the console and the controller to avoid any interruption in the connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Xbox controller blinking and then turning off?

This specific behavior of the controller is caused when it is unable to form a stable connection with the console. It automatically turns off when it is unable to connect to the console and sits idle.

How do I fix my controller that keeps turning off after blinking?

The best way is to try putting in charged batteries in the controller. You can also try to resync the controller with the console.

Will doing a soft console reset wipe all of my data?

No, doing the soft reset of the console would not wipe any of your precious and saved data. It will only eliminate any software glitches that may be getting in the way.

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