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Windows 11: Keep A Monitor On When The Laptop Is Closed

To keep a monitor on when the laptop is closed, connect and configure the external monitor, modify the Power settings and close the computer.

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Users with external screens attached to their laptops are always urged to find a way to keep the monitor on when the laptop is closed in Windows 11. You can close the lid without letting it go off or sleep while using the display on an external monitor. This way, you can save the laptop power and work on a bigger screen!

Key Takeaways
  • Connecting an external monitor to a laptop and using it with a closed lid can save the computer’s battery power and maintain battery time.
  • You can use the Power Options settings to only use an external monitor without getting your laptop to sleep or hibernate.
  • If the settings don’t work, try resetting Power Options, updating battery or laptop drivers, running Power Troubleshooter, turning off the Fast Startup option, or updating Windows.

Steps To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed

How To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed In Windows 11 [Explained]
How To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed โ€“ Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
When we close the laptop lid, it usually enters Hibernation mode, even if it is connected to an external monitor, and the screen goes black. Fortunately, a Windows built-in feature lets you use the laptop by only closing the lid on the external screen.

WARNING: Remember to shut down your laptop manually before taking it away or keeping it in your bag after disconnecting the monitor. It will always be on, so it can overheat and cease working.

Following are the instructions to tweak some settings and save your laptop’s energy:

Connect Laptop To An External Monitor

First, connect a screen to your laptop using cables like VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort, whatever supports your computer and the screen, depending on the port on your device. New models of monitors also support USB-C. Also, you may want to read SOLVED: How To Unlock Taskbar In Windows 11.

Here’s how to connect an external screen to a Windows 11 laptop:

  1. Connect The Cable: Take a compatible cable > Connect one cable end to the laptop and another to the external monitor.
  2. Arrange Displays: Go to Display settings > “Identify” > Click and drag a labeled box representing the configuration and placement of the monitors on your desk.
    Choose The Identify Option And Select A Display To Make It The Main One
    Select Identify And Arrange Displays (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Choose The Preferred Display: Select the external monitor > “Make this my main display” option.

Configure Power Settings

The second step in preparing your laptop to function with an external monitor when you close the lid is to modify Power Options. Additionally, here’s another article you may be interested in: Windows 11: Computer Wonโ€™t Wake Up From Sleep [SOLVED].

Here are the steps to tweak these settings:

  1. Power Options: Open Control Panel > Type “Power” into the Control Panel’s top correct search box and Enter > Click on Power Options > “What closing the lid does” option.
    Click on Power Options and then What closing the lid does option.
    Select The Lid Customization Option (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Change Lid Settings: For the On battery and Plugged-in options, choose “Do Nothing.”
    For the On battery and Plugged-in options, choose Do Nothing.
    Select The “Do Nothing” Option (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Save The Setup: Now, hit the “Save Changes” option.

Close Your Laptop Lid And Check Display

You may now close the lid of your laptop after making changes to the Power Options to prevent it from sleeping, hibernating, or shutting down. If your shut lid option is set to Do Nothing, you shouldn’t see any problems casting on an external display. You may also be interested in How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 11.

Tip: If you have an external mouse and keyboard, connect it to your laptop, and you can use the laptop with its lid closed.

Final Words

Keeping the monitor on when the laptop lid is closed requires little effort. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide provided above, and you will be done with the setup within minutes. If you are still not getting any output on the external monitor despite following all the steps, try updating your display drivers, updating the Windows, or running the troubleshooter.

Common Questions Answered

Can I use an external monitor with Windows 11 while closing the lid of my laptop?

Yes, you can by tweaking some settings in the Power Options and selecting Do Nothing from the drop-down menu of Change what closing the lid does. When you complete your laptop’s cover, it won’t go into sleep mode or hibernation.

Why must the laptop lid be closed while using an external monitor?

If you use an external monitor connected to your laptop, keeping the lid closed saves the battery power from draining and increases the battery life. But, after using the laptop, remember to shut down your computer manually.

If the external monitor is not displayed even after altering the Power Options settings, how to fix it?

You can try resetting Power Options, updating battery drivers, turning off a fast startup, running Power troubleshooter or SFC and updating Windows or BIOS.

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