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PS5 Can’t Voice Chat Due To Network Error [FIXED]

The guide details on how you can power cycle the router and replace audio output/input devices to solve the network error.

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The PS5 “Can’t voice chat due to network error” happened when I was trying to launch a voice chat with my online friends in PS Party. The error appeared despite my friend and I having a strong internet connection. Upon testing several fixes for the error, I found many that resolved the trouble, for instance, power cycling the internet router.

Key Takeaways
  • The error occurs when you initiate an in-game/Party voice chat in PS5 with online friends. It is not only limited to PS5 but also faced by PS4 users.
  • It could occur due to poor internet, server outages, and inaccurate voice chat configurations.
  • Set the right audio output, change DNS to Google Servers, and use Open NAT Type to fix the error.
  • Remember to use a stable internet connection with at least 50 Mbps of speed to use online features flawlessly.

Method Difficulty Rating

Change Audio Device
Rated: 2/10

Set Open NAT
Rated: 7/10

Change Audio Output

One of the troubleshooting steps mentioned on PlayStation Support is ensuring you have selected the correct audio output for sound. I checked if my device was set correctly and found it was set as Bluetooth speakers, but I was using a headset.

So, I entered the correct device using the method below and increased the headset’s volume, after which the voice chat worked fine.

  1. Open Party Sound: Go to Party > Access the Sound settings.
  2. Set Correct Device: Pick the Output Device you want to use for the console’s audio, such as Speakers or Headphones.
    Select Output Device
    Select Correct Output Device (Image By Youtube – YourSixStudios)

Switch To Open NAT

Network Address Translation (NAT) is a firewall between the PS console on your LAN and those outside it. The NAT type decides how your console communicates with the PlayStation server and the other consoles linked to it.

There are three basic NAT types, as explained in our guide for changing Xbox NAT types. I prefer having Open NAT (Type 1) on my PS5 since it lets the console connect and communicate with other PS consoles outside the LAN without restrictions.

You can do this by port forwarding the router, which enhances the voice chat quality and eliminates network errors on PS5. Refer to the second method in this guide to open additional ports and configure your router accordingly. Remember to enter the console’s IP address when required.

Tip: There may be problems on your ISP’s end, like server faults or network outages, leading to a network error on your console. Hence, speak to them and see if that’s the case.

Final Words

The PS5 “Can’t voice chat due to network error” began appearing for users soon after the feature was introduced. For instance, this user on X was randomly getting disconnected from online games apart from facing the voice chat error.

By reaching out to @AskPlayStation on X or PlayStation Support, you can also get personalized assistance for your console. Other than that, the methods above were pretty useful, especially changing the DNS to Google servers to eliminate the network error.

If you cannot get the feature working on your PS5, I suggest temporarily using alternative options to voice chat with your buddies, such as Discord as PS5 officially supports it

Tip: Use a wired LAN connection for better network performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Use The Voice Chat Feature On My PS5?

It indicates some problem preventing the game or app from starting on your PS5.

How Do I Fix The Voice Chat Feature?

Switch the network connection, use different audio input and output devices, and adjust sound configurations to fix the problem.

How Do I Enable Game Voice Chat In Party?

Double-press the PS button on the controller > Select Game Voice Chat in the sub-menu > Press the Switch button.

Troubleshooting Other Errors On PS5:

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