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SOLVED: PS5 Error Code CE-109573-5

Fixes like restarting console and internet router, updating apps and reinstalling them, and rebuilding database can help in getting rid of the error.

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PS5 users have often encountered various errors that interrupt their gaming. One of these errors is the PS5 error code CE-109573-5. This happens when an app or game crashes mid-use or can not be accessed. Both hardware malfunctions and system software problems can trigger this Error.

PS5 error code CE-109573-5
PS5 Error Code CE-109573-5 (Image By Tech4Gamers)

If you face the error code, you’ll see the following message:

Error CE-109573-5: Something went wrong. Try again.

Key Takeaways

  • Both hardware malfunctions and system software problems can trigger PS5 Error Code CE-109573-5.
  • Possible causes include corrupted game data, incomplete installation, or system software issues.
  • You can fix the error easily by restarting your PS5 and internet router, updating and reinstalling the app or game, and creating more storage on your PS5.

Before heading on to the rest of the fixes, make sure to try the following basic fixes that have fixed many PS5-related errors for us:

  1. Power Cycle The PS5 Console.
  2. Update Your PS5.
  3. Restarting Your Internet Router.
  4. Check The PlayStation Network Status.

Update The Application

If you have only one application facing the trouble of crashes or denial of access, you can try checking for its updates on your PS5. 

Here’s how to check if an update is available for the application:

  1. Power ON the PS5.
  2. Go to Game > Options > Check For Update.
    Checking updates for app for bug fixes
    Check For Updates (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Install the update if available.

Users on the Neoseeker forum shared that updating the culprit app fixed their error as well. 

Reinstall The Application

If you installed the application improperly with corrupted data, reinstalling will likely fix it.

Here are the steps to reinstall an application/game on your PS5:

  1. Go to PS5 settings.
  2. Choose Storage > System Storage.
  3. In “Applications,” select app/game.
  4. Uninstall it.
  5. Reinstall from the PlayStation Store.

PS5 users on Reddit also resolved this error by just re-installing the application.

Rebuild Database

Rebuilding the database using Safe Mode has fixed this error for me. Rebuilding the database can effectively address data corruption issues that may hinder the proper functioning of specific games or the overall system stability.

 Important: Rebuilding the database will not wipe any data from the hard drive, so you can do it without worrying about data loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the PS5 error CE-109573-5 mean?

Typically, the error indicates problems with the application’s data, but it can have other reasons like internet issues, bugs, PSN status issues, or even hardware issues.[wsfa]

Does rebuilding the database wipe my data?

You do not need to worry about rebuilding the database or wiping any of your data. Your games will remain un-deleted, and your settings will remain unchanged.

How do I get rid of the error CE-109573-5?

To eliminate the error, you can try fixes like restarting your console and your internet router. You can also try rebuilding the database using safe mode, updating your PS5, and reinstalling applications.

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