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Origin: We’ve Noticed Your Computer Is Offline [FIXED]

Learn how to fix the error by resetting internet settings, power cycling your internet router, and more.

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I randomly encountered the “Origin: We’ve Noticed Your Computer Is Currently Offline” error message, preventing me from accessing Origin and playing games. Upon further research, the causes narrowed to an unstable internet connection, incorrect network settings or inaccurate date and time configurations. Thus, I proceeded with specific solutions like turning off the LAN proxy to counter these root causes.

Key Takeaways
  • You may encounter the Origin offline error on your computer while launching or installing an EA Game. It is a false error that can appear despite having a stable internet connection.
  • It can occur due to poor internet connectivity, active proxy settings on your computer, and corrupt data in the app’s files.
  • Solve it by reinstalling the app, disabling antivirus software, setting the correct date/time and more.

Method Difficulty Rating

Verify Date/Time
Rated: 1/10

Uninstall Antivirus
Rated: 2/10

Disable LAN Proxy
Rated: 2/10

Important: Inspect Origin server status, clear Origin cache, power cycle internet router, use VPN, update Windows, clear DNS cache and reinstall Origin before applying other fixes.

Origin: We've Noticed Your Computer Is Currently Offline
Origin: We’ve Noticed Your Computer Is Currently Offline Error (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The error would read as follows:

Error Message: We’ve noticed your computer is currently offline. To activate your game on this computer using your EA account, you’ll need to connect to the internet.

Ensure Correct Time Zone/Date

Online apps like EA Origin rely on your system’s date and time settings to synchronize and transmit data between the servers. You must ensure they are set correctly to avoid such errors. Furthermore, an Independent Advisor on Microsoft Community commented the same when a user was facing trouble with network connectivity. Verify your PC is set to the right time zone as your physical location in the following way.

  1. Access Date/Time: Launch Control Panel > Clock And Region > Date And Time.
    Set Date And Time
    Set Date And Time (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Fix Configurations: Open the Date And Time tab > Change Date And Time. Enter the correct time and date if it is inaccurate > Apply.
    Date And Time
    Configure Date And Time Settings (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Check Time Zone: Verify that the correct time zone is set on the PC. 

Uninstall Antivirus

To troubleshoot the error, I attempted to remove the antivirus software as an alternative solution. Specifically, I had been utilizing a third-party antivirus program, McAfee on my PC. After uninstalling McAfee, I reinstalled EA Origin and restarted the system.

Although the method took some time, it restored Origin’s functionality. Notably, this approach also proved effective for other users within the Steam Community.

WARNING: Disabling antivirus protection can make your system vulnerable to malware and hacking attacks. So, re-enable the antivirus or Microsoft Defender Protection once the issue is gone.

Disable LAN Proxy

The LAN Proxy acts as a bridge between your computer and the network to transmit data. Sometimes, it can lead to slower network performance and other errors. Hence, I turned off the setting so my PC could communicate directly with the network instead of relying on proxy servers.

It worked like a charm, allowing me to access Origin smoothly. However, you need to perform the method as instructed in these steps for it to be helpful.

  1. View Internet Settings: Search Internet Option in the Windows Search Bar > Click on the results.
    Internet Options
    Search For Internet Options (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Open LAN Menu: Move to the Connections tab > LAN Settings.
    LAN Settings
    Click On LAN Settings In Connections (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Enable Proxy: Put a tick beside Use A Proxy Server For Your LAN > OK > Close the dialog boxes.
    Disable Proxy Server
    Enable Proxy Server (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Disable Proxy: Re-open the LAN Settings menu > Remove the tick to disable proxy server > OK.
  5. Refresh Screen: Return to Desktop > Refresh a couple of times.

Wrap Up

The problem is not new and users across EA Answers have been complaining about the same when booting Origin. Furthermore, people on X (Twitter) referred to EA Help for assistance regarding the issue but got no valid answers.

However, the latest Origin update seems to resolve this false error, so I tested it and did not face the trouble again. Other than that, the fixes above were also quite effective in restoring my access to the Origin app. 

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