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PC Stuck On Motherboard Screen [FIXED]

Learn how the issue can be fixed by resetting BIOS settings, updating drivers, and more!

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PC users often encounter an issue where they cannot get past their motherboard screen. Your PC might be stuck on the motherboard screen due to overheating, BIOS settings change, hardware issues like damaged components, OS issues such as corrupted boot files, or improperly installed drivers, particularly for critical components like the GPU.

Key Takeaways
  • The PC can’t seem to move past the motherboard logo when you start your PC.
  • Your PC may be stuck on the motherboard screen due to overheating, hardware issues, or issues in the operating system.
  • The issue can be fixed by giving the BIOS a reset.

Error Image: Image showing PC stuck on motherboard Screen.
image showing screen stuck motherboard
Screen Stuck – (Image by Tech4Gaemrs)

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Change Boot
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Tip: Before moving towards other fixes, you should reset the BIOS settings and turn off overclocking as it can solve the problem.

Change Boot Order

If you do not want to reset your BIOS, you can try changing the boot order of the PC. This may only work if your PC is booting through an external device, such as a USB. If your PC cannot boot using the USB, it will get stuck on the motherboard screen. Users online upvoted for this method and you can follow the given steps to change the boot order: 

  1. Enter BIOS Settings: When your PC starts, click ‘F2’ or ‘Del’ to enter BIOS settings.
  2. Choose Hard Drive: Click on the ‘Boot’ tab at the screen’s top > Choose ‘Hard drive.
    PC Stuck on motherboard screen
    Select ‘Hard drive” Image credits: (Tech4gamers)
  3. Exit: Go to the ‘Exit’ tab. Choose ‘Exit Saving Changes’ > Choose ‘Yes’ in the confirmation window.
    PC Stuck on motherboard screen
    Save the changes. Image credits: (Tech4gamers)

Check If The Components Are Properly Connected

According to my experiences, there may be a chance that some components are not connected correctly, causing your PC to have trouble getting past the motherboard screen. Try reconnecting every component by unplugging and then plugging them back in.

  1. Access Components: Open the PC case to access internal components > Inspect for any loose plugs or connections.
  2. Reinsert RAM Modules: Remove and reinsert RAM module(s) to ensure proper seating.
  3. Reconnect Power CPU: Securely reconnect all other components > close the PC case > power on to verify resolution.

Clear CMOS

In my experience, when a PC gets stuck on the motherboard screen, clearing the CMOS often resolves the issue, providing a quick and effective solution.

  1. Prepare for Clearing CMOS: Turn off every peripheral device attached to the computer > Disconnect the system power cord from its AC power source > Remove the computer case cover.
  2. Locate the CMOS Battery: Find the CMOS battery on the motherboard > The battery is typically in a horizontal/vertical battery holder although it can also be connected to an installed onboard header using a wire.
    intel wIfI 6 ax200 not working
    CMOS Battery On Motherboard – (Image by Tech4Gamers)
  3. Remove the CMOS Battery: Remove the CMOS battery. Notice the + and – orientation if the CMOS battery is within a holder. Finally, gently pry your battery free from the connector. For batteries connected with a wire to the onboard header > simply disconnect the wire.
  4. Wait and Reinsert: Wait for between 1–5 minutes > Reinsert the battery.
  5. Reassemble and Power On: Return the computer case cover back on > Plug all the devices back in plus the computer > Power on the computer.

WARNING: Your PC can have virus which can cause this issue. To be on safe side remove malware and virus from PC. 

Final Verdict

Having a PC stuck on the motherboard screen is quite bothersome. Now you are well aware of the possible reasons behind it. We advise you to try all the given methods. Although, it is still best to seek professional help if you do not want to mess things up even more. The professionals can easily figure out where the problem lies.

There are also chances that a component may have stopped working, for which you might be given a replacement by your PC’s service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will resetting the BIOS wipe all of my data?

No, the BIOS reset will only change the settings back to default. This will not result in your data being wiped out.

Will reinstalling the system wipe my data?

Your data will be wiped if you reinstall your system. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up your data on an external storage device.

Will changing the boot order have an adverse effect on my PC?

No, changing the boot order will only change the storage device your PC will choose to boot from. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to have adverse effects on your PC.

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