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PC Stuck On Motherboard Screen [FIXED]

Learn how the issue can be fixed by resetting BIOS settings, updating drivers, and more!

PC users often encounter an issue where they can not get past their motherboard screen. This is often very frustrating, considering how much work they usually have associated with their PC. Therefore, it is important to learn the reasons why your PC is stuck on the motherboard screen and the methods to fix it to save yourself from tiresome situations like these.

Key Takeaways

  • The PC can’t seem to move past the motherboard logo when you start your PC.
  • Your PC may be stuck on the motherboard screen due to overheating, hardware issues, or issues in the operating system.
  • The issue can be fixed by giving the BIOS a reset.

How To Stop PC From Getting Stuck On Motherboard Screen

There are several ways I can provide that might help you in solving this issue. You can try all of these at home.

Fix The Overheating Issue

A build-up of dust and debris or overclocking can cause overheating. Therefore, you can try cleaning up your PC. If you are overclocking your CPU, it is better to turn down the clock speed of the overclocking component. Both of these tips can help in reducing the overheating issue. You can install more fans to circulate air inside the PC case better.

You can also read our guide on how to lower CPU temperature or how to lower GPU temperature

Check If The Components Are Properly Connected

You can open your PC case and look for any loose plugs. This means that there are chances that some of your components are not connected/plugged in correctly. This is why your PC might have trouble getting past the motherboard screen. You can try reconnecting every component by unplugging it and then plugging it back.

You might want to pay special attention to the RAM in this case. Make sure to take it out and re-insert it back in its place correctly. This will ensure that all the components are plugged in well, and the issue will go away if it is because of poor connectivity.

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Reset BIOS Settings

The BIOS settings can be restored to default by resetting the BIOS. Therefore, if you have made any incorrect changes in the settings causing this issue, they will be corrected.

You can learn how to reset the BIOS settings by following the steps below.

Reset BIOS When Booting

  1. When your PC starts, click ‘F2’ or ‘Del’ to enter BIOS settings.
  2. The bar on the bottom of the screen will have an option named ‘Setup Defaults.’ Click the key ‘F9’ to confirm.
    PC stuck on motherboard screen
    Press F9 to Setup defaults. Image Credit: (Tech4gamers)
  3. Your BIOS will be reset.

CMOS Battery

  1. Shut down your PC and make sure the power supply is off.
  2. After a couple of minutes, open the computer case.
  3. Look for the CMOS battery attached to your motherboard.
    Restart And Check
    CMOS Battery. Image Credit: (Tech4gamers)
  4. Carefully remove the CMOS battery and keep it out for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Drain the remaining power in the PC by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.
  6. Put the CMOS battery back into its place.
  7. This will reset your BIOS automatically.

Disconnect Any External Device

If you have any external device connected to your PC, such as a USB drive, try removing it. Once you have disconnected the external device, give your PC a restart. If the PC is not stuck, this means that the reason behind the problem was an external device.

Change Boot Order

If you do not want to reset your BIOS, you can try changing the boot order of the PC. This may only work if your PC is booting through an external device, such as a USB. If your PC cannot boot using the USB, it will get stuck on the motherboard screen.

You can follow the given steps to change the boot order.

  1. When your PC starts, click ‘F2’ or ‘Del’ to enter BIOS settings.
  2. Click on the ‘Boot’ tab at the screen’s top.
  3. Choose ‘Hard drive.
    PC Stuck on motherboard screen
    Select ‘Hard drive” Image credits: (Tech4gamers)
  4. Go to the ‘Exit’ tab. Choose ‘Exit Saving Changes.’
    PC Stuck on motherboard screen
    Save the changes. Image credits: (Tech4gamers)
  5. Choose ‘Yes’ in the confirmation window.

Reinstall Your Drivers

Since incorrect drivers can also be the reason why the PC might get stuck on the motherboard screen, it is better to reinstall your drivers. You can easily install the drivers on your PC by visiting its manufacturers’ website.

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Install An Anti-Virus

There are chances that your PC has a virus if it can’t get past the motherboard screen. Therefore, installing an anti-virus that can help wipe viruses hiding in your PC is a great idea. This may also help in solving the issue. To learn how to wipe viruses in detail, read our article on how to remove malware and virus from PC?.

Give Your PC A Fresh System Install

You heard that right. You might have to reinstall the whole operating system, also known as Windows, on your PC again. This should be the last straw, as this will wipe everything you have stored on your PC. 

Seek Help From A Professional

If you have tried all the given methods by now, and nothing seems to help, you can seek help from a professional. That way, you are less likely to cause any extra damage to your PC and its hardware. You can visit your PC’s service centre, and they will most likely fix your problem.

Why Is My PC Stuck On Motherboard Screen?

PC can get stuck on the motherboard due to several reasons. I will list every reason and explain why the PC can’t get past the motherboard screen in detail.

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Your PC Is Overheated

There is a big chance that the issue is linked to overheating. An overheated component like the processor or GPU can cause your PC to get stuck on the motherboard screen. If the heat is too much to bear for the component, it may also cause your PC to crash.

Changed BIOS Settings

If you have tried changing the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) settings, you may have made changes that might cause your PC to get stuck on the motherboard screen. For your PC to function correctly, it is essential to have the correct BIOS settings. For instance, an incorrect boot order will prevent the PC from getting past the motherboard screen.

Issues In The Hardware

Another common reason you might be facing this issue is that there might be a problem with your hardware. If any of your hardware components is damaged or not connected properly, then you will have your PC stuck on the motherboard screen.

The issue with the component will keep your PC from proceeding further than the motherboard screen. Examples of issues with the hardware can be a faulty GPU or PSU.

Issues In The Operating System

Operating system issues are alarming and can cause interference when your PC is trying to boot. Therefore, your PC may get stuck on the motherboard screen. Operating system issues may include boot files that are damaged/corrupt or, even worse, a virus.

Incorrectly Installed Drivers

Lastly, there’s a chance that your PC might be stuck on the motherboard screen due to an issue related to drivers. If you have not installed the drivers for components like GPU correctly, you might face this problem, and your PC might not get past the motherboard screen.

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Having a PC stuck on the motherboard screen is quite bothersome. Now you are well aware of the possible reasons behind it. We advise you to try all the given methods. Although, it is still best to seek professional help if you do not want to mess things up even more. The professionals can easily figure out where the problem lies.

There are also chances that a component may have stopped working, for which you might be given a replacement by your PC’s service center. Before leaving, make sure to learn about the orange light on the motherboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Will resetting the BIOS wipe all of my data?

No, the BIOS reset will only change the settings back to default. This will not result in your data being wiped out.

Will reinstalling the system wipe my data?

Your data will be wiped if you reinstall your system. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up your data on an external storage device.

Will changing the boot order have an adverse effect on my PC?

No, changing the boot order will only change the storage device your PC will choose to boot from. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to have adverse effects on your PC.

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