Uzair Shabir

About Me

Hi, I’m Uzair Shabir, an Electrical Engineering student passionate about processors and graphics cards. Armed with the Google IT Support Certificate, I explore gadgets and PC components. Beyond tech, I enjoy literature, socializing, and leisurely walks.

Position at Tech4Gamers

At Tech4Gamers, I’m a Senior Error Fix Writer specializing in troubleshooting problems. Each article results from deep research, testing fixes and providing solutions.

Tech Journey

In my tech journey, I contribute error-fix articles to T4G and have authored PC tech blogs on the site. With 1.5 years of experience, I navigate advanced technologies to deliver insightful perspectives.

Current PC setup

Star Wars Forces of Corruption Exception Errors [FIXED]

Uncover how to fix different star wars exception errors in detail. Follow our step-by-step breakdown to tackle these exception errors.

Windows Cannot Create A Homegroup On This Computer [FIXED]

Have you ever received the error "Windows cannot create a homegroup on this computer"? This error occurs by IPv6 error or different PC names.

Your PC Did Not Start Correctly: Our Proven Fixes [2024]

Eliminate the issue with methods like reinstalling the drivers and updates, and fishing out corrupt system files from the system registries.

Proven Fixes: PC Keeps Crashing While Gaming

Sometimes, the PC keeps crashing while gaming. The error occurs due to corrupt system files or full RAM or memory.

[FIXED] DCOM Was Unable To Communicate With The Computer

The computer often displays "DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer". This issue is caused by corrupted registries and firewalls.

PS4 Can Not Communicate Using SSL [FIXED]

Are you experiencing the PS4 can not communicate using SSL error? Consistent NAT, weak network, and Firewall breaches cause this error.

Xbox: The Person Who Bought This Needs To Sign In [FIXED]

The user encountering the "Needs to Sign In" error on their Xbox console may face a temporary interruption in accessing their gaming profile.

PS4 DNS Error [Proven Fixes In 2024]

Ever come across a DNS error in your Play Station 4? Errors like outdated OS, corrupt system files, or slow internet can cause the issue.

Current Profile Is Not Allowed To Play On Xbox Live [FULL GUIDE]

Today, we are here to solve the issue "Current Profile Is Not Allowed To Play On Xbox Live" with simple methods.

Xbox Party Chat Not Working [Proven Fixes 2024]

Many users encounter an "Xbox Party chat not working" error. There are several reasons including mic issues and privacy settings errors.

Windows Standalone Installer Searching For Updates [FIXED]

Windows Standalone Installer stuck searching for updates and not proceeding further? This issue can occur due to heavy updates.

Xbox Series S Screen Flickering [FIXED]

Tackle Xbox series S screen flickering with practical solutions and enjoy smooth gaming without interruptions.

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