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How To Reset BIOS Settings [All Methods]

Learn how to reset the BIOS settings by picking out the CMOS battery, through UEFI Firmware settings, and more.

Sometimes the only solution to fix the ongoing issues when you boot your computer seems like a BIOS reset. However, the differences among computer devices make it difficult for users to figure out how to reset their BIOS settings. Often, users may worry about their precious data being wiped out because of a minor mistake. Therefore, knowing how BIOS settings can be reset without messing with other things on the PC is essential.

Key Takeaways

  • You can enter the BIOS when your PC is booting and reset its setting back to default by finding the ‘Load Setup Defaults‘ option.
  • You must remove the motherboard’s CMOS battery to reset your PC’s BIOS setting.
  • To reset the BIOS settings, the jumper near the CMOS battery must be reseated on the other 2/3 pins.
  • Resetting the BIOS setting can help your PC function better and wipe out any hidden viruses and malware.
  • Laptops can have their BIOS reset through settings similar to desktop PCs.

Resetting The BIOS Through Settings

Let’s get down to how to reset BIOS settings. Accessing the BIOS varies with the motherboard installed on your PC. Every PC has a different key you must click when your computer boots to enter the BIOS. UEFI is also a new addition to new PCs. Therefore, the way of resetting BIOS differs from PC to PC.

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Resetting By Entering BIOS When Booting

Below are keys of common brands you must click to enter their BIOS when your PC boots.

  • HP: Esc or F10.
  • Dell: F2 or F12.
  • Acer: F2 or Del.
  • ASUS: F2 or Del.
  • Lenovo: F1, F2, or Fn+F2.
  1. Once you have entered the BIOS, you will find keys to perform certain tasks at the bottom of the screen. You are most likely to find ‘Setup Defaults.’ The key will most likely be ‘F9.’ Press the key to ‘Setup Defaults.’
    how to reset BIOS settings?
    Press F9 to Setup defaults. Image Credit: [Tech4gamers]
  2. If you can not find the setup default key below on the screen, you may look through the BIOS tabs for ‘Load Setup Defaults.’ In my case, it was under the ‘Restart’ tab.
    resetting BIOS by load setup defaults
    Click on ‘Load Setup Defaults.’ Image Credit: [Tech4gamers]
  3. Once you have pressed the key or clicked ‘Load Setup Defaults,’ you must click ‘Yes’ on the confirmation window. After clicking yes, click on F10 to save the changes and exit. This will reset your BIOS settings.

Resetting BIOS Through UEFI Firmware Settings

  1. The latest PCs tend to have UEFI through which you can access your BIOS. All you have to do is press ‘Shift + Restart’ (The restart button appears when you click on the windows logo and then the power logo)
  2. After you have entered the blue-colored window, Click on ‘Troubleshoot.’
    Resetting BIOS through UEFI firmware settings
    Click on ‘Troubleshoot.’ Image Credit: [Tech4gamers]
  3. Click on the ‘Advanced Options’ tab.
    advanced options
    Click on the ‘Advanced Options’ tab. Image Credit: [Tech4gamers]
  4. After entering the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, click ‘UEFI Firmware Settings.’
    Resetting BIOS through UEFI firmware settings
    Click on ‘UEFI Firmware Settings.’ Image Credit: [Tech4gamers]
  5. Click on ‘Restart’ to enter UEFI settings once the PC reboots.
    Resetting BIOS through UEFI firmware settings
    Restart your PC. Image Credit: [Tech4gamers]
  6. You will again have to look for the ‘Setup Defaults’ option or something similar. For instance, ASUS UEFI settings have ‘Load Optimized Defaults’ under the ‘Exit’ tab.
    ASUS UEFI firmware settings
    ASUS BIOS Settings.
  7. Click ‘Yes’ when the confirmation window appears.

The BIOS will reset once you have clicked ‘Yes,’ and your PC will reboot.

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Resetting The BIOS By Picking Out CMOS Battery

  1. You need to shut your PC down and turn its power supply off.
  2. Once there’s no current flowing (Wait a couple of minutes), you may open the computer case.
  3. Look for a CMOS battery attached to your motherboard. You will most likely find it close to the PCI/PCIe slots. However, the location of the CMOS battery may vary among motherboards.
    CMOS Battery
    A CMOS battery on a motherboard. Image Credits: ComputerTechnicians
  4. Carefully remove the CMOS battery from its place and wait for atleast 5 minutes.
  5. Press the power button of the PC (Atleast 10 seconds) so that the remaining power may drain.
  6. Put the CMOS battery back into its place. Make sure the smaller side is facing down when placing it back.
  7. Your BIOS will reset automatically after putting the CMOS battery back in its place. You may reattach the computer case and power your PC on.

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Resetting BIOS By Switching CMOS Jumper Pins

  1. You need to shut your PC down and turn its power supply off.
  2. Once there’s no current flowing (Wait a couple of minutes), you may open the computer case.
  3. Look for the jumper near the CMOS battery. It will be sitting on 2 of the 3 pins on the motherboard.
    CMOS jumper reseating to reset the BIOS settings
    CMOS Jumper.
  4. Pick the jumper and switch the pins it is sitting on. For instance, if the jumper is sitting on pin 1 and pin 2, you should make it sit on pin 2 and pin 3.
  5. Press the power button of the PC (At least 10 seconds) so that the remaining power may drain.
  6. You may return the jumper to the pins it was previously sitting on (Pin 1 and pin 2).
  7. Your BIOS will reset automatically after putting the jumper back in its place. You may reattach the computer case and power your PC on.

How Does Resetting BIOS Settings Affect The PC?

Resetting the BIOS will not wipe any saved data on your HDD or SSD. The reset will restore the settings to how they were originally set so that the components can deliver their designated tasks efficiently. Any alterations that you made before in the BIOS settings will be undone.

Moreover, resetting the BIOS also helps the PC at times. Occasionally, some settings, like overclocking, make it difficult for your PC to run as it should. A BIOS reset fixes this problem. Moreover, malware and viruses often hide in the BIOS. A reset can also help wipe them off your PC.

Is Resetting BIOS On Laptop Different Than On Desktop PC?

Resetting BIOS on a laptop is similar as long as it is done through the settings. The process is the same as it is on the desktop PC. However, the CMOS battery removal and jumper reset might differ slightly from the desktop PC. If your laptop has a removable back case and you can access the motherboard, performing the CMOS battery removal and jumper reset method is okay.

However, if the back case of your laptop is not removable and you still try to open it, it may void the laptop’s warranty. If you are unsure whether the laptop’s back case is removable, you can head to a service center that may help you with your problem.

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Resetting the BIOS is relatively easy when done through the PC’s settings. However, some users might hold themselves back when it comes to having contact with the internal hardware of the PC (CMOS battery).

If you are uncertain about the whole process or have difficulty dealing with the PC components, it is best not to try those ways to reset BIOS settings yourself. You can always head to a professional and seek their help. This will save you from damaging your PC and the burden of a big expense. In any case, we hope that our guide on how to reset BIOS settings has helped you greatly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for me to reset my BIOS?

You do not have to worry about resetting the BIOS. All the data that is stored on your hard drives will remain safe.

Will Windows be affected if I reset the BIOS?

Not necessarily. The only thing that will be affected is the BIOS settings you may have changed before.

Is resetting my BIOS necessary?

A BIOS reset is only done sometimes. You should only reset BIOS if you are having trouble with the hardware or the booting process or suspect any malware presence.

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