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How Long Do Laptops Last? [Answered]

Learn about how long a laptop lasts and when it is time to get a new one.

The lifespan of a laptop may vary with its model and type. While Apple’s Mac may be an exception and last from 7 to 10 years, you will find the lifespan of a laptop supported by the rest of the operating systems to be 3 to 6 years. 

Key Takeaways

  • Laptops’ lifespan varies with their type of use and price but is usually between 3 to 6 years. 
  • A laptop battery has a hefty contribution to the laptop’s lifespan.
  • You may need a new laptop if it is worn out, has loud fans all the time, does not support updates, and lags when carrying out a task.
  • You can extend your laptop’s lifespan by protecting its exterior, using peripherals, reinstalling its operating system, upgrading it, and keeping it clean.

The Average Lifespan You Can Expect From A Laptop

how long do different types of laptops last?
Laptops have different types and use.

The average lifespan determines the time until your laptop is expected to give you remarkable performance. It does not necessarily mean that you will suddenly find your laptop dead after the period passes. However, your laptop’s performance may not be as good after that period. The lifespan of a laptop varies with the type of laptop you have. Here are some common types of laptops. Also, make sure to check out how long power supplies last

Daily-Use Laptop

These are consumer laptops whose sole purpose is to fulfill lightweight tasks. The tasks may be internet browsing, streaming videos, and similar. You can expect a laptop like this to last as much as 3 years. You can be lucky enough to get a one-year warranty with it too. These laptops are relatively cheap compared to others.

They are also built with lightweight hardware, which requires less power to run. This also results in their battery life lasting longer than other laptops.

Office Work Laptop

Often known as business laptops, these are far more dependable than consumer laptops. You can get them with a warranty of as much as 3 years which is a plus. These laptops are built for resource-intensive use as well. From the outside, these laptops have an exterior built to deal with rough and tough use.

Therefore, these laptops are not as prone to damage as consumer laptops. Therefore, business laptops are far more reliable than consumer laptops.

Gaming Laptop

How long does a gaming laptop last?
A gaming laptop.

The lifespan of a gaming laptop is determined by its manufacturer and the quality of the materials it is built with. You can expect a gaming laptop to last 3 to 6 years. The purpose of gaming laptops is to give a good performance even when they are loaded with work.

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You can use these laptops to carry out resource-intensive tasks, and they will complete your tasks without facing a lag or anything similar. Again, your laptop can give this sort of performance till a certain time until it starts to fall behind too.

Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops are often considered to be bought by those looking for cheaper options. The lifespan of a refurbished laptop depends on several factors. Firstly, the refurbishing party plays a significant role in determining whether your laptop will last a while.

If you have bought a refurbished laptop from a third-party vendor, the chances for it to last more than a year or two are less. However, if you have purchased a refurbished laptop from the manufacturer of the laptop itself, then it might last more than a year or two.

Secondly, the age of the laptop also plays a significant role here. You can not expect a refurbished 5-year-old laptop to last much longer. However, if you are confident that the laptop was not much old before it got refurbished, you might be in for a good deal. You can expect your laptop to last 2 to 3 years.

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Does Price Plays A Role In Determining A Laptop’s Lifespan?

The price has a lot to do with a lifespan of a laptop. What determines the price is usually the manufacturer and the quality of the laptop’s internal hardware. The price then divides the laptop into three categories. Budget laptop, a mid-range laptop, and a high-end laptop. A budget laptop is expected to be around $700.

You will most likely find a consumer laptop in this range. You can expect laptops of this range to last around 2 to 3 years. As you go up to $1000, you will most likely find a mid-range laptop with better performance since they have better-quality hardware. Laptops falling in this budget range will likely give you up to 5 years of good performance.

Anything above $1000 is most likely to have a lifespan of 7 years. To conclude, yes, the price plays a role in determining the lifespan of a laptop.

Has Battery Life got Anything To Do With A Laptop’s Lifespan?

The battery life of a laptop has a lot to do with its lifespan. As the age of the laptop, the battery also ages. The battery fails to stay charged as long as it used to when you first bought your laptop. The laptop’s battery starts losing life after 1 or 2 years. The battery life also depends on how much you charge your laptop when you use it.

Always charging the laptop also lessens the battery life. Although, as demanding as the applications and software are now, they are most likely to consume your laptop’s battery quickly if it is old. It is best to check whether you can replace the laptop’s battery before you buy it.

Suppose you wish to extend the battery life of your laptop. In that case, it is best you keep the brightness low, use fewer apps at one time, open fewer browsers at one time, avoid using speakers and switch to headphones, turn off the Wifi when it’s not being used, and avoid your laptop from overheating by putting a cool mat beneath it.

How To Figure Out Whether It’s Time To Get A New Laptop?

Here are some of the most common signs you should look out for. The signs indicate that the time to change your laptop is closer than expected.

Worn Out Appearance

how long do laptops last.
A broken laptop.

The overall appearance of your laptop speaks volumes about its condition. If you have been using your laptop roughly and it has bumps and cracks in several places, a cracked screen, and missing a keyboard key, it is obvious that your laptop needs replacement. Before proceeding further, why not learn about how long gaming PCs last

Fans Are Working All The Time

Fans working all the time indicate your laptop produces a lot of heat. A lot of heat is usually produced when components are overburdened with data they are trying to process. A new laptop with the latest components is unlikely always to have its fans working.

However, if your laptop is rather old, its components might not be able to fulfill the requirements of new demanding applications immediately. This will cause the components to work harder than they usually do, which will ultimately lead them to produce more heat. Hence, loud fans.

Incompatibility With Upgrades

As your laptop ages, there comes a time when the updates no longer support it. The hardware becomes too old to be compatible with the updates. These updates not only help your laptop assist you better but also help in protecting your data from malware and viruses. If your laptop no longer gets these updates, the chances of losing your important data become high. Your laptop is at risk all the time.

Your Laptop Crawls

An old laptop has hardware that is good enough to support applications and software that came along with it. The latest games, applications, and software have become more demanding, require more resources to be used at once, and require a lot of processing. It can only do so much if your laptop has old RAM and processor.

There will be a time when the data will be more than its capacity to process; this will cause your laptop to lag. If the situation becomes unbearable for your laptop, it might even crash. This puts you at risk of losing all your important files and data again.

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The Battery Does Not Last As Long As It Used To

An old laptop’s battery will hardly be able to keep up as it used to before. You will either find it used up too quickly, or you will find yourself using your laptop while charging it whenever you will use it. If any of these situations occur, it is most likely that your laptop’s clock is ticking.

Previously, it was common to swap laptop batteries with new ones to make the battery last longer. However, now many laptops do not allow their batteries to be switched, ultimately pushing the user to buy another laptop.

An Evident Difference When Compared To Other Laptops

Last but not least, if you have been using a very old laptop, you will see an evident difference in the latest one. The difference may be the overall look, the display, features (like touch screen), and performance. If the difference is quite noticeable, it probably indicates that your laptop has aged a lot and needs a replacement with a better and newer one.

Tips That Can Help Extend The Lifespan Of A Laptop

While laptops have a lifespan in which they give their absolute best performance, there are still some ways you can push the lifespan a little more to make your laptops last longer.

Protect It From Dust And Debris

cleaning laptop to make it last long.
Cleaning laptop.

Dust and debris are among the most important things to look out for. Keeping your laptop clean and away from dust and debris is necessary. If you ignore the dust, it will build up, and it can damage your laptop to a great extent. It can easily damage the internal hardware, and it can also damage your laptop’s keyboard and screen.

Use It Gently

Laptops are delicate machines. They are quite prone to damage. It is always advised to use laptops with care at all times. Make sure that you protect your laptop’s corner from getting bumped. You must protect the screen as well. It is also important to keep any liquids away from your laptop. Protect your laptop from falling and hitting any surface.

Give It Upgrades From Time To Time

Suppose your laptop’s build allows it. It is good to give your laptop an update by replacing the battery. You can also upgrade its memory which can be done by inserting an external hard drive or an SD card. 

Attach Peripherals

You can protect your laptop’s hardware by attaching peripherals like mouse, keyboard, and speakers. These peripherals, especially the speakers, are easy to wear out quickly when used constantly. Therefore, it is best to avoid the ones that come with the laptop.

Reinstall Its Operating System

Reinstalling the operating system is a good way to maintain the laptop’s performance. You can reinstall your operating system in Windows and MAC without worrying about losing your data. So, it is better to do it from time to time.


Here’s all you need to know about how long laptops last. Remember that your laptop may still work once this period passes, but you will eventually see it lack in certain demanding areas. It is important to protect your laptop from any damage and follow other guidelines, to not only make it last longer but also to save yourself from unwanted expenses. Before leaving, make sure to read our guide on how long does a motherboard last

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my laptop last if used regularly?

Your laptop may last 3 to 5 years if used regularly. You may find its battery lasting only a short time once this period passes.

Can I use my laptop for more than 10 years?

Laptops do not die after their given lifespan comes near. Their performance is what falls behind. If you are fine with how your laptop performs, you can keep it as long as you want.

Is it bad to keep my laptop charging 24/7?

While batteries can not overcharge themselves, the heat produced when a laptop is always on charge can have inverse effects on its lifespan.

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