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How To Connect Turtle Beach Stealth 700 To PC?

Learn how to connect the headset with or without the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

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Although Turtle Beach headsets were designed for Xbox, you can also use them on your PC. We tested two ways to pair the headset to our Windows PC, and they were equally effective. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can use the PC’s Bluetooth or Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect the Turtle Beach headset to your PC.
  • Try restarting the headset and PC, updating drivers and firmware, or hard resetting the headset if there are connection issues.
  • Remember to set the headset as the default audio device on your computer once connected.
Tip: For better connectivity, remove any other device connected to the computer via its USB ports except the keyboard and mouse. 

Using An Xbox Wireless Adapter

We connected the headset using this method:

  1. Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to the computer’s USB port > Press the headset’s Power button for a few seconds.
  2. Hold the adapter’s Enroll button until the LED flashes > Do the same for the Connect button > Wait till the LEDs become stable for a successful connection.
Note: When purchasing the headset, you have to buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter separately.

Without A Wireless Adapter

Only some PCs and laptop models come with built-in Xbox Wireless features. You won’t need an adapter if you have the following systems.

  • Lenovo Legion Y720
  • ASUS G703
  • Microsoft Surface Studio
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube

These steps successfully paired the headset to our computer:

  1. On your PC, Go to Settings > Click Devices > Connected Devices > Add a Device.
  2. Hold the Connect button on the headset till the PC detects it. 

Setting Up The Headset 

Configure the headset by following the instructions below:

  1. Open Settings > System > Sound > Manage Sound Devices.
  2. Choose your headset from the Playback > Click Set Default.


Here are some quick fixes you can try if the headset fails to connect to the PC:

  1. Restart the headset.
  2. Power cycle the PC.
  3. Recharge the headset.
  4. Delete Bluetooth devices.
  5. Perform a hard reset by holding the “Mode+Bluetooth” buttons.
  6. Update headset driver.
  7. Update headset firmware using Turtle Beach Audio Hub.
  8. Use the Recovery Tool.
WARNING: You might have a faulty headset if none of these solutions work for you. In that case, take it to a technician or replace the set.

Common Questions Answered

Why Is My Turtle Beach Wireless Headset Not Working With My Computer?

It may not work if the computer is connected to many USB devices, the headset battery power is low, the router interrupts the connection, or the firmware is outdated.

Does The Turtle Beach Headset Have A Bluetooth Function?

It has Bluetooth functionality, so you can easily pair it with your PC. You can also use the wireless adapter if your system lacks built-in Xbox Wireless.

Why Is My Computer Not Recognizing The Headset Mic?

Check that your PC is correctly configured with your headset and see if it includes a mute button; ensure it’s not pressed. Also, your headset must be set as the default recording device.

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