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SOLVED: How To Change Corsair Keyboard Color

Learn how to change the colors through the official software, keyboard shortkeys, and more.

Changing keyboard color can help give your system a new look. Corsair keyboards are known for their impressive RGB lighting features, allowing users to customize their keyboard colours according to their preference. Whether you want to match your keyboard to your gaming setup, create a unique color scheme for typing, or add some visual flair to your workspace, Corsair keyboards provide a wide range of lighting modes and options. If you want to customise them properly, you should learn about how to change Corsair keyboard color. 

Key Takeaways

  • Custom lighting effects on Corsair keyboards can be created and saved as presets in Custom Mode, allowing for unique and personalized lighting options.
  • Corsair iCUE software offers a variety of lighting customization options, and users can save their preferred profiles to their computer for future use.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly switch between lighting modes, colors and adjust brightness and speed on Corsair keyboards.

Corsair Keyboard Lighting Modes

Let’s explore various lighting modes available on Corsair keyboards. These modes allow you to customize the RGB lighting on your keyboard and create dynamic and visually appealing effects. Here are the different lighting modes that you can choose from:

Static Color Mode: You can set a static color for your keyboard backlighting in Static Color Mode. You have a variety of colour options. The backlighting’s brightness can also be customised to your preferences.

Rainbow Wave Mode: Rainbow Wave Mode is a popular choice among gamers. A rainbow effect moves across your keyboard in this mode, lighting each key differently. To achieve the desired effect, you can change the speed and direction of the rainbow effect.

Color Shift Mode: Color Shift Mode cycles through various colors for your keyboard backlighting. You can change the colour shift’s speed and direction to achieve the desired look.This mode is ideal if you want a dynamic and ever-changing look for your keyboard.

Color Pulse Mode: In Color Pulse Mode, your keyboard’s backlighting pulsates in and out, creating a subtle yet striking effect. The pulsing effect’s brightness and frequency can be modified to your preferences.

Color Wave Mode: Color Wave Mode creates a wave-like effect that flows across your keyboard, with each key lighting up in a different color as the wave passes. You can change the wave’s direction and speed to achieve the desired effect.

Type Lighting Mode: Type Lighting Mode only lights up the keys you press, creating a dynamic and immersive typing experience. The keys’ brightness and coloring can be tuned to your preferences.

Reactive Typing Mode: In Reactive Typing Mode, your keyboard’s backlighting responds to your typing, with the keys lighting up and fading away as you type. You can alter the reactive typing effect’s speed and intensity to achieve the desired appearance.

Custom Mode: You can build lighting effects in Custom Mode and store them as presets. You can customize the backlighting’s colors, patterns, and transitions to your liking, creating a unique lighting effect for your keyboard.

Corsair Keyboard Color Change
Corsair Keyboard

How To Change Color On Corsair Keyboard

You can change Corsair keyboard color through the following methods. 

Using Corsair iCUE Software

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the lights of your Corsair keyboard using Corsair iCUE software:

Download And Install Corsair iCUE Software

  1. Download the iCUE software for your computer from the Corsair website.
  2. To install the software on your computer, adhere to the instructions.

Connect Your Corsair Keyboard

  1. Use a USB cable to link your Corsair keyboard to your computer.
  2. Make sure the keyboard is appropriately recognized and installed on your computer.

Access The Lighting Effects Tab In iCUE

  1. Launch the iCUE software on your computer.
  2. Choose the “Devices” tab from the iCUE window’s top menu.
  3. From the list of devices, pick your Corsair keyboard.
  4. Click the “Lighting Effects” tab to access the lighting customization options.
Corsair Keyboard Color Change
iCUE Dashboard

Choose A Lighting Mode

  1. Choose a lighting mode from the list of preset modes, such as static color, rainbow wave, color shift, color pulse, color wave, type lighting, reactive typing, or custom mode.
  2. Select the lighting mode you want to use by clicking on it.

Customize Your Lighting Profile

  1. Click on the coloured square to select a colour if “Static Color” is selected. The sliders also allow you to change the color’s saturation and brightness.
  2. If you select “Custom Mode,” you can create your lighting profile by selecting individual keys and choosing colors, effects, and animations. You can also set up multiple layers for more complex lighting patterns.
    Corsair Keyboard Color Change
    iCUE For Custom Lighting
  3. Use the customization options to create a lighting profile that matches your preferences.

Save Your Profile and Assign It to Your Keyboard

  1. Once you’ve customized your lighting profile, click “Save Profile” to save it to your computer.
  2. You can also select “Assign to Device” to apply the profile to your keyboard.
  3. If you want to switch between different lighting profiles, click the “Profiles” tab and select a profile from the list. Several profiles can be made and saved for other uses.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

This is another method that can help you change color of your Corsair Keyboard. They have a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to change the lighting mode, color, and brightness

Lighting Modes

To use keyboard shortcuts to change the lighting mode on your Corsair keyboard, you need to know the different lighting modes available. Corsair keyboards have a variety of lighting modes, such as static, rainbow, color shift, and more.

Press the “Windows” and the “F1” keys to switch between lighting modes to cycle through the available methods.

Lighting Colors

To use keyboard shortcuts to change the lighting color on your Corsair keyboard, you need to know the different color options available. Corsair keyboards have various color options, such as red, blue, green, and more.

Use the “Function” (Fn) key and either the “Left” or “Right” arrow key to cycle between the different colours to alter the colour of your keyboard.

Brightness And Speed

Here are the steps to use keyboard shortcuts to change the brightness and speed of your Corsair keyboard:

  1. Locate the dedicated keys for changing the brightness and speed of your Corsair keyboard. These keys are usually located on the top row of the keyboard, above the number keys.
  2. Press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key and the “Up” arrow key simultaneously to make your keyboard brighter.
  3. Press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key and the “Down” arrow key simultaneously to reduce the brightness.
  4. To increase the speed of your keyboard’s lighting effects, press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key and the “Right” arrow key simultaneously.
  5. Press and hold the “Function” (Fn) key and the “Left” arrow key simultaneously to slow down the rate of the lighting effects.
  6. Release the keys once you have achieved your desired brightness or speed setting.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to customize the keyboard shortcuts on your Corsair keyboard, you can do so using the Corsair iCUE software. In the iCUE software, you can assign different commands and actions to specific keys and key combinations, allowing you to create your custom keyboard shortcuts.

Using Third Party Software

Third-party software can provide additional customization options, such as advanced lighting effects, and may offer more user-friendly interfaces than the manufacturer’s software. While third-party software can provide more flexibility and control over the lighting of a Corsair keyboard, there are potential drawbacks.

Third-party software may not be as stable or reliable as the manufacturer’s and may not receive regular updates or support. Additionally, compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities are risky when using third-party software.

Several popular third-party software options are available for customizing the lighting of Corsair keyboards. The most popular options include Aurora, OpenRGB, and RGB Fusion.

Aurora: Aurora is open-source software that allows for advanced lighting customization on Corsair keyboards, including custom lighting effects and animations. It is compatible with multiple hardware platforms and has an active development community.

OpenRGB: OpenRGB is another open-source software that supports a wide range of RGB-enabled devices, including Corsair keyboards. It offers advanced lighting customization options and a user-friendly interface.

RGB Fusion: RGB Fusion is a software developed by Gigabyte that supports lighting customization on Corsair keyboards and other RGB-enabled devices. It includes a variety of lighting effects and synchronization options, as well as support for custom lighting profiles.

Corsair Keyboard Color Change
RGB Fusion Dashboard

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How To Use Third-Party Software For Keyboard Lighting Customization

Here are the steps on how to use third-party software for keyboard lighting customization:

Research and choose compatible software: Before using third-party software, analyse and choose a software compatible with your specific Corsair keyboard model that offers the desired customisation options.

Download and install the software: Install the software you’ve selected on your computer after downloading it.

Familiarize yourself: Spend time exploring and getting familiar with the features and interface. Many third-party software solutions offer tutorials or guidelines to assist consumers in getting started.

Customize your lighting: Using the software, customize the illumination of your Corsair keyboard by choosing specific colors and lighting effects or creating custom lighting profiles.

Sync lighting effects with other devices (optional): Some software options may allow you to sync lighting effects with other devices, such as a mouse or headset.

Test your settings: After customizing your lighting, test your settings to ensure they are working correctly.

Advanced Keyboard Color Customization

Corsair keyboards have advanced lighting customization features that allow users to personalize their keyboard lighting. These customization options are available through Corsair’s iCUE software and offer a wide range of options for users to create their unique lighting profiles.

Some of the advanced keyboard color customization options available through iCUE include:

Custom Lighting Effects

iCUE provides users with an extensive library of preset lighting effects, including static, rainbow wave, color shift, and more. Users can also create their custom lighting effects using iCUE’s advanced lighting editor, which allows for more complex lighting patterns and animations.

Color Customization

iCUE provides users with an easy-to-use color picker for precise color selection. Users can create new colours using RGB values or select from predefined colours.

Zone Lighting Customization

Many Corsair keyboards feature zone lighting, allowing users to customize the illumination of different keyboard sections. Users can build custom lighting effects for each zone or select from various preset lighting effects.

Synchronization with Other Devices

iCUE allows for the synchronization of lighting effects with other Corsair devices, such as mice, headsets, and cooling systems. This allows for a cohesive lighting scheme across all Corsair devices.

Profile Customization

Users of iCUE can make and save numerous lighting profiles with various settings. Users can switch between profiles with a single click, allowing for easy customization of their keyboard lighting for different games or applications.


In conclusion, Corsair keyboards are renowned for their high-quality build and advanced lighting customization options. This article has outlined various methods for changing the color of your Corsair keyboard, including using the built-in iCUE software, utilizing keyboard shortcuts, and using third-party software.

Additionally, we discussed advanced keyboard color customization options available through iCUE, such as custom lighting effects, color customization, zone lighting customization, synchronization with other devices, and profile customization.

To change the colour of your Corsair keyboard to your liking, simply follow the instructions in this article. With the numerous customization options, you can create a unique lighting profile that reflects your personality and enhances your gaming or work setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the color of my Corsair keyboard to match the lighting of my room?

While Corsair’s iCUE software does not have a built-in option for syncing keyboard lighting with room lighting, third-party software options such as Philips Hue Sync may offer this functionality. Note that this may require additional hardware, such as Philips Hue lights.

Can I use iCUE to change the color of my Corsair keyboard on a Mac?

While Corsair’s iCUE software is not compatible with Mac computers, Corsair does offer a separate software called “iCUE for macOS” that provides some limited customization options for Corsair keyboards on Mac computers.

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