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How To Change Color On Sades Keyboard? [GUIDE]

A few ways to change Sades Keyboard color is through the combination of "FN+Tab" and "FN+C" keys.

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Sades Keyboard is an excellent RGB keyboard offering several color modes, like RGB Floating Illumination and Column Changing Illumination. To change the color on Sades Keyboard, press the right key combination, which varies for different effects.

Key Takeaways

  • The Sades Keyboard has several color modes, such as RGB Floating Illumination, Static Backlight, and Pulsing Rhythm Illumination.
  • By pressing the FN+Tab keys, you can modify the color of your keyboard’s backlight.
  • Run the keyboard troubleshooter or update keyboard drivers to resolve backlight issues.

The colors and the patterns of LED lights illuminating your keys can be changed easily. Plus, you can even automatically cycle among colors as per your model.

Important: If the keyboard’s color is not changing, there might be something wrong with its wire.

Backlight Color

By default, the colors White, Red, Green, and Blue are on. Pressing the FN+C keys will cycle through the different backlight colors.

Changing The Speed And Brightness Of Floating RGB

By pressing FN+Tab, I could switch between 5 different RGB Backlight modes. Adjust up to 4 brightness and speed levels by pressing FN+Esc, FN+โ†‘ or FN+โ†“, and FN+โ† or FN+โ†’.

For Static Backlight and Pulsing Rhythm Illumination

There are seven colors; Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, and Indigo, available for pulsing rhythm and static backlight illumination. Change the colors by holding the FN Key and any Number Key (1โ€“7) in the typing area.

Changing Backlight Colors
Changing Backlight Colors (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Additional Backlight Colors

Four additional colors are available for “Blade Mail” or “Tiffiny Blue.” To choose a backlight color, press FN+Tab and FN+ESC for a backlight pattern. I kept 50% brightness for a breathy rhythm.

Color Cycle

For an efficient Sades Keyboard color change, use the FN+Right Alt+Up/Down arrow. You can make a color cycle by pressing the arrow key repeatedly while holding the FN+Right Alt+Down keys.

Cycle Between Colors
Cycle Between Colors (Image By Tech4Gamers)

For Customized RGB Backlight

If you want to create a customized RGB lighting pattern, pressing FN and Insert/Home/Page Up/Del/End/โ†‘/โ†“/โ†/โ†’ will give you six stunning RGB effects. You can select up to 5 brightness levels and the backlight’s cycle speed.

Customize RGB Effects
Customize RGB Effects (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Note: The keyboard has six color zones available, and you can select custom colors to make it more enticing.

Color Modes in Sades Keyboard

Sades Keyboard has impressive lightning effects with several color modes: 

  • Static Backlight Illumination
  • Pulsing Rhythm Illumination
  • RGB Floating Illumination
  • Column Changing Illumination


The backlight keyboard may not function due to conflicting programs, software updates, or hardware problems. As for basic troubleshooting, try power cycling your computer or checking all the USB ports in case any port is not functioning. If these did not solve your problem, move on to technical fixes.

Increase the Brightness Level

You can increase the brightness level through your keyboard by finding the PgUp key on the keyboard and repeatedly pressing the key several times. If it is not effective, press the FN key before hitting PgUp. Similarly, PgDn decreased the brightness.

Controlling Keyboard Brightness
Controlling Keyboard Brightness (Image By Tech4Gamers)
WARNING: If the brightness level of a new keyboard is not changing, then it is most likely faulty. In such a case, return it to the shop and ask them to replace it.

Update Keyboard Drivers

Your keyboard’s driver may need an update or be corrupted if your keyboard’s backlight has stopped working. Update your keyboard driver to solve this issue.

Run The Keyboard Troubleshooter

If the driver update did not resolve the trouble, I recommend using a built-in Windows troubleshooting tool that will detect and fix keyboard-related problems on your PC.

Windows 10

Run the troubleshooter with the instructions below:

Step 1

Access Windows Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooters.

Additional Troubleshooters
Additional Troubleshooters In Troubleshoot Menu (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Step 2

Go to Find And Fix Other Problems > Expand Keyboard > Run The Troubleshooter.

Windows 11

The process differs slightly on Windows 11:

Step 1

Open Settings > System.

Step 2

Move to Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters > Keyboard > Run.

With the above key combinations, I could easily switch colors and lighting effects on my Sades Keyboard to match my aesthetic needs. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact Sades Support if the color fails to change despite using these troubleshooting methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Keyboard’s Function (FN) Key Do?

”FN” key (Function key) is a keyboard modifier key that activates a second function on a key with two functions, similar to the “Shift” key. It controls the hardware features, including speaker volume and screen brightness.

How Do I Enhance Keyboard Colors?

To turn on the backlights, press “FN+Right Alt” and press it again to increase brightness. For changing colors, use “FN+Right Alt+Up (or Down) Arrow.” “FN+Tab” and “FN+Esc” are the keys to changing the backlight pattern.

How Do I Change The Backlight Colors Of Sades Keyboard?

By default, all four main colors, White, Red, Green, and Blue, are on. Pressing the “FN+C” keys will change the keyboard’s backlight color.

More On Changing Keyboard Colors:

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