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8 Ways To Fix PS5 Error Code WS-116521-6

The issue can be fixed by clearing cache, restoring licenses, updating PS5, and more.

PlayStation users experience different error codes from time to time, including PS5 Error Code WS-116521-6. Because the error is mainly related to network connectivity issues, you can try resetting the network settings and reconnecting to the internet to get out of the error.

PS5 Error WS-116521-6 message
Error WS-116521-6 (Image By Tech4Gamers)

When you get the error, you will see a message saying:

Error Message: “Can’t connect to PlayStation Network. PlayStation Network might be temporarily busy. Please try again later.”

Key Takeaways

  • You may see the error WS-116521-6 because of PSN server faults, weak internet connection, or corrupt data in the network.
  • Fix it by reconnecting to the network, restoring licenses, and power cycling the router.
  • If nothing eliminates the error, contact your ISP and see if something is wrong on the network’s end.

Reconnect To The Network

Reconnecting to the network on our PS5 got us out of the error. Moreover, various people found this fix helpful, as seen in the comments of a YouTube video by VVaby, so we deleted the internet from our console and re-entered the password to authorize the connection, and it did the trick. 

Use these steps to reconnect to the network:

  • Go to Settings > Network. 
  • Move to Settings > Set Up Internet Connection.

Set Up Connection on PS5

    Set Up Connection (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • Highlight the connected internet network > Press the Options button on the controller.
  • Choose Delete > Reconnect to the network.

Sign In To The Profile Again

Apart from the above methods, we also resolved the error by logging out of our PS5 user profile and signing back in again after a few minutes using the PlayStation app.

Reset Network Settings

While testing the solutions, we also found that resetting the PS5 network settings effectively eliminated the error code. It changes the internet settings back to default in case you unintentionally messed them up. Besides, the fix is also recommended on PlayStation Support.

Restore Licenses

Restoring Licenses was a promising solution for User Shinod on Blizzard Forums. Therefore, we restored the licenses on our PS5 from the system settings to resolve the WS-116521-6 error. It is useful when you are facing trouble accessing content downloaded from the PlayStation Store, such as games. 

You can restore the licenses using the simple method below:

  • Open Settings > Users And Accounts.
  • Highlight Other > Restore Licenses > Restore

    Restore Licenses for PS5

      Restore Licenses (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Clear Cache 

Performing a cache clear on the PS5 will delete all the temporary game and app data stored on the disk, including corrupt data, to make space for updated information. After clearing the cache on our console, we found that the error code was gone.

Rebuild Database

Other than those, we also tried rebuilding the database of our PS5. The process reorganizes the data in the drive to eliminate residing issues, like the error WS-116521-6 we faced on the console. Once the process was finished, we performed a restart, and the PS5 went back to its normal functioning.

Update PS5 Software

Per our testing, keeping your console’s software in line with the latest version is vital to avoid errors and glitches in the functioning. We checked for and installed the relevant software updates to solve the error. Hence, you should also update PS5 when encountering such errors. 

Tip: We prefer updating the PS5 via the internet since it takes less time and is more convenient. 

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

You might also see the PS5 error code WS-116521-6 because of faults on your ISP’s end. The network servers may be down, or the connection may have glitches. Therefore, contact the ISP and get an update on the issue.

On the other hand, you can connect to PlayStation Support if the error persists for more than a day or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I See The PS5 Error Code WS-116521-6?

In most cases, you may see the error due to PlayStation server problems. However, it could also be due to a faulty internet.

How Do I Fix The Error?

Change the DNS settings, reconnect to the internet, and sign in to your profile again to solve the problem.

What Does The Error WS-116521-6 Mean On PS5?

It hints to the users that the PSN servers may be undergoing maintenance or are down due to bugs or other issues.

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