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Explained: How To Reset RGB LED Controller?

All possible ways to reset the controller.

If you like to illuminate your PC or your room in general, you definitely use LED light strips. These are useful, power-efficient lights that can be installed anywhere. However, if you have been using them for a while, you might have encountered an issue with the remote control that comes with them. If so, you need to learn about how to reset RGB LED controller. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are many ways to reset an RGB LED controller, which vary with the particular brand and model.
  • Resetting the controller may fix issues caused by weak batteries, interference between remote and LED signals, or improper pairing of the LED strips to the remote.
  • An RGB LED controller may work improperly due to issues with the remote or the LED strips themselves.

What Can Cause My RGB LED Controller To Stop Working Properly? 

But what exactly can cause the RGB controllers to cease functioning correctly? There are 2 apparent factors:

Faulty Controller

Your RGB LED controller might stop working partially or entirely, and this is due to interference between the controller and the strips. This may be caused due to weak batteries, weak signals, or radio waves causing interruptions between the remote and the strips. 

Faulty Strips

In addition to a faulty controller, problems can arise with the LED strips themselves. The LED strips may trip if they don’t receive the proper voltage, which can occur if they are not connected properly. Furthermore, the LED strips can malfunction due to too much heat. LED strips work optimally at room temperature, and it’s best to operate them at under 30°C at all times. Finally, you should ensure the LED light strips are not exposed to direct sunlight, as the heat can cause the diodes to change colors

How To Reset RGB LED Controller?

Following are the ways through which you can reset the controller. 

Using The Reset Button On The Remote

One of the most common methods to reset the remote is by using the reset button on it. If your remote has this function, then you’re set. Here’s how to carry it out: 

  1. First off, locate the button on your remote. It’s commonly found on the back or the sides of the remote. You will find a small hole next to a “reset” label
  2. Insert something small and sharp into it, like a hairpin, until you hear a popping sound.
  3. Keep pressing for 3 to 5 seconds, and you’re done!

Factory Reset

This method is carried out in a similar way to the above process. Please note that this method will completely reset your remote’s settings, and you will need to reprogram the remote with the LED strips. For this, refer to the manual provided with the package. 

  1. Locate the “reset” button on the remote. 
  2. Press it until the LED lights of the remote flash. This should typically take no longer than 10 seconds
  3. Next, take out the batteries from the remote for about 5 minutes.
  4. Reinsert the batteries and turn the remote on. 

Reinstalling The Batteries On The Remote

The next common method is to replace the batteries on the remote. You should find the battery compartment at the bottom of the remote. Now, here’s how to remove it. 

  1. Press on the tiny clip in the compartment and, at the same time, pull the the other part out. This may be frustrating, so patience is required. 
  2. Next, remove the battery that’s currently placed in the compartment. 
    Battery Holder of RGB LED Remote
    Removing The Battery Holder – Image Credits: Cap Trong Nam: How To
  3. Press and hold the power button on your remote for 10 to 15 seconds to displace any remaining power. 
  4. Reinstall the battery and place the compartment back into the remote. Ensure that the positive terminal of the battery faces the top of the compartment.

Note: If this doesn’t work, repeat the same method but with new batteries.  

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Using The Remote And Power Adapter

If the methods mentioned above don’t work for you, you can use alternate techniques involving the remote’s programming. 

  1. Turn the LED strips on for a few seconds
  2. Now, turn the LED strips off and then remove the power source of the LED strips. 
  3. Hold the power button on the remote for a few seconds, then re-plug the LED strips’ power adapter. 
    On Switch on RGB LED Remote
    Highlighted Power Button on RGB LED Remote – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Continue pressing the power button for about 5 seconds more. 
  5. The LED strips should now alternate between colors of red, green, and blue, and then yellow and then switch off. This means you have successfully reset the remote to default settings. 

Using The Remote And Power Adapter: Alternative Method

A similar method with different programming may work for you if the above method does not. Here’s how this one goes: 

  1. Turn the LED strips on for a few seconds 
  2. Turn the LED strips off, remove the power adapter, and keep the remote control ON.
  3. Now press the remote’s power button for 5 seconds and let it turn off
  4. Hold the power button for 3 seconds and let it turn on. After it turns on, continue holding for 5 seconds more. 
    Steps 3 and 4 – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, 4 times. Now the LED strips should show contrasting colors
  6. Finally, it will switch to yellow, meaning the remote has been successfully restored. 

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Other Methods To Fix A Glitchy RGB LED Remote

There are some other methods that might get your remote working normally again if it is acting glitchy or erratic. Mainly if one key enables the function of another (for example: pressing the blue button turns the lights red instead). 

Method 1

  1. Turn the LED strips off
  2. Press the button on the bottom right corner of the remote – this may be labeled as “SMOOTH” or “FADE7“. A white flash of light should appear once you do this. 
  3. Turn the remote back on
    Steps to reset RGB LED remote
    Steps 1, 2, and 3. – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Repeat these steps until the lights respond correctly to the remote. 

Method 2

This method might be helpful if your RGB LED strips are not turning on through the remote. 

  1. Turn off the adapter of the LED strips from its switch or from the power outlet. 
  2. Now, turn on the power adapter AND the power switch on the RGB LED remote simultaneously

Method 3 (For Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Controlled Strips)

Some RGB LED strips are Bluetooth or WiFi controlled in addition to the remote control provided with them. If the remote isn’t behaving properly, you can connect the LED strips to the application on your phone and control them from there.

This depends on the particular brand and model of the strips you’re using. If your LED strips have such a function, you can check the manual provided or the website for the software you have to download. 

Why Do You Need To Reset The Controller?

This guide applies to many cases where your controller is not working correctly. This includes the controller not responding appropriately, randomly flickering lights, or when pressing one button enables the function of another. You’ll also need to reset the controller if you have purchased new LED strips

An image of an RGB LED Controller
A Typical RGB LED Controller

These methods will work for most RGB devices as most of the remotes are programmed the same way. So, in any case, this guide will help you restore the factory settings of your RGB LED controller and have it working correctly again. 

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Having a faulty RGB LED controller can be very frustrating. However, in most cases, there is usually a minor issue, such as weak batteries or a weak connection between the remote and the LEDs. In these cases, you can try many easy fixes for which you need to spend no money.

Hence, there are many methods you can try to fix your remote before considering the option of replacing the remote. In any case, we hope that our guide on how to reset RGB LED controller has helped you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my RGB LED remote not working properly?

Your RGB LED remote may not be functioning correctly due to weak batteries or weak signals. It’s also possible that the remote is working correctly and the LED strips themselves are faulty.

What’s the easiest way to reset my RGB LED remote?

The easiest way to reset your remote is by using the reset button on the remote. Insert a pin into the small hole until you hear a popping sound.

What do I do if my RGB LED strips are not displaying the colors that I choose?

An easy fix for this is by turning off the LED strips, pressing the button on the bottom-right corner, and then turning them on again. Repeat until the issue is fixed.

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