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How To Clean PS4, PS5, & Controller

This guide covers the cleaning method of PS4, PS5 and their controller. All you need is a screwdriver, compressed air can, micro fiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

If you live in a place with polluted air like mine, you surely know the struggle to clean everything occasionally. Unfortunately, the polluted air does not leave out our PlayStation either. Therefore, if you are wondering how to clean your PlayStation, you have ended up in the right place.  

Key Takeaways

  • You must clean your PlayStation every 2-3 months to maintain its performance.
  • You can use a compressed air can and a microfiber cloth to clean your console. 
  • Exposing your PlayStation to polluted air, liquids, and pet fur can adversely affect lifespan. 

Why Should I Clean My PlayStation?

Cleaning PlayStation every 2-3 months is an essential task. Over time, dust tends to build up over and inside the console. It covers the fans and can get inside the disc drive as well. The dust buildup can be quite dangerous for your console, considering it greatly impacts its lifespan.

When the dust covers the hardware of your PlayStation, it creates a barrier that prevents the hardware components from radiating heat. In the case of fans, dust tends to clog their bearings, which keeps them from functioning properly. When the fans cannot function as they should, they poorly keep your console cool.

This consequence further leads to the problem of overheating, which in general, is very dangerous for any component of your console. Dust entering the disc drive can cause major damage to the CDs you insert into your console. If the CDs get scratched due to dust, the disc drive might be unable to read them, destroying the CD’s whole purpose.

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The controller is also a part of your PlayStation and should be cleaned regularly. Any dust that somehow manages to get between the buttons can prevent the buttons from being pressed and functioning properly. Furthermore, using a controller with greasy and dirty hands often affects the grip on the controller as well.

Lastly, a clean PlayStation always contributes positively to the visuals of your overall setup, making it look quite appealing. 

How To Clean PlayStation 4

The way to clean PlayStation varies with the type of model you have. The PS4 is classified into 4 types. Firstly, there is the original PS4, and then another original PS4 that came out later in 2015 (The one on which we will demonstrate how to clean PlayStation 4). Moreover, there is PS4 Slim, and lastly, there is PS4 Pro. 

WARNING: You need to be extremely careful while cleaning the console, as you can end up damaging it otherwise. Make sure not to rush the process.

Here are the steps on how to clean PlayStation 4:

  1. To continue the process, you must have a compressed air can and a microfiber cloth.
  2. Turn your PS4 off and wait for a couple of minutes. 
  3. Before opening the case, place your PS4 on a surface that’s free of dust beforehand.
  4. Proceed to blow the dust off the PS4 ports using the compressed air can and clean the outer side of the case using a lightly damp microfiber cloth.
    How to clean playstation 4 ports
    Cleaning PS4 ports. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  5. If your PS4 is under warranty, you will notice stickers covering the screws. This is where you can reconsider cleaning your PS4 and taking it to the service center.
    warranty sticker on PS4
    Warranty sticker. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  6. If you choose to continue, remove the stickers covering the screws.
  7. Starting from the front side or the side with the PlayStation logo. Unscrew the single screw on the side of the case using a T9 Torx screwdriver. You will be able to slide off the case.
    Unscrewing the front side case of PS4
    Unscrewing the front side case of PS4. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  8. Use compressed air to blow the dust covering the console.
    Using compressed air can to blow off dust.
    Blowing dust on the front side using compressed air can. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  9. Make sure to clean the cases as you take them off.
    Cleaning PS4 cases from the inside
    Clean the case. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  10. Now unscrew the two screws to slide off the other side of the front of the console.
    unscrewing screws to open the PS4 console.
    Remove the screws at which the arrows point. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  11. Using compressed air can blow the dust covering this area. You can use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the stubborn dirt that won’t come off.
    using compressed air can to clean the front side of playstation 4.
    Removing dust. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  12. To clean the backside of the console, you will have to unscrew another screw on the side.
    removing screw on the backside of PS4.
    Removing the screw on the backside of the console. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  13. Use a spudger to push out the rest of the case. Do not apply too much force, as it can damage the case.
    using spudger to take the playsation 4 backcase off
    Pushing the case out using a Spudger. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  14. Once the case becomes loose, pull it off.
    Removing the back case of PS4
    Removing the back case of PS4. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  15. Unscrew the screws on the power supply to get access to more of the internal parts.
    removing the power supply screws.
    Remove the screws at which the arrows point. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  16. You should unplug the power supply before pulling it out.
    Unplugging the power supply
    Unplugging the power supply. Image credit: YouTube: (Modded Warfare)
  17. Blow the compressed air can on the console’s internals to remove the dust. 
    cleaning the PS4.
    Cleaning the internals of the console using compressed air can. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  18. Blow away the dust covering the power supply as well.
    Cleaning the PS4 power supply.
    Clean the power supply using compressed air can. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  19. Using compressed air can blow the dust covering the PS4 fan.
    Blowing the dust off the PS4 fan.
    Blow the dust off the PS4 fan.. Image credit: YouTube: (SpeedDemon8706)
  20. Again, You can use the damp microfiber cloth to remove any stubborn dirt that won’t budge.
  21. Once you are certain that the console is fully clean from the inside, tighten all the screws back into their places. 
  22. Turn on your PS4 to make sure it is working fine. 

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How To Clean PlayStation 5

Cleaning a PS5 is rather easier than PS4. You do not have to deal with a lot of screws. If you carefully follow my guide, there is little room to mess things up.

Here are the steps on how to clean PlayStation 5:

  1. To continue the process, you must have a compressed air can and a microfiber cloth.
  2. Turn your PS5 off and wait for a couple of minutes. 
  3. Before opening the case, place your PS5 on a surface that’s free of dust beforehand.
  4. If you have the base plate connected to your PS5 (For vertical orientation PS5s), unscrew and remove it.
    Removing PS5 base
    Remove the base using a flathead screwdriver. Image credits: YouTube (John Glasscock)
  5. The casing of the PS5 is not connected by screws. Therefore, you must pull the corner with the PlayStation logo, and the case will slide off.
    Pulling the case from the corner which has PlayStation logo.
    Pull from the corner at which the arrow points. Image credits: YouTube (HIDEit Mounts)
  6. The back case of the console will be taken off the same way using the same corner that aligns with the front side logo corner.
  7. Once the cases are off, clean the dust off the cases using a compressed air can. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any stubborn stains.
  8. Before removing the fan, you must pull out the intake vents. These are right beside the fan in a bent shape.
    pulling out the intake vent of PS5
    Using hands to pull out the intake vent of PS5. Image credits: YouTube (HIDEit Mounts)
  9. Place the vents on the same surface once taken out and clean them.
    The PS5 Intake vent.
    PS5 Intake vent.
    Image credits: YouTube (HIDEit Mounts)
  10. You will have to disconnect the fan wires. Use pliers to pull out the white piece connecting the fan wires. (Do not pull out the yellow piece.)
    Using plier to remove fan wires of PS5
    Use pliers to pull out the wires. Image credits: YouTube (TronicsFix)
  11. Once the wires have disconnected, proceed to unscrew the fan case.
    The screws holding the PS5 fan case.
    Remove the screws at which the arrows point. Image credits: YouTube (HIDEit Mounts)
  12. Pull out the fan once you have removed the screws.
    Puling out the PS5 fan
    Pull out the fan after removing the screws. Image credits: YouTube (HIDEit Mounts)
  13. Blow the compressed air on the console and the heat sink on which the fan previously sat.
  14. Make sure to blow the dust on the fan as well.
    Removing dust from PS5 fans using compressed air can
    Clean the PS5 fan using compressed air can. Image credits: YouTube (HIDEit Mounts)
  15. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to remove any dirt stains on the console.
  16. Once you are sure that the console is dust-free, you may plug the fan back in and tighten its screws.
  17. Reattach the case back onto the PS5. 
  18. Turn on your PS5 to make sure it’s working fine.

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How To Clean PlayStation Controller

The PlayStation controller is also a part of your console. Therefore, making it a part of your occasional console cleaning session is also important. 

Here’s how you can clean the PlayStation controller:

  1. Place the controller on a surface that is free of dust and any sort of dirt.
  2. Make sure that the controller is free of cable and is turned off. 
  3. Using compressed air can blow dust on the controller.
  4. Use the compressed air in every direction you see fit towards the controller to blow away as much dust and dirt as possible. 
  5. Lightly dampen a corner of your microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe any stubborn stains and greasy marks.
  6. Once the controller is free of stains, wipe it with a microfiber cloth dampened with water.
  7. Leave your controller out to dry before using it again.

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Things To Keep In Mind After Cleaning The PlayStation

Once you have cleaned your PlayStation, keep the aftercare in your mind. You should check the tips below to protect your PlayStation from reaching a bad condition before its next cleaning session. These will keep you from the hassle of putting extra energy into cleaning the whole console, protecting it, and lengthening its overall lifespan.

Keep A Safe Distance With Liquid Substances

It’s extremely important to protect your console from any liquids. In case any liquids fall on the console, it might be extremely difficult to clean them off some areas as liquids tend to go in areas out of reach. Liquids can also damage your console quite easily and can be irreparable.

Prevent Exposure To Sun And Polluted Air

This means that you should avoid keeping your PlayStation in places where it comes in contact with sunlight or is exposed to polluted air accompanied by tons of dust. For instance, you should not keep your console close to an open window as it will easily attract dust through its fan. 

Protect From Animal Fur

If you have any animals, try keeping your console in a room safe from their furs. If your console is exposed to animal fur, it may get stuck in the fan. It is extremely difficult for the fan to work in this situation. Again, animal fur can also cause irreparable damage to your console.

Avoid Contact With Grease

Avoid touching the console, controller, and CDs if you have greasy hands. Grease tends to have dust stick to it quickly. Furthermore, grease can not be cleaned using a damp cloth or air compressor. Therefore, avoiding any greasy contact with the console is better for its safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have a compressed air can?

There are alternatives to using a compressed air can. You can use a soft toothbrush or an air compressor.

What if I remove the warranty stickers?

The removal of those stickers makes the warranty of your PS5 go void.

How long should I wait before cleaning my PlayStation again?

It really depends on the environment in which you’ve kept your PlayStation. If the air is polluted, cleaning your PlayStation every 2 months is best.

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