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FNATIC Jet M Review: Best Mousepad?

I have finished testing the Fnatic Jet Mousepad M to write its review and share my thoughts on the Packaging, Mouse Surface, Rubber Base, Anti-Fray Stitch and more.

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Best Gaming Mousepad?

Review Summary

If you are searching for a premium mousepad to take your gaming to the next level, the Fnatic Jet is a great choice. Notably, this mousepad prioritizes speed and has a fascinating color-changing surface that effectively repels liquids. Your mouse will glide quickly and reliably on this ultra-smooth surface. Its surface qualities make it excellent at preventing the penetration of liquids and oils. The Jet mousepad will blow you away with its speed and accuracy, whether you are a professional player or simply a casual gamer.

Weeks Tested: 2

Tech4Gamers Recommended Award

  • Glide - 8/10
  • Speed - 10/10
  • Control - 7/10
  • Rubber Base - 8/10
  • Repellency - 9/10


  • Superb Repellency
  • Aesthetic Surface
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Micro-Knit Stitch
  • Rollable & Portable


  • Less Control
  • Need High Maintenance

FNATIC just sent over their Jet Mousepad for me to test. For competitive gamers looking for an edge, the Fnatic Jet Mousepad M offers an exceptional balance of control and precision. This mousepad is designed to enhance your gaming experience with its high-quality, low-friction surface, ensuring accurate cursor movements and swift responses.

The Fnatic Jet Mousepad is not just about performance; it also boasts a sleek design with a holographic gradient, making it a stylish addition to any gaming setup or professional workspace. Whether you’re in the midst of an intense gaming session or managing multiple tasks at work, this mousepad is built to cater to your needs, combining functionality with a touch of elegance.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Fnatic Jet Mousepad is a high-performance gaming mousepad that will improve your gaming experience. Consequently, this mousepad is not only aesthetically pleasing but also advantageous, thanks to its modern and sleek design.
  • There are several reasons why you should consider getting the Fnatic Jet Mousepad, which includes superb repellency, aesthetic surface, anti-slip grip, micro-knit stitch, and rollable & portable packaging.
  • There are several reasons why you should not consider getting the Fnatic Jet Mousepad, which includes less control, exhibits oil marks, and needs high maintenance.

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Packaging and Unboxing – Rollable and Portable

Fnatic Jet Mousepad - Tube Packaging
Tube Packaging (Image By Tech4Gamers)

When I received the Fnatic Jet Mousepad, it came in sleek tube packaging, reminiscent of the Fnatic Dash and Focus 3, which I found quite impressive. The package also included a handy microfiber cloth. One of the first things I noticed was how the mousepad lays flat immediately after unrolling from the tube – a real time-saver during setup. The feel of the micro-knit stitching on the surface is remarkably smooth, providing a comfortable glide for the mouse. This feature is particularly noticeable as it’s slightly elevated from the base of the pad.

A standout feature for me is the heat-adhesive technology used in the Jet Mousepad. This makes it easily rollable, a huge advantage for gamers like me who often travel to LAN events. However, I’ve learned to handle it with care to avoid any folds, as they might cause permanent damage to the pad. Another aspect that resonates with me personally is the sustainability effort. The mousepad comes in a sturdy FSC-certified paper tube, indicating a commitment to responsible forest management. This attention to environmental responsibility adds an extra layer of value to the product.

WARNING: While the rollable and portable design is convenient, be cautious during rolling and unrolling to avoid folds that may cause permanent damage.

Here are its specifications:

Size 360 x 280 x 3 mm (M)
Packaging Cardboard Tube
Color Vibrant; Color-shifting
Surface Type Holographic Laminate, Speed
Surface Speed 9.5/10
Base/Core Natural Rubber
Rollable YES
Stitch YES, Soft micro-knit
Water Repellency 10/10
Thickness 3mm

Overview – First Impressions

The Jet Mousepad is a testament to Fnatic’s commitment to in-depth R&D and delivering top-tier performance-enhancing goods. Launched after extensive collaboration with textile specialists in late 2020, the Jet pad showcases a distinctive surface. Fnatic ensures uniqueness through rigorous testing while prioritizing affordability, diverse sizing, and widespread availability for all its fans.

Size Dimensions Price
M 360 x 280 x 3mm USD 24.99 / EUR 27.99
L 465 x 372 x 3mm USD 39.99 / EUR 44.99
XL 465 x 465 x 3mm USD 44.99 / EUR 49.99
XD 900 x 500 x 3mm USD 59.99 / EUR 64.99

Holographic Gradient Color Shift Surface

Fnatic Jet Mousepad - Holographic Gradient Surface
Holographic Gradient Surface (Image By Tech4Gamers)

I was immediately captivated by the holographic gradient surface of the Fnatic Jet mousepad. It has this dynamic quality where the color and intensity shift depending on the angle of light. This feature adds a visually striking element to my gaming setup. Under normal lighting, the mousepad displays an iridescent purple hue reminiscent of a gleaming grape. However, when illuminated, it transforms into a dazzling blue, which I find quite mesmerizing.

One interesting aspect I noticed is that from a distance, the surface appears to be a muted gray, especially in the absence of reflective light. This subtlety adds to the mousepad’s unique aesthetic. I appreciate the non-coated surface of the Jet mousepad as it helps maintain the cleanliness of this striking pattern. Cleaning is effortless, thanks to the provided microfiber cloth. It’s a quick and hassle-free process, ensuring that I can stay immersed in my game with minimal interruptions. This practical feature is a significant plus for me, as it blends visual appeal with functional upkeep.

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The surface of the mousepad tends to show oil stains prominently, attributed to its laminated top layer. Despite this, both static and dynamic friction remain consistent. The supplied cleaning cloth performs surprisingly well in removing liquid filth, ensuring a longer-lasting clean surface.

The unique laminated surface of Jet mousepads, with shallower pores, prevents the settling of micro-debris and oils. This results in a smoother feel, easy removal of liquids, and consistent performance even after thorough cleaning. In contrast, other pads with deeper pores may hide dirt, leading to potential inconsistencies over time.

Pro Tip: To maintain peak performance, make regular use of the provided microfiber cloth to clean the surface, especially considering its tendency to show oil stains.

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Liquid Repellent

Fnatic Jet Mousepad - Liquid Repellent
Liquid Repellent (Image By Tech4Gamers)

I’ve tested this mousepad for a couple of weeks, and its liquid-repellent feature is a game-changer, especially for someone like me who often snacks during gaming sessions. It repels spills and oil, keeping its surface clean. The mouse pad combines a durable laminate top with an elastic rubber base, providing resilience and maintaining its shape.

Fnatic’s tests give it a 6H hardness rating, which I can attest to, as it offers a smooth, low-friction surface for fast and accurate mouse movements. Cleaning it with the provided microfiber cloth is a breeze, helping me keep it in great condition. It’s quickly become an essential part of my gaming setup.

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Anti-Slip Natural Rubber Base

The non-slip surface also stands out quite a lot. The dense 3mm natural rubber base provides a solid foundation for gaming. Its firm rubber offers both optimal grip and comfort, which I find enhances my gameplay.

The pad maintains a flat profile, ensuring reliable mouse tracking and preventing slips on various surfaces. I also appreciate the comfort it offers for my hand and wrist. Even during intense gaming sessions, any minimal movement of the pad is easily corrected, allowing for a stable and precise gaming experience.

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Micro-Knit Anti-Fray Stitch

I’m impressed by the micro-knit stitch of the Fnatic Jet mousepad. Its refined design with precisely knit thread on a thick natural rubber base gives it a sleek, polished look. The invisible thread is slimmer and tighter than what I’ve seen in other pads, setting it apart.

The low-profile stitching is great for gaming – it doesn’t interfere with swift movements, perfect for flick shots. I also appreciate Fnatic’s anti-fray stitch. It enhances durability by preventing edge lifting, and the soft, high-quality stitching provides a smooth, fray-resistant border. This unique micro-knit stitch really makes the Jet mousepad stand out.

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Ultra Fast Surface Glide

Fnatic Jet Mousepad - Ultra Fast Surface Glide
Ultra Fast Surface Glide (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Jet stands out as an accelerator pad, delivering minimal resistance for swift and responsive in-game actions. Its laminated, non-coated surface surpasses typical cotton mousepads in both performance and durability. Designed for fast-paced games like Call of Duty, Apex, Valorant, and OSU, Jet enhances response speed and accuracy.

In my testing, Jet outperforms standard mousepads, showcasing its robustness. The reduced friction, especially beneficial for FPS players, improves accuracy during quick movements. Notably, the surface remains unaffected by dirt, oils, and dust, ensuring consistent game performance. With just a few wipes using the provided microfiber cloth, Jet maintains its appearance and functionality.

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Fnatic Jet Mousepad Competitors
Fnatic Jet Mousepad Competitors

The Fnatic Jet pad is a standout option, boasting unique features. While I can’t extensively compare its speed, Fnatic claims it rivals some and matches others. Skating on its hard surface with PTFE skates provides a floaty glide suitable for any skate style.

The holographic lamination surface feels like a mix of hard plastic and gelatin, delivering a pleasant, consistent glide. The stopping force depends on hand strength, with a bit of flexibility in the base for quick finger placement.

Encouraging smooth movements, the Jet feels forgiving during flicks. Despite potential long-term wear on skates, it remains durable, especially in hot weather. Developed in late 2020, Fnatic assures its long-term durability.

The Jet’s unique floaty style, distinct from other pads, may appeal to some, offering 80% of the amenities at a more affordable price. Despite being less durable than glass, it’s an intriguing, foldable, desk-sized, and portable option.

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Should You Buy It or Not?

My in-depth testing of the FNATIC Jet Mousepad M leads me to the conclusion that:

Buy It If:

✅Competitive Gamers: If you’re serious about gaming and want to gain a competitive edge with precise cursor control, pixel-perfect accuracy, and quick reaction times, the Fnatic Jet Mousepad is an excellent choice.

✅Fans of Aesthetics: The holographic gradient surface adds a captivating touch to your gaming setup, making it an ideal choice for gamers who appreciate a sleek and modern design.

✅Those who Snack and Hydrate While Gaming: The liquid-repellent surface is perfect for gamers who like to snack and hydrate during gaming sessions, as it can withstand spills and is easy to clean.

Don’t Buy It If:

Those Seeking Maximum Control: If you prioritize maximum control over speed, the Fnatic Jet Mousepad may offer less control compared to some other options.

Gamers Preferring Traditional Surfaces: If you prefer traditional mousepad surfaces like cotton or hybrid options, the holographic gradient surface of the Fnatic Jet Mousepad may not be to your liking.


The Fnatic Jet is an exciting addition to Fnatic’s range of mousepads, offering a fresh alternative in the market. It’s a great option for those reluctant to use glass pads due to the need for frequent cleaning and skate changes. While it doesn’t replicate the exact experience of a glass mousepad, the Jet provides a glimpse into the speed and feel at a more accessible price point. Its unique glide might just win over many users.

Personally, while the surface wasn’t entirely to my liking, I found using the Jet a refreshing experience compared to the usual hybrid and cotton pads. For gamers looking to elevate their gameplay, the Fnatic Jet offers a compelling mix of features. Its quick and smooth top layer, precise micro-knit stitch, dependable anti-slip grip, ease of portability, and striking holographic gradient surface combine to deliver a mousepad that excels in accuracy, comfort, and convenience.

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