Drevo, now, is not a new name in the PC market. Slowly but steadily they have made their way through. DREVO was founded in 2016, headquartered in Beijing with branches in the US and Europe with a specialty in competitive R&D capability and rich experiences in manufacturing.

DREVO is keen on powering the global PC gaming community with unprecedented offerings. The ascension to the ranks of a glorious gaming warrior is more affordable than ever with DREVO. The R&D team at DREVO does not just design products, they design experiences. Each and every detail is crafted after some well-designed research based on user requirements.

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Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse Review

Their aim is to come up with products that have an identity in the market. Their main product lines are Keyboards, Storage drives, and accessories.

Drevo has sent us For Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse Review. The key feature of the mouse is the honeycomb design on the frame. This trend is now quite common as we saw on the Cooler Master and a few other brands in an effort to reduce the weight of the mouse and housing RGB LEDs under the diffuser. The following are the features of the Drevo Falcon FM89:

  • Resolution: 100 ~ 16000 DPI
  • Optical Sensor: PixArt PMW3389
  • Speed: 400 IPS
  • Weight: 70gm [Mouse Only]
  • Connectivity: USB Wired using Ultra-Soft Cable
  • RGB Illumination
  • 50G Acceleration
  • 20M Clicks
  • Item:                 Falcon FM89
  • Manufacturer:   Drevo
  • Price:                Check Price on Amazon

Drevo Specifications

Drevo Specifications

Drevo Packaging and Unboxing

The gaming mouse is shipped inside a paperboard box finished in black color.

Drevo Packaging and Unboxing

There is a picture of the gaming mouse in RGB illumination giving an idea to the buyer how the mouse would look likes in real.

Drevo Packaging

The key features of the gaming mouse are printed in multiple languages. The switches are rated for 20M clicks.

Drevo Packaging front side

Technical data is printed over here. The overall packing box presentation is quite effective as it provides the users with the key information that they would like to know beforehand.

Drevo Unboxing

Opening the box will show the transparent container having the mouse and the user manual in it.

Drevo Falcon Contents

Drevo Falcon Contents

The following are included:

  • Gaming Mouse
  • User Manual
  • Drevo Sticker

Drevo Mouse Closer Look

Drevo Mouse Closer Look

The Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse Review with a honeycomb design on the shell and featuring a single diffuser under the shell for some fantastic RGB lighting which can be controlled by the software and a combination of mouse buttons. Speaking of the buttons, we have a total of 5 buttons on this drevo falcon Gaming mouse excluding the scroll wheel.

The weight of the mouse is 70gm (mouse only). The power rating of the mouse is 5VDC at 100mA. The dimension of the mouse is 126x63x39mm. The maximum polling rate of the mouse is 1000Hz.

Drevo Mouse

The Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse review has a nice rounded design with a good lift-off distance from its center making it support the PALM grip in particular. Looking at the mouse from its top side, we can see a curvature design to the mouse. What is more peculiar about the shell of the mouse is the honeycomb design.

This design approach results in a lightweight mouse and enables the designer to provide more lighting features if so desired. The honeycomb design extends from the rear to the scroll wheel zone giving harmony to the design.

Drevo Mouse Look

The rear end of the Drevo Falcon has a sharp slope. The close-up look is showing more details about the honeycomb design cutouts and a white color diffuser under the shell. There are 4x points on the shell where there are no cutouts. I am not sure if it has to do with the overall design to provide ruggedness or they are just there for no obvious reason. I have found this drevo falcon Gaming mouse favoring the palm grip more than the claw grip.

Drevo Mouse Closer Looks

The front portion of the gaming mouse does not have a steep slope which is a nice touch. There is a DPI switch button behind the scroll wheel. Pressing it once will load the next DPI level and RGB lighting will change as well to give a visual aid to the user indicating that the DPI has changed. Here is DPI and corresponding lighting data:

DPI Level Light Indicator (Blink)
400 Red
800 Green
1000 (Default) Blue
1200 Yellow
1600 Purple
2000 Orange
2400 Light Blue
3200 White


The honeycomb design extends to this zone across the DPI switch. A white color diffuser can be seen under the shell in this zone as well.

The scroll wheel has a dotted textured surface for easy grip on the wheel. There is a translucent diffuser inside the wheel which glows as well for some good aura effect. There are the Drevo brand logo and name printed on the left side here.

I could not gather which switches the Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse review is using as there is no such information available on their website. The switches are rated for 20M clicks. The left and right buttons are not hard to press and have a nice clicky sound to them.

drevo falcon Gaming Mouse review

Looking at the front side of the gaming mouse we can see that the USB cable is coming out from the center. There is a, what seems to be a diffuser of white color in the center right below the buttons. It does not light up and filling the space there.

drevo falcon Gaming Mouse

Taking a look at the mouse from its left side, we can see two buttons located almost in the center and on the top section. Their location makes it easier for the user to access these buttons using the thumb. The mouse supports macros using DPC software from Drevo. These buttons can be assigned the macros.

The overall design is solid and there is a minimal gap between the top side and the left side which further diminishes while going towards the rear side of the mouse. The central lower portion below the buttons has inset to it which is a wise move as it ergonomically rests the thumb of your hand on it while moving the mouse. This inset reduces while going towards the rear side. The honeycomb design is also present on this side of the gaming mouse.

falcon wireless mouse

The right side of the mouse has a different outlook as compared to the left side. While the left side has an inset to it, the right side does not as its far side protrudes towards the exterior in the downslope. This makes it easy for the gamer/user to place the baby finger on this side. Again, we have a solid design but with honeycomb design towards the rear side which really adds to the overall look and feel of the gaming mouse.

falcon wireless mouse wire

The Drevo Falcon FM89 Gaming Mouse has a 180cm length of the USB cable and it supports USB 2.0. The cable is highly flexible similar to what we saw on EndGame G1 mouse. There is no Drevo branding on the USB connector.

falcon wireless mouse Drevo

Looking at the bottom side of the gaming mouse, we can spot three glider pads for smooth movement on the surface. There is one large size glider on the top and two small sizes at the bottom. The Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse review is using the PixArt PMW3398 sensor. Drevo seems to be doing everything right so far! The eyelid is in the center hosting the sensor on the inner side. It is in the narrow oval shape.

The power rating of the mouse and the serial number are printed at the bottom. There is a clock style sticker at the very bottom with the year of manufacturing written in the middle and each hour hand indicates the month of the manufacturing. 04-2020 is the manufacturing month of our sample. Cool way to mention this information! The mouse is made in China.

Falcon Wireless Mouse RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting show is on another level with this drevo falcon Gaming mouse. My daughter is more pleased with the lighting than the operation! She is using my PC for her online classes! Here are some of the predefined modes on this mouse:-

  • Static (Multi-Colors)
  • Breathing
  • Blink
  • Wave
  • Static
  • Aurora
  • Off

Since we have the white color diffusers all around with honeycomb shell on the top, the lighting effect on this drevo falcon Gaming mouse is quite spectacular. On some points, I have observed the lighting to be a bit dim as compared to the main areas. I am not sure if this is the design element or something else but it does not give any bad impression at all particularly with the dynamic modes.

The user can switch the lighting modes using the DPC software or using the click action of the scroll wheel with the back button on the gaming mouse. The back button is labeled as F in the manual. Here are some pictures:


Drevo Power Console can be downloaded from their website. It has a simple interface with a single-window operation to control the various aspects of the mouse.

drevo software specification

There is a mouse picture with labeling in the center. The left side has the identification of the labels. On the right side, there are tabs for the mouse operations. The default one which is selected is the DPI setting.

The DPI information is color-coded as well as the numbering to indicate the level. The selected DPI level is printed at the bottom. There is a slider numbered from 100 to 26000. The default DPI can be set to a maximum of 3200. The user can slide the button to increase the DPI level beyond 3200 up to 16000.

drevo software information

Clicking on the Lighting tab will load its corresponding options. The lighting modes are listed under the Effect.

drevo software mouse image

Selecting the Static mode will load color options. Like by default it is Red. Clicking the red color will open another window for color platelet to choose from. The user can also control the brightness of the lighting.

drevo software static mode

The user can also control the speed of the dynamic modes.

Drevo falcon review

Under the Mouse Parameters option, we can control the mouse sensitivity level, scroll speed, and double click speed.

Drevo falcon review mouse

Under the polling rate, we can change the polling rate of the mouse.

Drevo falcon review polling

The user can export the current configuration and can import the previously saved configuration as well.

Drevo falcon review configuration

Clicking on Macro Editor will load another window where the user can define macros and assign them to the keys.


The Drevo Falcon Gaming Mouse Review is a honeycomb design gaming mouse which in my opinion is optimized for the FPS gaming. The mouse has a lightweight shell thanks to its honeycomb design and weighs roughly 70gm (mouse only).

The mouse is using the PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor and a maximum DPI level of 3200 which can be extended using the DPC software. The mouse is rated for 20M clicks with 50g acceleration. The polling rate of the mouse is 1000Hz max.

The scroll wheel of the gaming mouse has a textured rubber for a firm grip. The buttons are not hard to press. I have been using this mouse on the CORSAIR MM200 mouse pad and surprisingly, the movement of this drevo falcon Gaming mouse is not convenient on this surface. I have to raise the DPI level to compensate for it. On the other hand, the mouse was easily navigating on the table’s top. There was no calibration option in the DPC software to help me either.

The palm grip is an easy go with this drevo falcon Gaming mouse though the claw grip will also do. I have used this mouse at 5400 DPI levels and the gaming experience was quite good. I have tested the mouse playing Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt, Command and Conquer Generals.

The mouse was responding well to the situation and was responding to the DPI changing and the polling rate change as well. Overall, I have had a pleasant experience with this mouse and I can see this drevo falcon Gaming mouse easily to be a daily driver particularly in this price range of USD 39.99 with a year warranty.

I am thankful to Drevo for giving me the opportunity to review their Falcon FM89 Gaming Mouse.

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drevo-falcon-gaming-mouse-reviewDREVO has done a good job bringing on the table a lightweight gaming mouse thanks to honeycomb layout on the shell, AURA of RGB illumination, a good optical sensor at a wallet-friendly price making the Drevo Falcon FM89 quite a contender.