ENDGAME GEAR is a new name in the market of gaming peripherals. Their XM1 White gaming mouse is making quite some waves particularly since the company has addressed the shortfalls in the first version. They have sent us their XM One White for the review. This ergonomic design (dextral) is catering for claw, palm, and Finger grip styles. And we have got the opportunity to Endgame Gear XM1 Mouse Review.

The ENDGAME GEAR is using analog technology in this design to provide <1 ms of response time to the user which is definitely what the gamers would like to hear and want. The mouse is powered by the PixArt PMW3389 sensor which is rated for 50 ~ 16000 CPI. The ENDGAME GEAR is not using the DPI terminology for its design but CPI.

Endgame Gear XM1 Mouse Review

Tracking is possible with the sensor at speeds of 450 inches per second, and at 50 Gs. If using lower DPI and lifting the mouse often, you will appreciate the 2mm LOD that is preset, but there is also a 1mm option. This endgame gear xm1 mouse review is designed by eSports enthusiasts and come supporting almost all grip styles.

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The mouse is right-handed design as are the majority of the gaming mice. Another important aspect is the weight of the mouse which is 70gm according to the ENDGAME GEAR. This weight is achieved even without holes pattern which we are increasing trend these days. The power cord which is USB powered is something new for me as it is highly flexible, unlike the standard meshed stiff cable.

The XM1 has a total of 5 buttons. We are not seeing any frills on this Endgame Gear XM1 Mouse Review as there are no programmable buttons (no macros!) no RGB lighting which is now a common feature of the gaming mouse these days not excluding the professional gaming mouse either.

The mouse is plug-n-play and does not need any driver. There is a software provided by the manufacturer which can be downloaded from their website, but you actually may not need it except to update the firmware. The polling rate is 250/500/1000 Hz. A single button on the bottom is used to control the polling rate as well as the CPI levels. The XM1 White Gaming Mouse is using pre-sorted Omron switches.

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XM1 White Specifications

xm1 mouse

XM1 White Packaging and Unboxing

The mouse is shipped inside a paperboard box which is finished in the black color theme.


The mouse’s top view can be seen in the center. ENDGAME GEAR brand logo and name are printed on the top as well as the XM One White. The salient features of the mouse, like using <1ms response time using analog technology, PMW3389 sensor capable of 50~16000 CPI and lightweight design measuring 70gm are mentioned on the bottom.

endgame gear xm1

The features of the XM1 White are printed in 10 languages.

endgame gear xm1

The branding information is printed here.

endgame gear

The mouse is made in China. There is a serial no sticker pasted on the top.

endgame xm1

There is a catcher provided on the top of the packing box for easier sorting and display at retail stores.

endgame mouse

Inside the box, we found a black color Styrofoam packing which hides the gaming mouse inside. An information brochure is placed on the top. The cable of the mouse is placed on the far side of the packing.


Following is included in the box:

  • 1x ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White Gaming Mouse
  • 1x Information Brochure

XM1 Closer Look

It is time to start taking a look at the design of the mouse. The dimension of the XM1 White is 122.14×65.8138.26mm (LxWxH) approximately. The mouse is lightweight having 70gm of weight with the cord. I could not check the weight of the mouse for confirmation. Recently we are seeing a trend in the gaming mice having less weight coming from the cutouts in the mainframe towards the rear side. This is not the case with the ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White. The mouse is lightweight even without the cutouts.

The mainframe of the mouse is made of plastic. The surface is dry grip coated and not shiny. The glides are PTFE. We have a black color flex cord having a length of 185cm. Flex here means exactly and extremely flexible cable. Something I have not seen on any other mouse in my experience! The XM1 White is using ARM STM32 based chip at the heart of the mouse controlling the major functions.

xm1 endgame

The ENDGAME GEAR XM1 Review is a right-handed design making it an ambidextrous one. This is clearly visible in the picture. The side has two black color buttons. The frame right below these buttons has an inward slope or reclining shape. This is to rest the thumb of the hand comfortably while using the mouse. The area towards the rear has a downslope design for a better palm grip from this angle.

endgame xm1 review

The frame below the seam line or waistline on the side is in black color with matte outlook. The inset is clear in the middle below the buttons making it ergonomic design when it comes to placing the thumb of the hand over this area. The mouse has a length of 122.14 mm approximately. How comfortable one would be with the given mouse has also to do with the shape and size of the hand as well. Claw grip is where this mouse is very strong.

endgame gear xm1 rgb

The left side of the XM1 White has a plain surface. The area below the seam line has almost the same design as is on the right side except that the area towards the back of the mouse has less outward span as compared to the left side. There is no button here.

xm1 gaming mouse

The area on the bottom backside has an inward angle and again showing that this portion is in black color. Unlike the upper frame of the mouse which is dry grip coated, this bottom area is not coated and seems a rough-textured surface.

xm1 review

Taking a peek at the back or rear side of the XM1 White we can spot a black color ENDGAME GEAR logo there. The seam lines on the left and the right sides are sloping down at the back and moving inwards towards the base of the mouse. The XM1 White has the hump of the frame moved more towards the backside and this hump has a low profile design.

Together with this low profile designed hump and the rest of the design’s flow make this mouse an all-rounder for the major grip styles hence this is very why the ENDGAME GEAR is marketing this mouse for Claw, Finger, and palm grips though palm grip on this mouse is subjective. I don’t see any issue for XM1 white handling the finger and claw grips.

endgame gear xm1 gaming mouse

The front side of the XM1 White has two large size button frames where the index and middle fingers are comfortably placed. Underneath the tips of these frames are pre-sorted OMRON mechanical switches that are rated for 50 Million clicks. The click and feel on this mouse is fine though sounds hollow which may have to do with the large size buttons.

The OMRON switches have a defined actuation point. The pre-travel seems more in this endgame gear xm1 mouse review design. The user can feel the clicky nature. The mouse is rated to handle a maximum of 50G acceleration at a speed of 11.43 m/s (450 IPS). The scroll wheel has a textured material on it for a firm grip on it. The wheel is not free moving and takes a little bit more force scrolling it in forwarding or backward direction.

Each direction gives a nice touch and feel to the user. It also has a clicky sound when pressed. The Lift-Off Distance can be switched from 2mm to 3mm and vice versa. The default LOD is 2mm. The user can change it using the software.

The ENDGAME GEAR has deployed the patented analog switch contact algorithm which when combines with the pre-sorted OMRON mechanical switches gives the user of XM1 White a switch response time of <1ms for sharp switch actuation.

xm 1 mouse

The flex cord makes a solid connection with the PCB of the mouse. The mouse has survived my pulling the cable and shaking it randomly putting stress on the connection point. The build quality seems to be on the money.

endgame gear xm1 weight

The ENDGAME GEAR is using a highly flexible cord having a length of 185cm. They have provided a reusable cable tie to wrap the cable which will help in reducing the clutter. The XM1 White is using a USB 2.0 Type-A connector. It is no wireless. The power rating of the mouse is 5V and 150mA.

endgame xm1 white

It is time to take a look at the bottom side of the mouse. There are 4x cut-to-shape PTFE glides or feet. Two are on the top side on the corners while two are near bottom on the corners. They have a bit elevated surface which is what makes the smooth sliding of the mouse.

There is a nice shiny black color textured portion on the top finished in the ENDGAME GEAR brand logo and name. The ENDGAME GEAR is using PixArt PMW3398 high-end optical sensor. The eyelid is in the upper section housing the sensor on the inner side. It is in an almost oval shape.

There is a cut-to-shape sticker pasted in the center. Looking at the base of this sticker, we can see the polling rate markings which are coded. There are two LEDs on the base of the sticker housed in the mainframe. There is also a button that acts as a toggle one. This button can be used to change the polling rate as well as to change the CPI. The LED color in white indicates the control mode to be changing the polling rate as follow:

  • Left side LED on in white means the polling rate of 250Hz
  • Right side LED on in white means the polling rate of 500Hz
  • Both LEDs on in white means pooling rate of 1000Hz

The user can change the polling rate by pressing and holding the button.

Each CPI level has a corresponding LED color to it. These LEDs serve as the visual indicator to the user confirming that the corresponding CPI has been activated. Here is the color-coding of the DPI levels:

DPI Level LED Color
400 Yellow
800 Blue
1600 Red
3200 Green


The CPI range is marvelous on the XM1 White as it ranges from 500 to 16000 CPI. The user can change the CPI in a step of 50. This can be done in the software which we will take a look at shortly. The user can also change the assigned color codes using the software.


The ENDGAME GEAR has provided software called XM1 Config Software. The software has a simple user interface and is well laid out.

endgame gear xm1 v2

The default tab in this software is the Buttons tab. The picture of the mouse is shown with all the buttons labeled from numbers 1 to 5 and their corresponding options are listed on the right side in a drop-down combo. The user can disable the buttons (3, 4, and 5).

endgame gear mouse

The next tab is a Sensor. We have sensitivity ratings of 400/800/1600/3200 listed on the left side in their pre-defined color codes. There are up/down arrows on each listed CPI. The user can increase/decrease the CPI in a step of 50 CPI per click. The ripple control is off by default.

I would suggest turning it on if using the CPI level of 5000 and above as it would smooth the fast movement and operation of the XM1 White. Kudos to their design team for providing a ripple control feature in the software. LOD is listed as Lift Cut-Off with a default value of 2mm. The LOD is a physical distance between the base of the mouse and the surface on which it is used. The user can set it to 3mm as well.

xm1 mouse weight

To change the pre-defined color for each listed CPI level, simply click on its color. This will load another window with 8 colors to choose from. Select your desired color and click on Apply to make the change effective.

endgame gear xm1 software

The next option is the Update tab. Here you can update the firmware of the gaming mouse. There is also an option of resetting the mouse to its factory default.

white endgame gear xm1

The last option is the Support tab. They have given a link to the FAQ section of the XM1 White on their website. Clicking the link will open the default web browser and redirects it to the FAQ section. The link was checked and found working. They have also provided an email address for customer support.


What those frills could be? Well, this endgame gear xm1 mouse review does not have RGB lighting to name one, then there is no programmable button so say goodbye to Macros, and it is not filled with too many buttons which makes this gaming mouse oriented more towards FPS gaming more than any other genre of gaming.

Seems like I have started with Cons but there is more to XM1 White than meets the eye! There are a total of 5 buttons; the left and right-click buttons, the scroll wheel, and two buttons on the left side of the frame. The buttons on the left side may need some time to get used to using the thumb. They are not stiff to press which compensates that.

The dimension of the XM1 White is 122.14×65.8138.26mm (LxWxH) approximately. The mouse is lightweight having 70gm of weight with the cord. 70gm without a cutout design seems impressive though I could not measure the mouse’s weight to verify the rated weight.

These days we are seeing a trend in the gaming mouse where the weight is shed by using cutouts towards the backside of the frame where the hump of the mouse is. Credit goes to ENDGAME GEAR for achieving a similar result without using cutouts.

The ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White features top of the line PWM3389 optical sensor from PixArt. This sensor provides CPI ranging from 500 CPI to 16000 CPI. If you can handle 16000 CPI! Combine this powerful sensor with the ENDGAME GEAR’s patented analog switch contact algorithm and OMRON mechanical switches to provide <1ms response time.

This is something an eSports player would love to have in particular when it comes to competitive gaming, every such support from the technology would be helpful. The XM1 White has a polling rate of 250, 500, and 1000Hz with host signal intervals of 4ms, 2ms, and 1ms. Driving this endgame gear xm1 mouse review is the ARM STM32 based micro-controller. The OMRON mechanical switches are rated for 50M clicks. The left and right button covers have larger sizes making the click sounds more hollow.

The scroll wheel has a textured grip and is a bit stiff in handling particularly clicking it needs more force and is not convenient. The maximum accelerated force rating of the XM1 White is 50G at the speed of 11.43 m/s (450 IPS).

The housing of the mouse is made of plastic material. The white color portion is dry grip coated which will help in fighting the sweat during the extensive gameplay. The lower portion of the frame is not coated and has a rough-textured surface in matte black color.

The good thing is the provision of PTFE gliders on the base to ensure the smooth movement of the mouse on the surface. Speaking of the movement on the surface, the lift-off distance for this mouse is 2ms which the user can set to 3ms using the XM1 Config Software.

Another likable feature is the flex sleeved cable which is extremely flexible. The mouse has wired connectivity using a USB 2.0 Type-A connector with a cord length of 185cm. The mouse draws the power of 150mA at 5V.

The ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White has an ambidextrous design optimized for right-handed operation. It has much lower hump which is more towards the backside of the mouse making this gaming mouse suitable for Claw grip, Fingers grips, and Palm grip. I would say palm grip is the least supported and this comes down the size and shape of the hands as well.

The design is ergonomic. The thumb resting place is well defined and has enough inset to rest the thumb on it and handle the two buttons on the left side. The front side has a steep slope which is also well defined to rest your index and middle fingers for the left and right buttons.

There are 4 pre-defined CPI levels namely 400/800/1600 and 3200. Each level is assigned a color code as there are two LEDs on the bottom of the mouse. The user can switch the pre-defined color to their own choice from the list of the colors using the software. Gaming at 5000 CPI was a buttery smooth experience. I have used the XM1 White during benching the Colorful GeForce GTX 1650 Super NB-4G gaming graphics card.

Put it simply, anything above 5000 CPI requires skills to handle the movement speed. Plus this can introduce jitter. Thankfully, they have provided a ripple control function through software support. If you are going to use a higher level of CPI then I would suggest enabling the ripple control for the desktop use. One thing that ENDGAME GEAR needs to address is the implementation of the CPI switch button.

One would need to lift the mouse and press the button to change the CPI. I would not call this on the go feature. The button needs to be provided on the side or behind the scroll wheel so that we can actually switch the CPI on the go. I have enjoyed gaming using XM1 White playing games like DOOM, Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to name a few and I absolutely love the gaming experience provided by this mouse.

The aim was spot on, the clicks were fast and responsive and overall grip was better. Similarly, the routine desktop use and image editing were good though I was at 4500 CPI.

The ENDGAME GEAR has a long way to go and their first attempt at it is marvelous. My personal experience is good with the XM1 White and I can see this gaming mouse becoming my daily driver taking over the CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB and TteSports Nemesis RGB mouse.

We are thankful to ENDGAME GEAR for giving us the opportunity to review their XM1 White Gaming mouse.

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endgame-gear-xm1-white-gaming-mouse-reviewThe ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White Gaming mouse is aimed at eSports gaming with no frills. It is focused solely on the performance and this is where their design team has my praise. The mouse packs <1ms analog response time, a powerful PixArt PMW3398 sensor, Up to 16000 CPI level, PTFE gliders, ambidextrous design, and ARM STM32 micro-controller. The XM1 White comes recommended by us.