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Core i7 13700K Vs Apple M2 – 11 Software Tested

Today, we'll compare the Core i7 13700K Vs Apple M2 in terms of specs, performance, price and much more!

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Intel Core i7 13700K

Rated: 9/10

Apple M2

Rated: 7/10

Pros And Cons

Core i7 13700K✅ Better CPU Performance
✅ More CPU Threads
❌ Bigger Manufacturing Node
❌ Higher TDP
Apple M2✅ Higher RAM Speeds
✅ Greater Memory Channels
❌Lower Turbo Clock Speed
❌Smaller L2 Cache

Key Takeaways
  • Starting, we found that the Core i7 13700K outperforms the Apple M2 by 18% in terms of single-core performance in our Core i7 13700K Vs Apple M2 benchmarks.
  • As for multi-core performance, the Core i7 13700K dominates the Apple M2 by a staggering 196% better efficiency.
  • We also found out the Core i7 13700K has 110W more TDP than the Apple M2 based on obtained results in our tested benchmarks.
  • The Apple M2 is more than twice as expensive as compared to the Core i5 13700K.
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Core i7 13700K Vs Apple M2 – Comparison Table

ProcessorCore i7 13700KApple M2
ArchitectureRaptor Lake SSilicon
CodenameRaptor LakeM2
Hybrid Cores8 P-cores + 8 E-cores4 P-cores + 4 E-cores
Max. Operating Temperature100°C35°C
L1 Cache80KB (per core)192 KB (per core)
L2 Cache24 MB (per core)16 MB (shared)
L3 Cache30 MB (shared)
Integrated GraphicsSep 27th, 2022June 24th, 2022
ProcessorIntel UHD 770 GraphicsApple M2 GPU

Architectural Differences 

  1. Process Node: The Core i5 13700K operates on a 10nm process size, whereas the 5nm is the process size of the Apple M2.
  2. Frequency: Having a base and boost clock of 3400 MHz and 5400 MHz, respectively, the Core i7 13700K competes with the Apple M2, which can have a base clock of 3490 MHz.
  3. Cores And Threads: While the Apple M2 has 8 cores and threads, the Core i7 13700K possesses 16 cores and 24 threads.
  4. TDP: The Core i7 13700K comes with as high as 125W as compared to the Apple M2’s 20W.
  5. Supported Technologies The Core i7 13700K features Intel’s UHD 770 Graphics, while the Apple M2 is integrated with the Apple M2 SoC technology.

This article will compare two CPUs: the beginning of the next generation of Apple’s silicon design and the last processor lineup from Intel to use monolithic silicon, namely the Core i7 13700K vs Apple M2. We will put the two CPUs in opposition to comprehend which processor outshines the other with their performance.

Productivity Benchmark Test

It is time to test the computational capabilities of both the CPUs under single and multi-cores. Let’s see which processor manages to gain more scores.

Geekbench 5 Single-Core Score

geekbench single core
Single Core Score On Geekbench 5 (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • Starting with the Geekbench 5 (Single-Core), we observed that the Core i7 13700K scored 2,139 as opposed to the Apple M2’s 1,938. Hence the Core i7 13700K is 10% better than the Apple M2 in this benchmark.

Geekbench 5 Multi-Core Score

Geekbench 5 Multi Core Score
Multi-Core Score On Geekbench 5 (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • In our evaluation of Geekbench 5 multi-core performance, we observed a significant lead for the Core i7 13700, scoring 21,198 compared to the Apple M2’s 9,016. This makes the Core i7 13700K 135% more efficient than the Apple M2.

Cinebench R23 Single Core Score

cinebench Single Core Score
Single Core Score On Geekbench 5 (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • While the Core i7 13700K clocked a score of 2,092, the Apple M2 climbed up to 1,590. As a result, an increase of 32% better performance can be observed in the Core i7 13700K as opposed to its competitor.

Cinebench R23 Multi Core Score

cinebench Multi Core Score
Multi-Core Score On Cinebench R23  (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • Moving on to the Cinebench R23 (multi-core), the Core i7 13700K came with an impressive 30,513, contrary to the Apple M2’s 8,753. With a 249% better result, the Core i7 13700K has emerged victorious once again.

Passmark CPU Single-Core Score

Passmark CPU Single Core
Single Core Score On Passmark CPU (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • The last platform we have is Passmark; as for single-core, the Apple M2 scored 4,015 points, while the Core i7 13700K once more outperforms its rival with a 4,439 score. The victory thus belongs to the Core i7 13700K, being 11% better.

Passmark CPU Multi-Core Score

Passmark CPU Multi Core
Multi-Core Score On Passmark CPU (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  • Our two processors concluded the benchmarks with the Core i7 13700K scoring a mammoth 47,332 in multi-core, clean sweeping over the Apple M2, which had a score of 15,498 this time. The Core i7 13700K prevails once more by outperforming its rival by a factor of 205%.

Core i7 13700K Vs Apple M2 – Which One Is Suitable For You?

Intel Core i7 13700K: We found that despite Apple’s reputation for powerful chips, the Core i7 13700K effortlessly outperformed the Apple M2 across all tested platforms. Additionally, the Core i7 13700K offers significant affordability compared to the Apple M2 while delivering outstanding support for your device.

Apple M2: Therefore, the Core i7 13700K should be the preferred option, but the Apple M2 isn’t that bad either as far as brand value is concerned. The chip can easily match the performance of any processor in the competition if coupled with the proper components.

We recommend the Intel Core i7 13700K to users desiring a better-performing processor in single-core and multicore benchmarks. It is also available at a better price than the Apple M2 chip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Core i7 13700K good for gaming?

The Core i7 13700K is the best CPU for gaming at its price, as it excels with impressive performance at productive benchmarks against market-competitive CPUs.

Is Apple M2 good for development?

Its portability, power, and reliability combination make it an excellent choice for developers who need to work on the go.

Is it worth investing in the Apple M2 for faster rust compilation times?

The Apple M2 is overpriced, but still, if you are a fan of Apple, you can go for the Apple M2 Pro or Max.

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