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CPU Threads: All You Should Know

We will explain CPU threads in this article. Some common queries related to threads will also be answered.

The processing power of computers has significantly increased over time, allowing for more efficient multitasking and performance optimization. Threads are a key aspect of modern CPUs that has a significant role in leading to this advancement. Consequently, they play a crucial role in determining the performance of a CPU. 

What are Threads?

Threads are the smallest units of a computer program that can be executed independently by a CPU. Each thread represents a sequence of instructions that can be dispatched by the CPU for execution. Every application generates its threads that are independent streams of instruction capable of being executed concurrently. In other words, threads are a way to introduce parallel computing by allowing multiple threads to be executed simultaneously by a CPU. 

How Do Threads Affect Performance?

Threads can have a significant impact on the performance of a CPU. By enabling parallel computing, threads allow a processor to execute multiple tasks concurrently, which can result in faster processing times and improved performance. For example, in a multi-threaded application, while one thread is waiting for data to be fetched from memory, another thread can execute instructions, reducing idle time and increasing overall efficiency. 

In general, the greater number of threads means that the processor can perform more tasks simultaneously, greatly reducing the overall processing time and increasing the performance. However, the performance gain from additional threads may not be linear, as it depends on factors such as the nature of the workload, the software or game’s ability to take advantage of multiple threads, and the efficiency of the CPU architecture.

CPU Cores vs Threads

A Thread is mainly the smallest unit of a program that can be executed independently, whereas a CPU Core is the individual processing unit inside the processor capable of executing instructions independently. One core can handle one or more threads simultaneously, depending on whether it supports hyper-threading or not. Intel developed hyper-threading to allowa a single core to execute multiple threads simultaneously.

How Many Threads Are Required for Gaming?

Most modern games are designed to take advantage of multi-threading, which means they can utilize multiple CPU threads to distribute the workload and improve performance. Generally, a CPU with at least 6 to 8 threads is typically sufficient for basic gaming needs. However, for more demanding games or tasks such as streaming, content creation, and video editing, CPUs with 10 or more threads are preferred.

In some cases, a processor with fewer threads but higher clock speeds may deliver better gaming performance compared to a processor with more threads but lower clock speeds. Therefore, it’s important to consider the overall system requirements of a game and the specific needs of your system when determining the optimal number of threads for gaming.


Can I increase the number of threads in my CPU?

No, the number of threads in a CPU is determined during manufacturing and is almost impossible to temper once the CPU is manufactured.  

Are more threads always better? 

Not necessarily. While more threads can help in improving performance in multi-threaded applications, not all applications are optimized for multi-threading. In some cases, more threads can even result in increased overhead and contention for system resources, leading to decreased performance.

How can I check the number of threads in my CPU? 

You can check the number of threads in your CPU by checking the specifications of your processor or by using some system information tool like CPU-Z. 

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